‘South Park Post COVID’ Part 2 End Explained: Cartman’s Fate

We should know that all is going to be bad.

South Park officially pack it Post COVID saga on Thursday with The return of COVID, an hour of tracking the future party Paramount+ served us this past Thanksgiving.

Before continuing with the story, we will reminisce about a seemingly ordinary day at South Park Elementary School. Cartman is excited to announce that he’s snapped a photo of Heather Williams farting during gym class, a photo they could use as a blackmail to score Denver Nuggets tickets from their well-connected mother Heather. But before Cartman had a chance to confront her, the school announced a two-week shutdown, allowing the fart to remain unexposed.

Then the agony of quarantine began. Stan’s parents started fighting, he broke down all the time, he accidentally burned Shelly alive, his mother committed suicide – the whole nine yards. The memories still haunt Stan’s nightmares as an adult, especially now that he finds himself in quarantine for the second time; Due to the recent discovery of the McCormickron strain, no one was allowed in or out of South Park for 20–30 years.

Gaining access to Kenny’s time travel technology requires a voice scan from his apparent partner “Victor Chaus,” whom Stan and Kyle discover to be Butters when they reunite in South Park. Mental Asylum Plus. (Side note: Chaos / Chaos revealed at the end of Post COVID really just the best, right?)

The future of South Park ButtersBut a lot has changed about who they call “Butters” since we saw him in 2021. Even after the first quarantine was lifted, his parents seem to keep him. It’s in the lock and key. They even took him down, then completely disappeared, leaving him in his room for 16 years. Now, he’s a mustachio’d NFT masher whose methods – which often involve getting someone so deeply involved in the currency that they kill themselves and possibly others – are considered ” indescribable”.

Meanwhile, Cartman has formed a humble rebellion determined to stop Kyle from traveling back in time. Convinced Kyle was only out to destroy his family and prevent him from seeing his beloved Yentl, he hid them in the church’s attic. (The fact that his daughter began journaling Kyle’s injustice was like hanging fruit, even for South Park.) When Cartman catches wind that his enemies are working with Butters, he seizes the opportunity to shut down their operation from within and steal the device for himself. The hiring process included a moment where Butters accidentally saw Cartman in the bathroom, which barely missed the cut for our annual Scenes that we wish we might not have seen list.

This is where Cartman’s message suddenly changes. Instead of stopping Kyle from going back in time, he convinces Clyde to go back in time and kill Kyle in the past. He trusts Clyde to carry out this mission because, as an anti-vaxxer, Clyde has proven that he is willing to side with his beliefs even if someone else dies. On the other hand, the Cartman family does not support this violent plan. They believe that reuniting with Kyle has brought out the worst in Cartman, and she believes they will still find each other in another timeline. Honestly, it’s pretty nice.

But since Cartman’s baby is in turmoil in its purest form, he pulls the lever and sends Clyde back in time before Cartman tells him about the change of plans. So Cartman, Kyle and Stan also had to go back to stop Clyde from killing Kyle. That’s the whole thing, ending with Cartman blowing away Clyde’s brain and dropping him off a bridge.

And… nothing changed. As the boys begin to confront the possibility that they are now trapped in the past as adults, they admit that they were completely wrong. Because Randy will always make love to that pangolin in every conceivable timeline, there’s no stopping COVID from happening. What they can control, however, is their response to the pandemic. They’re scared, confused and don’t know what to believe, so they’re all going different paths – and they need to start cutting each other off a bit.

Craving for a one-time “unprecedented” time, three grown men visited young Heather Williams, showing her a photo Cartman had taken of her farting in gym class. And just like that, their kids are being flown to the Denver Nuggets game aboard parent company Heather’s helicopter. Future Stan makes one more twist, sending a sturdy bud back to Randy, which creates a tension strong enough to cause Randy to apologize to Sharon for how he’s acted during the pandemic. He gives free grass to everyone in town, and relationships magically heal to the tune of Kelly Clarkson’s “I Forgive You.” But most importantly, no more Space jamS.

South Cartman Homeless ParkThen we get a glimpse of the character’s bright new future: Stan is in the military (space?), Kenny wins a Nobel Prize for combining dark matter with breast implants, Jimmy returns do comedies again, Shelly and Sharon are survive, Wendy and Stan are spending New Year’s Eve together. Well, it all ends… oh, yes. Cartman.

“Poor Cartman. It’s sad, he’s never done anything with his life,” Kyle and Stan lamented as a drunken, ill-fated Cartman cursed them from across the street. But even Butters had no sympathy left. “Come on, guys, we can’t go through another vacation feeling bad for Eric,” he said. “Nothing can change the path he has taken.”

Uh… a lot for Yentl, we guess.

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https://tvline.com/2021/12/16/south-park-post-covid-part-2-ending-explained-cartman-homeless/ ‘South Park Post COVID’ Part 2 End Explained: Cartman’s Fate

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