Sleuths points to seven unanswered questions

It was a double disappearance that stunned America.

But six weeks after coroners confirmed Brian Laundrie’s cause of death and more than four months after Gabby Petito’s body was found, some questions remain.

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie both die in 2021


Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie both die in 2021
The two started a road trip where they filmed their'van life' video before passing away


The two started a road trip where they filmed their ‘van life’ video before passing away

Specifically what the FBI found in the case and whether any charges will be brought.

Those who followed the disappearance online also pointed to the mystery of the Laundrie family’s camping trip and exactly what Brian told his parents when he returned home without Gabby.

Here The Sun looks at what we still don’t know about the deaths of Laundrie and his girlfriend Gabby.


FBI investigation into Gabby’s death remains open.

Laundromat23 years old, is a person interested in Gabby’s disappearance and the search for his whereabouts is underway after Gabby is found strangled to death near the Grand Teton National Park in September.

Just a few weeks later Remains found in search of Laundrie and is identified as his own.

However, the investigation into Gabby’s murder remains open as the new year begins.

Authorities have not provided an update on the case since November 23, when medical examiners confirmed that Laundrie’s Cause of Death was a gunshot wound to the head.

The Sun contacted FBI Denver on why the case remains open, but did not receive an immediate response.

Former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer told NewsNationNow why she thinks the case is still open.

“I believe the FBI is using all of their chemistry and other techniques to get everything they can out of that notebook, depending on how much is written in it… . You can imagine it can be a long and tedious process. , but they can do it.”

Brian’s parents are fighting in court to access his assets, including $20,000 in his bank account.

According to the family lawyer Steven Bertolino, once the FBI closes the case on Gabby’s murder and Brian’s death by suicide, “the property withheld will be returned to its owner.”

The FBI has yet to reveal whether it will return the notebooks to the Laundrie family or other items found with his body last year.

It also did not say whether they found more information about Laundrie’s previous weeks or Gabby’s death in the notebook.

The FBI is still figuring out what might be in Laundrie's notebooks


The FBI is still figuring out what might be in Laundrie’s notebooks


Former NYPD homicide detective Tom Joyce thinks By Gabby Petito The murder case will be closed, due to the special circumstances.

He said: “Gabby’s murder will be closed with what is known as a special investigation, or where the suspect and perpetrator are known but cannot be caught – in this case, because of him. I’m dead.”

According to reports, it’s possible the case could end with an “unmet expectation”, as Gabby’s parents may never get answers about what happened before and after the death. of their daughter.

Laundrie has never been charged in connection with Gabby’s disappearance and death.

He was named a who is interested in her murder.


LaundromatHis remains and personal items were found in Florida’s Carlton Reserve on October 20, a month after his fiancee Gabby was found. strangled to death at a campsite in Wyoming.

Laundrie died by suicide, but the date of death has yet to be determined.

He was first reported missing on September 17 – days after allegedly telling his parents he was going hiking in Carlton Sanctuary was bitten by a snake.

Gabby was found strangled to death.

But for both the exact circumstances surrounding their deaths remained.

The pair were last seen together in a restaurant in Wyoming, where employees say there was an argument about them paying the bill.

It comes just days after they were stopped by police in Moab, Utah, after a witness said Laundrie hit Gabby in the street on August 12.

In the bodycam footage, Laundrie is heard saying he wouldn’t have the money to stay in an overnight motel when police asked the couple to separate.


Laundrie and his parents stay at a Florida campsite 75 miles from them home just days before he disappeared and after he returned home without his girlfriend Gabby, the family’s attorney confirmed.

The The potential lead role in the case was first offered by Dog the Bounty Hunter, who claimed that he received a tip Laundrie and his parents visited Fort De Soto Park twice in September, most recently on 6th September.

Gabby was not reported missing until five days after his parents failed to contact her.

The Laundries reported their son missing on September 17.

Two days later, Gabby’s remains were found near a campground in Wyoming.

Pictures of Laundrie's parents while the media raged around their son's disappearance and death


Pictures of Laundrie’s parents while the media raged around their son’s disappearance and death


Just minutes after Roberta and Chris entered the Carlton Reserve in late October, they found Brian’s remains and belongings.

Later, the officials were photographed with a bag that looked like a notebook among Brian’s things.

Chris and Roberta are seen moving in and out of brush areas, before separating for about 12 minutes when Chris led the two men into the brush on the left side of a trail.

Police searched that land for 33 days before his remains were found.


Online investigators speculated what might have been inside Laundrie’s notebook after it was discovered.

Some amateur detectives think it may contain cold drawing, while others predicted a confessional note could be inside.

ONE Brian’s friend told The Sun exclusive that notebooks may contain clues to solve Gabby’s Death,

One Facebook “detective” said: “I think maybe it’s his art. They both love to draw.”

One internet killer feared: “My theory is to plot the events leading up to it and during the time she was strangled. It would be dark (sic).”

It is unknown if there is anything inside the notebook or if it contains anything.

School critic Casey Jordan said a notebook “points to the possibility” of a suicide note, 7News report.

Jordan told CNN: “That really raises the question if this is really Brian Laundrie and if he died by his own hands, would he have taken the time to write down a letter explaining, maybe even regret it?

“Something that will give answers to more than just the police. If that notebook is there, chances are there’s a notepad. ”

Jordan speculates that the notebook could provide “answers” to law enforcement.

The couple is seen here in a snap of Instagram


The couple is seen here in a snap of Instagram


Brian’s parents originally gave wrong date police about their son’s disappearance.

Family attorney revealed that Laundries gave investigators incorrect dates for his alleged date disappeared into the Carlton Reserve in September.

Brian had “left to roam the reserve” on Monday, September 13, not Tuesday, September 14 as originally shared, their attorney revealed, leading to a series of speculation on Reddit.

Steven Bertolino wrote in a written response to host Josh Benson from WFLA in Florida, “The Laundries have based the date Brian left on their recollection of certain events.”

It’s also not clear Why is the Laundry Room “not returning” messages from Gabby’s mother? when she desperately longs to find her daughter.

Nichole Schmidt said she tried to contact Chris and Roberta Laundrie after losing contact with Gabby at the end of August.

Gabby last spoke to her family on August 25 when she and her fiancé traveled to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

In an interview with Dr Phil, Nichole claimed that Brian’s parents ignored calls and texts, making her “angry”.

I don’t know if the laundry room intentionally ignored the messages and calls.

The couple revealed they were engaged before passing away


The couple revealed they were engaged before passing away
A photo of the on-site search for Laundrie


A photo of the on-site search for Laundrie
Laundry room seen in police body camera video last August


Laundry room seen in police body camera video last August Sleuths points to seven unanswered questions


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