Some Halo Infinite players are having trouble saving and deleting

Some Halo Infinite Players have reported that there was a glitch with the in-game save removal, affecting both single-player and multiplayer gameplay.

As reported by players on resetEra and Halo Waypoint (and discovered by VG247), Halo Infinite appears to contain a bug that causes players to have to load into the game from a third-person perspective before completely breaking their save files.

The issue itself is said to affect both Xbox and PC payers and appears to be caused by a sign-in bug. user resetEra 99humanity reports that after launching the game, they will load into the campaign in third-person mode with Master Chief cutting across the floor. When trying to get back to the menu and relaunch their progress, users note that their save file will fail to load and show up as if they’ve completed 0% of the campaign.

In light of the issue, 99humanity noted that they encountered an Xbox Login pop-up prompting them to click “Get Started” and re-login to the platform. Other users who have experienced similar issues with the campaign have also noticed similar prompts. While 343 has not yet commented on the root cause of the problem, it appears to have stemmed from a double login attempt that took place after clicking the “Let’s go” option when it popped up in the Halo menu.

According to 99humanity, double login can happen due to a number of reasons. These include plugging in a second controller, disconnecting and reconnecting the controller, and when using quick resume on Xbox if you’ve previously played a game where multiple users have signed in to the same an account.

In addition to other reports, YouTube Creator Dustin K uploaded a video to their channel to share their experience. In the clip, a YouTuber user forces a login popup to create after repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting their controllers and experiencing similar issues with their campaign save files. The YouTuber also noted some possible fixes to the problem for players who are playing the game on multiple devices.

Halo Infinite campaign launch trailer image

According to VG247, the dual-login bug also seems to affect multiplayer, although in this case the issue is causing players to appear in the middle of a match. The dual sign-in error isn’t the first one Halo Infinite has come up with where the reports stem from using Xbox’s fast resume functionality.

Last week, 343 warns players not to use fast resume when playing Infinite’s campaign as it is causing an issue that causes multiplayer cosmetics earned in the game’s campaign not to show up in your multiplayer inventory. As of now, 343 has yet to specify a timeframe for fixing the issue, although the studio has stated that it is something they are working on.

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