Streamer threatens guests on Adin Ross’s dating show

Adin Ross was surprised by streamer Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins’ comments to guest Ashaley “Ash Kash” on his E-Date show.

During a recent live stream on Twitch, Adin Ross hosted another episode of his hit show E-Date. The episode featured 23-year-old model and TikTok star Ashaley “Ash Kash”. The episode was going well until streamer IShowSpeed ​​made some startling comments.

Streamer IShowSpeed ​​Surprises Adin Ross and Ash Kash With His Statements

Adin Ross invited Ash Kash as a guest on the most recent episode of his dating show E-Date. The show was going smoothly until one of the contestants, IShowSpeed, made some crude remarks on the part of the guest.

Adin Ross’s popular show aims for contestants to come and chat with special guests. The contestants then need to engage the guests by conversing with them over a discord call. The guests will then choose one of the four contestants to be the winner of the episode.

Adin Ross brought in IShowSpeed ​​to speak with Ash Kash. Their exchange was fine until it suddenly took a turn for the worse. IShowSpeed ​​asked Ash Kash a weird question during their chat:

“Let’s say if we were the last two on Earth and we had to regenerate to make the world go on. Would you recreate with me?

Ash Kash, who didn’t seem to follow the stages of the question, answered it calmly. She made it clear that she wouldn’t do it and gave her reasons for refusing to do it.

IShowSpeed, who seemed unsatisfied with the answer, suddenly changed his tone and started shouting at the guest. Adin Ross watched as IShowSpeed ​​told Ask Kash:

“Who will stop me. If we were the last two on Earth, who would stop me? You won’t stop me.

Ash Kash fell silent after hearing this. Adin Ross steps in and asks IShowSpeed ​​to “relax” as he tries to regain some control of the show. The exchange didn’t end there, however, as IShowSpeed ​​returned at the end of the show to make even more public statements about sex and threats against Ash Kash, who grew increasingly annoyed. before the streamer’s attitude.

@thtguybev That is not funny. Not interesting. Not a laugh. Not a chuckle. Not Haha or even hehe. That’s not fun at all. I would be so embarrassed if I were you. You need a tutor in comedy and humor because this just might happen. It was worse. This is terrible. Disastrous. It’s not fun.

@thtguybev I still don’t understand how people find this funny

A clip of the incident quickly went viral on the internet. A lot of Twitter users have come out to criticize IShowSpeed ​​for his claims. An overwhelming emotion is that such comments should not be encouraged even as a joke. Streamer threatens guests on Adin Ross’s dating show

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