Sophie Nelisse’s performance of ‘Yellowjackets’ in the season 1 finale

PERFORMERS | Sophie Nélisse

PROGRAMME | Showtimes Yellow jacket

THE EPISODE |Sic Transit Gloria Mundi(January 16, 2022)

EFFICIENCY | One of Yellow jacket‘much of the splendor of Season 1 was the American audience’s true introduction to Nélisse, who played the teenage Shauna in the mystery TV series. During the series’ premiere, Nélisse identified her character as being extremely intelligent but always willing to stay in the shadows of her extroverted best friend Jackie. So Nélisse often plays scenes where she communicates a lot with her eyes or facial expressions, but doesn’t really get a chance to say what her character is all thinking.

In the season’s finale, however, every thought Shauna ever entertained about her narcissistic friend came across in one hot scene, and Nélisse was on fire as it happened. When Jackie assumes that Shauna has slept with (and has been inadvertently indoctrinated by Jackie’s boyfriend), Nélisse lets go of Shauna’s gentle nature and begins to speak the truth undisguised, uninhibited.

We’re captivated by the hurt visible on the actress’s face when Shauna realizes Jackie has read her secret diary, and how Nélisse turned that pain into outrage so powerful forcing Yellowjacket to stand up. She goes back to the series of assumptions Jackie has made about her over the years – her reading line is “I don’t even like football!” particularly poignant, given the circumstances leading up to their plane crash in the wilderness – and then turning Shauna’s anger into mocking pity. No wonder Jackie was close to tears when Shauna, and later the team, banished her from the cabin!

Nélisse’s outbursts are believable because we’ve seen her play a smoldering, low-key but very present resentment, all season. And we’re impressed by how she ends the scene by crying, despite Shauna’s anger, at how dire the situation is and how the deterioration of a friendship (for better or worse) has been a part of it. her life for a long time. Performances like Nélisse’s are a huge part of why we can’t wait for Season 2.

sophie-nelisse-yellowjackets-season-1-Final-Episode-10-shaunaMEANING OF HONOR | Can be estimated Sheryl Lee Ralph earn yourself an A on Tuesday Abbott Elementary School, ABC’s Sparkling Gem about a freshman comedy. As Barbara grapples with the “New Technology” that titled the episode, her portrayal wonderfully balances the alma mater’s indignation about the “latest doohickey dog” with her sadness. her because of feeling inadequate and fear of being pushed out of the role. she known she is excellent. Ralph’s performance is not only impressive, but it’s funny as hell, especially as Barbara tries to convince young co-worker Janine that she’s tech-savvy by noting that she’s tech-savvy. “One Hotmail” and used to drive a Tesla. What do you know? Forget the A’s, we’re giving Ralph an A + and a gold star.

New Amsterdam Sandra Mae FrankMEANING OF HONOR | Since my first job interview at New AmsterdamDr. Elizabeth Wilder’s hospital made quite an impression with her alert attitude and confidence. This week, the actress Sandra Mae Frank – who has seamlessly integrated into the medical drama – also brings emotion and tenderness to her portrayal of a deaf surgeon. When Dr. Wilder and her brother Adam, who were struggling with mental illness, finally had a genuine conversation about letting each other fly free, Frank poured all of the love of Dr. Wilder into the heart. for Adam into tearful eyes and passionate ASL without ever losing the playfulness of his character. morale. In that stingingly sweet sibling moment, Frank delivered the kind of performance you wouldn’t dare get stuck in your throat.

Women of the Movement, Mamie's heartbreakMEANING OF HONOR | Adrienne Warren could easily deliver a tearful, serviceable performance as Emmett Till’s heartbroken mother Mamie on ABC’s Women of the Movement. Instead, Quantico alum guided us through a range of emotions in the finale, from gaping surprise at the mediocre vibe at Till’s murder trial to the debilitating defeat and pain his character’s character she suffered after their “not guilty” verdict was read. Warren let anger raged through clenched teeth until it exploded behind closed doors when Mamie ripped off her beautifully tailored jacket and dress. With every wrench and groan, Warren signaled a chilling realization that no good could get those 12 white male jurors to consider Negroes as equals worthy of their own. Justice.

Which performance(s) beat you this week? Let us know in the Comments section!

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