Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1 Hints Again at Will’s Sexuality (Spoilers)

Now that stranger things Season 4 Part 1 is here, fans around the world will be able to catch up on the latest developments from Upside Down and all about the newest villain. But there are also a lot of relationship developments in the new episodes.

Between Eleven and Mike, Nancy and Jonathan, Nancy and Steve (maybe?!) and other entanglements that appear in the first book of Season 4, stranger things continues to hint at the ambiguous nature of Will’s sexuality.

Questions surfaced in Season 3 after Mike told Will, “It’s not my fault you don’t like girls,” which was a comeback as Will wanted to spend time playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends, and his Friends get more involved with them girlfriends over summer break.

While Mike’s comment on Season 3 may well be related to the growing pain Will’s friendships endured after Upside Down, Season 4 offers a little more insight into Will. Maybe Mike’s comment wasn’t too far off after all, given some of the hints in season 4.

Warning: minor spoilers stranger things Season part 1 ahead.

What is Will’s sexuality in Season 4 of Stranger Things?

Although not directly confirmed by Will, stranger things Season 4 Part 1 again throws subtle (and some not-so-subtle) hints at Will’s sexuality. There are instances of intentional focus on Will’s looks at Mike and excitement at seeing him that goes beyond friendship.

When it comes to the opening storyline in California, where Will and his family (including Eleven) are relocating after Season 3, attention remains on Eleven’s struggles with bullying at school. Not much time is devoted to Will or exploring his private life.

Noah Schnapp has previously addressed and narrated the questions surrounding Will’s sexuality The Hollywood Reporter in February 2020:

“There’s nothing set in stone. It kind of depends on the audience, and I think the Duffers did that on purpose. Some people take it that Will could be gay, asexual or whatever. Or, the way I see it, he got stuck in Upside Down and was gone for so long that all his friends grew up while he was in that other world.”

Of course, before the release of Season 4 and its new developments, Schnapp was reacting to Will’s Season 3 storyline. Sure, Schnapp’s assessment that everyone else “grew up” and moved on while he was in Upside Down and dealing with The Mind Flayer might be true, there might be something more about Will as well, and that might be an important representation for be fans.

Does Will have feelings for Mike in Season 4 of Stranger Things?

The focus on Eleven at the start of Season 4 doesn’t mean that stranger things gives the fan-favorite character of the season nothing to work with before Vecna ​​draws the focus. It is briefly, if somewhat heavily, implied that Will has a crush on Mike. At least that’s how some viewers will read these scenes.

When Eleven and Will drive to the airport to pick Mike up for his spring break visit to California, Eleven is obviously looking forward to seeing her boyfriend again and Will is looking forward to seeing his best friend. It’s so cute how excited Will is to see Mike, but their first interaction becomes awkward when Mike doesn’t fully hug Will. Right after that, Will’s face droops.

In the first six episodes (Will, Mike, Jonathan and Argyle are absent from episode 7) there is additional evidence that Will’s feelings for Mike are much more than best friends. Will looks longingly at Mike in the desert, hoping to talk to him. These moments could all make Will miss his friend, but they’re also very familiar to queer people.

Was Will’s poster a gift for Mike?

Likewise, during the airport scene, Will proudly holds a cardboard tube with “a painting on it [he’s] been working on it.” After Mike asks about it and says “cool,” Will seems to lose his nerve and doesn’t open the picture and doesn’t give it to Mike.

It seems like the painting is a gift for Mike, but he doesn’t give it to him and the painting isn’t revealed stranger things Season 4 part 1.

The rest of the episodes have some pretty big fish to fry, so Will’s painting isn’t one of the big secrets, but it still leaves us wondering what he could have painted. Was it something specific to Mike that alludes to a crush? Was it a painting of her friend group so Will still feels part of the party? Hopefully the second volume will answer our questions and make things a little clearer.

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https://netflixlife.com/2022/05/27/stranger-things-season-4-part-1-hints-will-sexuality-spoilers/ Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1 Hints Again at Will’s Sexuality (Spoilers)

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