Snakelikes – Five of the best mobile games like Snake

Modern games often carry their influence up their sleeves and we are seeing that more and more with the new trend of subgenres. Things like Spirit likes, Roguelike game and even Metroidvania all link back to older games instantly by their names. Terms like these quickly capture the idea of ​​a game and give you clues as to what’s in store when you start the game. So why are some classic games immune to this genre of fiction? Where are the snakes?

We have gathered some Best mobile game like Snake right now, which means here is a list of games that have taken the classic Snake formula and evolved it into something new and exciting.

Is it difficult? Snake is an old game and so, like many arcade games, the design is extremely simple and pure. In fact, Taneli Armanto’s classic title is simply a case of moving in one of the four main directions collecting fruit to increase in size and continuing to do so – while dodging your own tail and the wall – as long as you can. When I say purely about design, I mean that I can, and have just done, literally describe the game in one sentence.

So what makes a game ‘Snakelike’ in this case. If you can count features on one side it’s pretty simple to spell out some of the basics: You can wipe yourself off the wall and your own tail; You can eat things to increase your score and grow bigger; and, the controls are kept extremely simple for ease of play. It’s actually a pretty specific set of items, perhaps even more limited than other genres.


Some non-mobile games can fit the title very well, such as Pix the Cat, where you’ll play as a digital cat racing down levels within levels, collecting The egg then becomes a duck stalking you. You need to dodge the walls and your duck’s tail before hitting them to score points. However, it is interesting that due to the maze-like layout of the levels the creator, Pastagames, actually considers it closer to PacMan… ooph. But, thankfully, we dodged that bullet because we’re here to talk about mobile games.

So we have some cool titles in store for you over the next few pages, click ahead via the big button below to find out, in our opinion, the best mobile games like Snake What is existing. Snakelikes – Five of the best mobile games like Snake


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