Sir Keir Starmer’s mask has fallen off and he is exposed as a fraudulent, divided Chancellor

THE mask has slipped. Sir Keir Starmer KC has come out once and for all as a raunchy, full-fledged, ambiguous and double-edged Chancellor.

The man who would be our prime minister is the classic political opportunist, who will say and do anything to come to power and then, at the slightest hint of resistance, say and do exactly the opposite.

Sir Keir Starmer has come out once and for all as a raunchy, full-fledged, ambiguous and double-edged Chancellor


Sir Keir Starmer has come out once and for all as a raunchy, full-fledged, ambiguous and double-edged Chancellor
Starmer is the classic political opportunist who will say and do anything to gain power


Starmer is the classic political opportunist who will say and do anything to gain powerPhoto credit: PA

Or to quote comic book legend Groucho Marx: “Those are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others.”

In a single week, Starmer has made backlash on self-identification, ulez and child support — key issues on which he was firmly settled a few days earlier.

With amazing speed, he aligned himself with JK Rowling, enraging the trans lobby and admitting that a woman is, in fact, “a grown human woman.”

He still thinks “some women have penises,” but even Sir Shifty can understand what undecided voters think of such nonsense.

He was subsequently in an uproar when London Mayor Sadiq Khan imposed a £12.50-a-day fine on Ulez that cost Labor the Uxbridge by-election.

“We are doing something wrong if Labor Party guidelines end up on every Tory leaflet,” he said with childish innocence.

Eventually he enraged his entire party with a screeching about-face on welfare payments and rejected cutthroat demands for unlimited child benefits, a policy he had previously supported.

And as Groucho would say, I have others.

Check out his trick tap dancing about Brexit and his secret plan to rejoin the EU.

Will he block illegal immigration or open the floodgates again?

Does he support the banks that tried to ban Nigel Farage?

Or does he believe in free speech and the right to have a bank account? At The Sun, we know the answer.

But for many, Starmer’s deafening silence during those heady days when Jeremy Corbyn seemed poised to take power reveals everything they need to know about the political worker.

At no time in the four years that Starmer has been Corbyn’s right-hand man has he denounced the Labor Party’s anti-Semitism or its mistreatment of Jewish MPs such as Luciana Berger and Louise Ellman.

When Ellman presented evidence of abuse in her own constituency, Starmer countered, “I don’t accept that.”

In fact, Starmer only revealed his wife, Victoria, was Jewish after he took over as party leader in 2020, sacking Corbyn along with Diane Abbott, the former party leader’s ex-lover.

Telegraph journalist Zoe Strimpel, herself Jewish, described the purge as an attempt by Starmer to make amends for his “probably cowardly years” at Corbyn’s side.

How long would Starmer have remained silent as a minister in Corbyn’s government?

In fact, Sir Shifty’s entire career seems to have been about dodging bullets, dodging blame, and dropping promises.

Some say he’s mimicking former Labor PM Tony Blair, who is now serving as Starmer’s backseat driver. But that’s unfair.

Blair often made decisions that angered the unions, his own MPs and even the electorate.

He would rather put up with sticks and stones than appear to be cutting and running and looking weak.

Whatever you think of the Iraq war, it has never batted an eyelid.

In fact, it was Blair, and not Starmer, who dared last week to challenge the green mafia and their insane 2050 net-zero deadline.

Sir Shifty wags like a weather vane, waiting for the next opinion poll.

How would he deal with an economic crisis, a dispute with Brussels or the threat of war with Russia?

The Tories took advantage of that nervous breakdown to win the elections.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told The Sunday Telegraph: “I’ve been doing the job for just over eight months and see him every week.

“The more I do that, the less I understand the views of Keir Starmer and the Labor Party on anything.

“I have a set of principles and values ​​that anchor my approach to life and government.

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“I don’t see that on the shipping box. Every week you get a different position.

“He likes to jump on whatever headline or poll he’s seen the week before and I think people see that.”


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