Stand Out In The Real Estate Market With These Cool Postcard Ideas

Every successful realtor most likely swears by the marketing power of real estate postcards.

Even with the rise of the internet and social media, real estate postcards have never gone out of style.

In this article, we will examine some real estate postcard ideas that everyone should have in their arsenal; afterward, you can visit a site like Wise Pelican to download some templates to try for yourself.

Just Listed Postcards

Just Listed postcards are a great way to market yourself in a neighborhood. They establish you as a prominent realtor in an area that others trust to sell their homes. They also work as a market update card as nearby homeowners can expect to sell their homes for the same price or even higher.

Just Sold Postcards

Just Sold postcards work side by side with Just Listed postcards and function as a way to market your success rate in selling homes. This is especially true if you end up selling the house for a higher price than the Just Listed card stated. Similar to the Just Listed card, Just Sold cards function as a market update to the neighborhood. You will be surprised how few people know about the actual value of their home. If they see you sold a neighbor’s home for a reasonable price, it might entice them to sell their own.

Market Update Cards

We’ve written how one key benefit of Just Listed and Just Sold postcards is that they function as market update cards. Well, you can’t beat the real thing, and market update cards have proven time and time again to be extremely valuable in marketing your services. Many homeowners don’t keep up with the real estate market and can be shocked at their home’s price on the open market.

A well-made Market Update card can inform your audience about the average selling price of their area, how many homes are for sale, the length of time they stay available, and more. This essential information can be instrumental in persuading someone to sell their home.

Free Home Valuation Cards

The first step a homeowner must take when deciding to sell their home is to evaluate their property. This is why it is key for you to market your services and offer free home valuations. The odds are incredibly likely that the homeowner will turn to the person who gave them a reasonable valuation of their home to sell.

Even if they aren’t ready to sell quite yet, providing free home valuations will keep you in their contacts when the time comes to enter the marketplace, or they may even refer you to friends interested in selling. This is the ultimate networking postcard, and it is a must have for any successful realtor.

Real Estate Postcards Should Be a Realtors Best Friend

These four postcard ideas should be in every realtor’s marketing toolkit. However, you shouldn’t stop there. A postcard is a blank template, and thinking outside the box can really help you stand out. Visit Wise Pelican for even more extraordinary real estate postcard ideas.

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