‘Succession’: Brian Cox On Logan Roy’s Frustration In His Children

When asked if he has an idea of ​​how long his series will run Interview with Variety, creator Jesse Armstrong said, “All I know is that there’s a promise in ‘Heir“title, and it can’t last forever.” Armstrong was not wrong. And after the events of the most recent two episodes of the series, it seems likely that determining who will replace Logan Roy (Brian Cox) as CEO of Waystar Royco when the time comes.

For two weeks in a row, audiences have had to witness Logan at his worst, a series of health threats sending him low, while the patriarch seems to be going as far as ever in his quest for success. choose one of his children to replace him. Much of the series’ excellence comes from the fact that the same story plays out over and over again with another Roy kid at its center: the hope of getting approval from their father, the chance to prove it. self-expression, a mental defeat, and the mockery of the rebellious man they so desperately wanted to please.

It’s fascinating because despite their luxurious lives and thoughtful upbringing, there’s still a human need for approval, trying to motivate each Roy child. Wanting to be recognized by your parents, no matter your age, and if that parent is an abusive, hidden man who could potentially give you the keys to a global media empire , it’s even harder to leave.

But does anyone stop to wonder how Logan feels about this whole mess? Sure, it sounds dated, but in a recent interview with IndieWire, Cox revealed how deeply he thinks Logan has been misunderstood, especially when it comes to the frustrations he’s felt. She feels that in her children, none of them seem ready to take the top spot. .

Tell me a little bit about what Logan’s headspace is headed for this season and when it opens?

Brian Cox: Because there was so much promise in the last season, with the ending of Mona Lisa, you only have to think about where [the story] can go, and I suppose I’ve just got things going in stride. You can’t predict anything because you don’t know. The show’s strength is its unpredictable nature.

Succession PGA

Jeremy Strong and Brian Cox in “The Succession”

Graeme Hunter / HBO

In a way, you are subject to unpredictability. So you have to be unpredictable, and you have to allow the unpredictable to happen to you. In that sense, it’s a journey, it’s a trip. We’ve seen Shiv get arrested, we’ve seen Kendall squirm non-stop, and now he’s – on his father’s advice – going out and trying to kill his father, which I always thought was funny.

[Logan] just says in the previous scene, “Oh, you’re not a killer,” and the next is killing his father. His dad was amused by it, but not only amused, he was proud and he loved him and he also thought it was silly, so a smile means a lot of things.

In a way, it’s very unpredictable [Logan] thinking, and it must be. It’s like someone hands you a set of skateboards and says, “Let’s go down to this slum and there’s a nice hotel down there.” But do you know how to ski? “That’s what you have to do on the train.

And you hope for the best.

You hope for the best. Of course, it’s skill and craft and all that goes into it, how you prepare and what you have. But it was a trip. The show is a trip.

What do you think Logan ultimately wants from his children? You mentioned, at the end of last season, Logan told Kendall, “You’re not a killer,” but he clearly wanted him to be a killer. Therefore Kendall shows up and tries to kill his father and now he’s public enemy #1. Is Logan proud? Is this what he wants?

All are paradoxes and contradictions. It feels good. The boy finally stood up for himself, but he also felt, well, he was only standing up for himself two hours ago when I told him he must be a killer. And what does he do? He went out and killed me. You go, well, that’s funny. And then you go, it’s also a little obvious.

At the same time, there’s the endless frustration he has, that he’s trying to resist because he’s trying to maintain his love – and that’s not hard for him because he loves his baby – the Endless frustration afflicts Logan’s character. The fact is boys and girls, they can’t watch the game. It’s a game, but like all games, even if it’s a matter of life and death, it’s still a game. And they can’t see it.

They take it too seriously. And their ego is so bound that they can’t shake it off. That way, they’re the father of their child, so that can only be expected, but it’s been a double nightmare for Logan. He doesn’t see it as a nightmare, he just deals with it, he doesn’t attach himself to it. But at the same time, deep, deep, is the feeling he’s sick of this endless betrayal and the endless betrayal he’s been living around.

Succession Season 3 Episode 1 Logan Roy Brian Cox Tom Matthew Macfadyen


Macall Play / HBO

It’s interesting because the paradox in Logan’s life is that he’s so loyal.

If you think about Gerri and you think about Karl and you think about Frank, these are the people that he worked with for 30 years, and he was fired and rehired and fired and rehired, and that’s it. the process that he does. That’s what he does. However, they are still there. He’s back. And even Frank, who first tried with Kendall, to usurp him. He brought him back. He brought him back into the fold. That’s what’s so remarkable about Logan: he doesn’t forget, but he forgives.

His loyalty has never been as obvious as it was in Episode 5, when he was sick. Kendall yelled and Logan, disoriented, asked, “Why is Frank so angry?” and, when told by Tom that some people weren’t nice to Frank, he replied, indignantly, “Who’s been bad to Frank? Only I could be upset with Frank.” And it’s so adorable.

It could just be that he’s mean because, well, he never admits it, but he really loves his people. He really loves his staff. He’ll never admit it in a million years, but he’s fiercely loyal to them at the end of the day, they can do all sorts of things wrong, and he says, “Only I can. bad with Frank” That’s our relationship now. There is a history. We’ve been parasitic and fluid with each other during the 30 years we’ve known each other.

So in your opinion, can a child play the game correctly and Logan will be happy when they replace him?

Sure. I mean he’s dying for it, but they’re not. Shiv couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Kendall suffers from a nervous breakdown and an inferiority complex. He is a basket. And Roman is completely immature, with moments of genius, yet very immature. Therefore, it is difficult to find a successor.

He’s been trying for three seasons to find a successor, he’s been trying.

Cast of Season 3 Succession

Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Alan Ruck, and Kieran Culkin in “The Succession”

Macall Play / HBO

Do you think Logan is aware of how he influenced his children and perhaps contributed to making them what they are now?

He must be to a certain extent. I once had a friend who told me, after the age of 25, all bets are off.

I have heard something similar.

You can’t say, “My parents, they screwed me up.” My parents, they didn’t mean to, but it’s sad. They did, as Philip Larkin’s poem says. And they do fuck you up, your mom and dad, and it To be sad. They didn’t mean to, but they did. But that’s the way it is. And Logan continued, “Well, that’s life. That’s what happens. Pass it. With the program. Don’t let it mess with what you need to do.” And I think he understands that he is partly responsible, but he is not fully responsible. I mean, it’s a generational thing. Now we know about DNA. We now know what kind of memories we carry in our system, things that we didn’t even know existed 50 years ago.

I come from nasty Irishmen at the time of the Industrial Revolution, famine, land loss, to another land – in my case Scotland – but also completely lost and suffering from it. Also, the dreaded wine consumed them. In a way, this is part of who you are, if you go back and forth and back and back and back.

Of course, with [Roy] children, it’s part of who they are, but they’re stuck in this zone of interest. Logan won’t say anything about it because he just says, “Well, that’s it for now.”

Like he has

He has to deal with it. He solved it.

I mean, he facilitated because he created the whole thing. It was his creation. And it comes from this incredible drive that he has. There’s no denying it, but kids just always play catch because they don’t understand the rules. He continued, “I told you what the rules were. They are very simple rules, but you don’t seem disciplined enough to follow them.”

Succession Season 3 Episode 4 Kendall Logan Jeremy Strong Brian Cox

Jeremy Strong and Brian Cox in “The Succession”

Macall Play / HBO

In episode 4, we see Kendall and Logan reunite to try to bolster support, Josh Aaronson (Adrien Brody) and in it, we see Logan give a speech when he talks about Kendall, saying he He’s a good boy and he probably will be. he was in charge one day. That he was probably the best of them all. Do you think he meant what he said?

Well, he also said, you would say anything to get sex on a date, so that’s a gift.

But he’s adjusting that way. Of course, he saw more of Kendall’s gifts than Kendall saw. He even saw Kendall’s potential and he had this ambition for his son, but his son didn’t achieve it. You can take the horse for a drink but you cannot make the thing drinkable and this is what he is constantly doing. He regularly takes his kids to the pool and then they won’t consume. And that’s understandable because they’ve lost trust. They didn’t know who this man was. They really don’t know who their father is. They don’t understand their father. They think they do, but they don’t. And I think it’s kind of a mystery. And the real story is who Logan is.

It pops up a bit during our conversation, but who does Logan love in his life?

I don’t think Logan thinks of love that way. I mean, he’s not, he’s not a sentimental person,” Cox said when asked about who Logan loves. “No. I think intuitively he loves his children very much. He loves his children. And it’s something visceral. You can’t analyze that. I have four children and I love my kids, but they drive me crazy And they do, but I love them And I try to turn my back sometimes it’s so hard, when you say, ‘I just want to beat the damn stuff away from you, but I can not.’ So I can understand the dilemma His dilemma and mine are very similar, but come from different worlds.

He loves his children. And indeed he has a lot of deep affection for his crew. He likes Frank. And he knows how far or even how far it goes. So I think there’s an element of Logan, which is a bit more significant than what people give him benefits. Not that I’m going to play any of those because it’s all going to end up in a big mess, but I think he’s sorely misunderstood.

Succession” premieres new episodes Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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