Stop teaching gender ideology in elementary schools and let kids be kids

WHO enters into the gender debate does so at their own risk.

The stakes are undeniably high. Defy conventional wisdom and risk being labeled a fanatic, losing your job, or being fired.

Suella Braverman said she's heard from teachers who are


Suella Braverman said she’s heard from teachers who are “petrified” of saying the wrong thing about transgender issuesPhoto credit: Rex
Braverman explained that schools that offer gender-neutral restrooms are acting unlawfully and attacking teachers who


Braverman explained that schools that offer gender-neutral restrooms are acting unlawfully and attacking teachers who “switch children behind their parents’ backs.”Photo credit: Getty

I know many people who are afraid to even start a conversation about gender for fear of being labeled transphobic.

That’s why I was struck by Suella Braverman’s words this week.

During a speech, the attorney general said she had heard of teachers who were “petrified” of saying the wrong thing about transgender issues and “feel cornered into accepting dogma”.

But that’s wrong, isn’t it?

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No topic should be off the table for discussion. The more robust the debate the better as far as I’m concerned.

Braverman went even further.

She told the Policy Exchange think tank that schools shouldn’t “indoctrinate” their students with “one-sided and controversial” views on gender.

She explained that schools that provide gender-neutral toilets are acting unlawfully, attacking teachers who “convert children behind their parents’ backs.”

Braverman also warned that in some schools, gender identity ideology is taught without examination or “consideration of the consequences.”

I agree with Suella – certainly this touchy subject is best avoided in elementary school.

There is no need for young children to have to deal with the variables of gender.

This kind of in-depth analysis at such a young age should stop.

And I understand why some might think that the suggestive nature of this teaching might encourage children to question their identities at an age when these things are confusing.

It is of course important that children are taught about diversity, variety and difference.

For example, some children have two mothers or fathers, live with their grandparents or a single parent or in a foster family.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. And the people too.

We must accept that everyone is different, and elementary school children must learn to accept differences.

We all love different people. And we all have a different understanding of ourselves.

But as far as gender goes, they can and will learn all about it as they get older.

It’s one thing to tell her when she’s 14 and another when she’s four.

Live and let live, but you have to let children be children – and then grow into their identity as they get older.

All in good time.

Penny and Rod in mixed family happiness

PENNY LANCASTER shared a vacation photo of her and husband Rod with their sons Alastair, 16, and Aiden, 11.

They were joined by various other children from Sir Rod’s previous relationships with four other women.

Penny Lancaster shared a holiday photo of her and husband Rod with their sons


Penny Lancaster shared a holiday photo of her and husband Rod with their sons

They’re all vacationing on a yacht on the Amalfi Coast and looking like they’re having the time of their lives.

Of course, who knows what’s really going on behind the scenes, but Rod and Penny always look to me like they make the huge blended happy family so good.

They look like they are all having so much fun and I wish them many happy years together.

We all loved Olivia

IN the many tributes that have been received for Olivia Newton-John, it is overwhelmingly clear how we all – men and women alike – loved her.

Grease had such a big impact on so many of us as it came when fabulous movies only came out once or twice a year, if at all.

Tributes to Olivia Newton-John underline that she was truly loved by everyone


Tributes to Olivia Newton-John underline that she was truly loved by everyoneCredit: Alamy

I loved Sandy and Danny’s story and wanted it to be real life.

So it was gratifying to read that co-stars Olivia and John Travolta had an “intense” real-life attraction and would have dated when they could but have chosen to remain faithful to their partners.

Olivia was once quoted as saying, “On the Grease set, he said to me, ‘Liv, it’s every man’s dream to have you as his girlfriend’.”

She admitted, “Yeah, we really liked each other and there was an attraction, but we would never date because we’ve both been involved with other people and we both have deep streaks of loyalty.”

And John recalled: “It almost happened between us a couple of times, but it didn’t happen.

“Sometimes life just gives you the wrong timing. We had to leave as dear friends.”

RIP Olivia. But luckily we always have Grease.

right to cancel

DESPITE claiming football is “his life”, Brooklyn Beckham admitted he gave up his sporting dreams to avoid living in his father David’s shadow.

The budding chef, who is 23, used to play at Arsenal’s youth academy but decided to quit the sport when the club sacked him aged 16.

In an interview, Brooklyn said his father “isn’t sad” that he gave up the sport, and it’s hard not to conclude that whatever he ultimately does, he made the right decision.

Let’s face it, trying to go head-to-head with one of the most iconic footballers in the world is always going to be a losing battle, isn’t it?

But it also makes me sad to think that he gave up what his life was.

All in all, it makes you realize how hard it must be growing up with famous and successful parents, doesn’t it?

man caves

LITTLE ONES love a “man cave” where they can play things like darts and avoid chores.

But this week millionaire Graham Wildin broke the law when he was jailed for refusing to demolish the macho port he built in 2014 without planning permission.

He was found guilty of contempt of court after failing to demolish his private leisure complex, which includes a cinema, squash court, casino and bowling alley.

But six weeks behind bars seems a bit OTT to me – and I think I have an easier solution.

Instead, Graham was to be sentenced to washing up, ironing and cooking the Sunday roast for the rest of his days.

Can’t fight nature

When Serena Williams announced her retirement from tennis at the age of 40, she suggested that if she were a man, she would still play.

She wrote in US Vogue this month: “Believe me, I never wanted to choose between tennis and a family. I don’t think it’s fair.

Serena Williams announced her retirement


Serena Williams announced her retirementPhoto credit: Times Newspapers Ltd

“If I were a man, I wouldn’t be writing this because I would be out there playing and winning while my wife does the physical work to expand our family.”

As a woman, it’s easy to be naturally outraged by this apparent inequality. Even injustice.

But when I hear that her reason for leaving is to increase her family and as an athlete not to get pregnant again, I feel a deep sympathy.

Who can blame her?

Serena has had one of the most amazing tennis careers of all time.

She is an absolute game changer for female athletes in general.

But for all the equality in the world, sometimes we have to acknowledge that combat biology doesn’t exist.

Even when one door closes, another opens.

And I have no doubt that when Serena is ready, many, many doors will open to a new chapter.

anger flows

WE have all experienced street rage, but it seems a new mass rage is sweeping the nation. water rage.

My husband’s friend told him that his 80-year-old neighbor stopped by his garden, he thought to compliment him on his flowers, but instead started a rant.

She even threatened to “knock him out” and report him to the water board if he didn’t turn off his hose.

He suggested that she call them to let them know about a water leak on their street instead.

But as you know, they probably wouldn’t listen. Stop teaching gender ideology in elementary schools and let kids be kids


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