‘Snowfall’ Season 5 Episode 3 Summary: Louie kills everyone but Franklin

Louie the Lady Boss is not easy this Wednesday night Snow.

The trouble started with her, in the FX drug drama, when Franklin broke the news that Grady was out and Teddy aka Reed was back, and he wouldn’t buy his cocaine keys cheaper again. Frustrated that their prices were still higher than their Colombian counterparts, Louie declined and said she wanted to speak to Teddy directly.

Franklin didn’t try to hear it, and when Louie asked what Teddy had done to his father, Alton, Franklin didn’t appreciate the question either. (Franklin asks the same thing about Alton’s fate, but Teddy lies to his face and says he knows nothing.) Not happy that she and Jerome will have to tell their “client” Skully about it. Price matters, Louie and her husband and their crew reluctantly meet Mellow, Skully’s lieutenant, and submit an update.

Mellow warns the couple that Skully is in a particularly bad place at the end of the year because his late daughter Tianna’s birthday is coming up, but he agrees to deliver the message. It wasn’t long before we all learned what Mellow was talking about when he shouted Bible passages at one of his underlings, who was bound and blindfolded. When Louie and Jerome met Skully, they watched in horror as Skully cut off the man’s ear with a sword.

Snowfall, Franklin's bad newsSkully then accuses Louie and Jerome of lying and selling wolf tickets and he denies them, knowing that his violent actions towards his employees showed how he treats people who disappoint or How do you lie to yourself? Men who were naked and tied with cardboard marks around their necks (to announce their “sin” against Skully) probably also performed the trick.

Realizing that they are dealing with a madman, Louie and Jerome wonder if they should wait for him until he destroys himself or if they should try and see if Mellow will topple him. They chose the latter, and to speed up the process, they turned to Dallas and Black Diamond to use their former stripper’s relationship to instill the illusion of grandeur in Mellow’s head.

Thankfully, it didn’t take much convincing from a beautiful and petite exotic dancer named Puff the Magic Dragon, who quickly got Mellow to throw cash and brag that he would take the position sooner. . Mellow then meets Louie and Jerome and tells them Skully will kill them after the next drug deal. Mellow then proposes that if they kill his boss, Skully, he not only accepts their price, but also has to pay several thousand dollars more for each key.

Snowfall, Jerome and LouieLouie said the hit would cost $50,000, and Mellow bragged that he could have spent twice that, so Louie doubled the price. Jerome and Louie then went to see Skully’s psychic, where he would talk to Tianna’s ghost on her birthday, and he jumped on him. Mellow returns Louie and Jerome and they give him Skully’s necklace as proof.

However, the whole thing is a set-up, and Skully shows up and realizes that Mellow is the snake Louie and Jerome tells him it’s the snake. Louie also explains that they chose to clean up Skully because he didn’t shoot and kill her when he got the chance in the hospital. Skully thanks them for their loyalty and agrees to pay full price for his cocaine key. His minions drove Mellow and his boy to horrors we don’t even want to imagine, then told Louie and Jerome to keep Mellow’s $100,000 because it was bad luck.

Though Skully’s problem is solved, Louie also has to confront the fearsome Buckley, the drug detective they’re repaying, as he’s demanding information so he can make an arrest and impress with his bosses. Louie wanted to give Buckley what he asked for, but since Skully took care of Mellow, she didn’t have anything or anyone to give him. And this defect is more likely to come back to bite Louie’s ass.

Snowfall, Shady TeddyUntil then, she had to hear Franklin upset, praising her and Jerome on the one hand for handling Skully, but on the other hand, punishing them for fraud. Franklin added that Teddy doesn’t think price matters but that Louie and Jerome’s decision to be their own bosses does and Franklin says he agrees. (Hmm. One has to wonder what Franklin would do when he learned that Teddy was the one selling cocaine to their Colombian rivals for less.)

Of course, this is not what Louie wants to hear from Franklin. As she pointed out, she knew she could be a boss because she and Jerome worked things out while Franklin was fixing things up. Plus, the whole Skully situation and her shooting just happened because Franklin chose to back Manboy over Skully, and the whole thing backfired horribly.

Instead, Louie bit her tongue and Jerome didn’t protect her – in part because she kept him in the dark about the CIA supplying them with drugs for so long. That means Louie suffers losses alone because at the end of the day, Franklin is still their boss.

What do you think of Franklin’s threats and Louie’s defiance? Are you worried what Franklin will do when he learns of Teddy’s plots and Alton’s fate? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

https://tvline.com/2022/03/02/snowfall-recap-season-5-episode-3-louie-franklin-teddy-jerome-skully/ ‘Snowfall’ Season 5 Episode 3 Summary: Louie kills everyone but Franklin

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