Sorry Spidey, Gumbo Is Fortnite’s Best New Character

Earlier this week, I did a very bad thing. Something you should never do. It takes a lot of courage to admit this and I’m sure my friends and colleagues will never look at me that way again, but I think it’s best for me to admit it so we can move on. a brighter, more honest future.

Okay, I think I’m ready – earlier this week I bought 50 levels on Fortnite just to get access to Gumbo.

Don’t look at me, I’m disgusting! What do you know? Seeing £25 fly out of my account as my roommate looked on in horror was worth it because Gumbo is Fortnite’s best character ever – and proof that you don’t need to. must be obsessed with IP to keep your players interested.

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In a season where you see Spider-Man everywhere, Gumbo easily becomes the highlight of the entire game. We’ve seen ninjas, human-llama hybrids, and countless superheroes before, but we’ve never seen a Lovecraftian Splatoon and Jet Set Radio combo before. Gumbo is exactly that, and he’s perfect.

While a walking gumball humanoid reptile is already a pretty sweet prospect, it’s the little details that make Gumbo so enjoyable. It’s been a while since I’ve jumped into Fortnite, but I don’t think there’s another character out there with as many little details as my marshmallow friend.

The coolest of these are the gumballs in his head that move around as you play, which can actually be removed by doing an emoji where Gumbo chews and pops them. It’s a humorous detail that makes you wonder what this weirdo is up to while hanging out with The Foundation, a feeling that’s only made worse when you notice his backpack full of gum squealing in horror. when you go around. Is he a cannibal? Probably. Is he cute? Sure.


Then you notice that not only do the gumballs in his backpack look scared, all the things in his head have a terrified look on his face. To be fair, these little guys are being chewed up to be used as a coaster, so we can’t really blame them. Wait, is that a dead, squashed gum from the bottom of his hammer? Damn Fortnite, calm down a bit.


Gumbo might look like another Peely at first, a little anthropomorphized to attract winking kids, but he’s actually a scarecrow better suited for a Halloween event. Even his loading screen image is off, seeing him look like something out of a Rob Zombie cartoon and in fact pecking a bunch of gum. Oh, he also has a half-absolute and semi-existential rap about not knowing where his powers come from other than a statement that he will continue to use them.

It is because of this that Gumbo is easily the most memorable Fortnite character in the entire Chapter. Maybe I’m just a weirdo who loves fluorescent gum men, but it’s nice to be drawn to something in Fortnite other than the “identifiable IP from the movie you watched or the game.” you’ve played”.

I’ve fallen into that trap before – I practically begged Naruto to join the game – but once you get past the initial shock factor of seeing a popular character running around with an AK-47 and plunging into fools, it felt a bit… dirty. Seeing my favorite Konoha ninja in a game was great because I love IP so much, but I soon realized Epic had just turned something I loved into a marketing tool.

It feels similar to Spider-Man this season. There’s some obvious love for the character here and I consider it one of the best crossovers Fortnite has done since Batman, but it still reminds me of Epic and Marvel suits. standing in a room throwing money at each other.

His unlocking of Bloody Level 80 doesn’t help either, meaning fans of the character will have to crush Fortnite for weeks to play the character at the forefront and center of all the action. marketing. It’s all a bit slimy, even if it’s nothing new for Fortnite, who did the same trick as Rick a few seasons ago. I don’t forget, Epic, and I never will.

Technically, Gumbo is still part of that money machine as an original Fortnite character, but at least he’s the original. Epic will get your money no matter what, but at least the best character of the lot isn’t just another testament to how massive Fortnite’s IP rating is. Yes, that’s a membership measurement metaphor. Now come here, you’re a nice fat guy.

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