‘Stay Close’ Final Recap on Netflix, Episode 8: Murderer Revealed

Netflix Limited Series Nearby kept us on the edge of our seats for the duration, so it would only make sense that the finale would include a… or two twists.

The first command of the job in Episode 8 is to find out who the killer is. It seems that the culprit was Ray, but when Megan agreed to meet him at the pier, she received a call from her future mother-in-law Frances and rushed to the nursing home to see her. It turns out that our Barbie was visiting an elderly woman, but because of her dementia, she was unable to describe the woman to Megan well.

Sadly for Megan, her identity became all too clear when she stabbed and bit Megan and attempted to kill her in the nursing home parking lot. But Megan used to live that hungry, street life, and thanks to some effective punches and kicks, she managed to get the knife away from Barbie and kill her with it.

Paramedics rushed Megan to the hospital, and Ray, none the wiser, waited at the pier, where the police cornered and arrested him. Ray told Det used to be a negotiator. Michael Broome that he would tell him everything he wanted to know if he could talk to Megan first. Broome explained that this would be a difficult request to honor since Megan is in the hospital receiving treatment for a stab wound. But Ray stood firm, and Broome made the meeting a reality.

Stay close, RayWhen Ray talks to Megan, aka Cassie, he explains that he got out of Stewart’s body because he thinks his ex Cassie killed the abusive abuser in self-defense. . Here’s the news to Megan, who says she got a letter from Ray saying to meet her in the woods just outside Viper, and when she got there, Stewart was covered in blood and dead, so she ran away. Gosh. So if Megan didn’t kill Stewart, and Ray didn’t, then who?

The quick answer came when Ken watched Lorraine as her shift at Viper ended. Broome finds Barbie dead after trying to kill Megan, and he realizes Ken is still on the rickshaw and immediately calls the strip club to warn Lorraine. The guard tells Broome that he has seen Ken but he and Lorraine are no longer there.

This, of course, spooked Broome, who tried to phone Lorraine’s cell and warn her, but she didn’t pick up, so he rushed over to her and saw the blood. spread across the floor as soon as he opened the door. Broome tracks down the blood and discovers the dead body of… Ken. Oh snap. That’s when Lorraine stepped forward, holding a knife with blood all over his clothes and hands.

Near, Broome and LorraineLorraine told Broome to call his reserve officers, and it looked like he did, but he didn’t. He then asks Lorraine why she killed Ken, and she says he tried to kill her first, but she was better with piercing stabs. She also confessed to killing all the guys whose remains Broome and the police found, and when Broome asked Lorraine why, she said it was revenge.

She then told the story of her abusive husband who beat her to the point of killing their unborn child in her womb. Lorraine killed him for revenge and then made the purpose of her life to massacre all men like her deceased mate who thought it was okay to use women as punching bags. wonderful.

It looks like Lorraine will kill herself or Broome after coming clean, but he tells her that he loves her and will do everything he can to keep her safe. Lorraine and Broome hug, and she gives him her knife, and the police come and arrest her. Lorraine went on to confess to killing a total of 19 men, including Carlton.

However, in NearbyThe final twist and the most perplexing of all, Dave tells Megan that he pushed Carlton’s car into a nearby lake to cover up a possible connection to Kayleigh’s disappearance. Unbeknownst to Dave, Carlton was still alive in the trunk, and he accidentally killed him while trying to protect his daughter. Criticize. Should Megan tell him the truth or not? What’s the other secret, right?

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https://tvline.com/2022/01/05/stay-close-finale-recap-netflix-episode-8-killer-revealed/ ‘Stay Close’ Final Recap on Netflix, Episode 8: Murderer Revealed

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