State of the Union 2022 LIVE – Biden BOOED in SOTU speech tearing down Putin’s invasion and Ukraine ambassador

JOE Biden gave his first State of the Union speech on Tuesday night, not long after Putin’s “head of propaganda” threatened the West about the possibility of nuclear war.

The speech was given after news presenter Dmitry Kiselyov told viewers on Russian TV that the West will have to face”more than 500 nuclear warheads“if it continues to threaten Moscow, after Putin ordered his nuclear forces to be put on high alert.

The speech can now be viewed on local CBS, NBCABC, and PBS channels as well Fox NewsFox Business Network, CNN, MSNBC, NPRand C-SPAN.

Biden’s speech came just days after Vladimir Putin and Russia invaded Ukraine, to which the president responded impose severe sanctionsand he is expected to discuss the ongoing dispute.

Meanwhile, the president’s approval rating currently stands at 41 percent, according to a Yahoo News / YouGov . Polland the survey also found that 6 out of 10 Americans believe Biden hasn’t kept most of the promises he made on the campaign trail.

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  • New time

    Biden says the pandemic is entering a whole new phase with new mask guidelines.

    “Covid-19 no longer needs to control our lives.”

    “We will never just live with Covid-19, we will continue to fight against the virus… We must take precautions.”

  • Community colleges

    Biden wants to invest in education at the federal level.

    “Let’s increase Pell Grants and strengthen our historic support for HBCU, while investing in what Jill – our full-time teaching First Lady – calls a best kept secret of America: community colleges.”

  • Minimum wage

    “Increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour.”

  • Nursing home quality

    Medicare will set higher standards for nursing homes.

  • DOJ against fraud pandemic

    Tonight, Biden announced that the Justice Department will appoint a chief prosecutor for pandemic fraud.

  • The importance of competition

    “Capitalism without competition is not capitalism, but exploitation. It promotes profits.”

  • Campaign for nominees

    When Biden talked about reducing the deficit, he mentioned his nominations to the Federal Reserve.

    “And while you’re at it, confirm my nominations to the Federal Reserve, which plays a key role in fighting inflation.”

  • ‘Aint fair’

    Boos rose in the room as Biden said, “In the last year alone, 55 Fortune 500 corporations made $40 billion in profits and paid no dollars in federal income taxes.

    “That’s simply not fair. That’s why I’ve proposed a 15 percent minimum tax rate for companies.”

  • No more coins

    “And under my plan, no one making less than $400,000 a year will have to pay a penny in new taxes. Nobody.”

  • Cut child care costs

    Biden mentioned his own experience as a single father in cutting down on childcare costs.

    “Parents don’t have to pay more than 7 percent of their income to care for their children.”

  • Welcome AOC

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stands and claps as Biden talks about lowering prescription drug prices and cutting childcare costs.

  • Happy birthday dear friend

    Biden pointed to a 13-year-old boy with diabetes during his birthday speech.

    Biden used the boy, whose name is Joshua, to tell a story about insulin that illustrates the high price of the drug because of inflation.

  • American chanter

    Chants of “America” ​​rang through the room as Biden talked about reducing inflation.

  • Inflationary

    According to Biden, a third of last year’s inflation was due to last year’s auto sales.

    Raise wages, not costs, he said.

  • The realm of dreams

    Biden presented a picture of the land in Columbus, Ohio before saying such vacant land would be “the ground on which America’s future will be built.”

  • Buy America

    Biden said that taxpayers will buy America so it can be made in America “from start to finish.”

  • Infrastructure improvement

    Biden announced that the government will rebuild 65,000 miles of highways as well as 1,500 damaged bridges.

  • Invest in America

    “Our infrastructure is ranked 13th in the world,” Biden said, stressing the importance of rebuilding America as a bipartisan effort.

    “We’re done talking about infrastructure weeks – we’re talking about a decade of infrastructure.”

  • Biden BOOED

    The President was met with boos in the chamber of the House of Representatives when he launched his Plan to Rescue Americans.

    Biden argues that the plan helps working people and creates jobs.

  • Two of the hardest years

    Biden said the pandemic has forced families to live on paychecks.

    He highlighted the Rescue Plan for Americans, saying he understands the economic hardship.

  • Message to Ukrainians

    “We stand with you. We stand with you.

    “Putin will never weaken the resolve of the free world.”

  • ‘We’ll be fine’

    Biden says Russia will be weaker and the rest of the world stronger.

  • Every inch

    Biden says the collective strength of the United States will protect all NATO countries.

    “The United States and our allies will defend every inch of what is NATO territory with all of our collective strength.”

  • Biden bans Russian flights

    President Biden officially confirmed that Russian flights are now banned on US soil.

  • Economic sanctions

    President Biden said that NATO was “strangling Russia’s access” by cutting off bank accounts and other resources.

    “We came for you,” Biden said. State of the Union 2022 LIVE – Biden BOOED in SOTU speech tearing down Putin’s invasion and Ukraine ambassador


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