Someone Defeat Skyrim With Just One Fishing Rod

A miracle that only a true Dovahkiin can accomplish.

Alduin defeated the man with a fishing rod

Skyrim Anniversary Edition has only been out for a few days, but that hasn’t stopped a daring adventurer from completing the game with just a newly introduced fishing rod. Redditor TheFogFrog posted an image of themselves on Reddit, which featured the main antagonist Alduin dead and the player standing over his corpse with a fishing rod in hand.

For those who don’t know, the recent Skyrim Anniversary Edition added a new fishing mini game allows the player to catch a variety of fish to cook. Skyrim players quickly discovered fishing rods that could be used as standard swords, and could even scale with the one-handed weapon skill tree. These bars don’t do much damage, but that doesn’t stop TheFogFrog from trying to beat the game with them.

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Thankfully, TheFogFrog also shared a video on how to play their fishing rod from their YouTube channel. you can watch it here. To start the video off, TheFogFrog lays out some ground rules for themselves to add to the challenge. Damage can only be dealt with fishing rods but poison can be applied to increase damage, and shouts are only used to continue the story. They also allow themselves to have a companion along the way.

What follows can only be described as an extremely stubborn yet impressive attempt to defeat worse enemies that Skyrim has to offer with just a few pieces of wood. Two notable obstacles in the level are the fearsome icy troll approaching High Hrothgar and Tsun of Sovngarde, who had to be defeated with the help of paralyzing poison.

With no other choice, TheFogFrog ruthlessly took down Alduin with their trusty fishing rods and cement as the best angler in Skyrim. Simply try a fishing rod just run in Skyrim much to be commended, but actually beating the game while doing so is certainly an achievement that only a true Dovakhiin can do.

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