Simple Rules for Positive Lesbian Hookup Dates

Any skill takes time to master, and the art of flirting tops that list. You must spend months going on dates and flirting with different girls before you can confidently declare that you can hook up with any lesbian you want. But if you’re not one of those who have all the time in the world to learn how to flirt properly and just want a hookup as soon as possible, we prepared a few simple yet fundamental rules of romancing lesbians to ensure positive casual dating results.

1. Being Picky on Dating Sites is Perfectly Ok

Humans are built in a way that makes each of us doubts ourselves every now and then. We doubt our worth, skills, appearance, how we make decisions, and so on – the list is endless. And this doubt intensifies even more when we hit a rough patch, especially when it concerns romantic relationships. If we can’t find someone to date for some time, in most cases, we think that the problem is in ourselves. Our self-esteem decreases, and we lower our standards, eventually settling for the worst. But such a mindset is a road to nowhere.

This is why it’s so important never to let any circumstances affect your perception of yourself, including your worth and attractiveness. For example, if you date online and look for hookups on a casual dating site, it’s vital to remember that you can and should be picky. Otherwise, what’s the point? Next time you log in to your casual platform and think, “I want lesbian hookups near me,” don’t be shy to reach out to a few girls from the list of available matches instead of texting the first one that looks the most approachable.

2. Remember it Should Be a Pleasure, Not a Burden

This rule kind of concerns the previous one because the way you choose hookup partners affects the whole experience. For example, if you settle for less and start flirting with some girl just because she’s “an easy catch” but isn’t even attractive to you, hooking up with her will become nothing but a burden. Think about the concept of casual dating and no-strings relationships in general. The main reason people do that is to get pleasure and have a good time with someone attractive to them, at least physically. So, hooking up with just anybody makes no sense. To make the whole process positive, make sure to pick partners thoroughly and never agree to a date with someone you don’t click with.

3. Forget Everything You Saw in Adult Movies

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to intimate relationships is trying to recreate scenes from adult movies they watch. For some reason, it is still widely believed that everything filmed is legitimate, and people who participate in these movies show real emotions. When in fact, 99% of adult movies are a big lie made to feed unrealistic fantasies of those who don’t have sex at all. You can’t expect to do something you saw in such a movie and make your partner scream in pleasure for one simple reason – every body is unique, and you have to learn how to make your partner feel good in the process. But how exactly can you do that?

4. Know Your Body and Communicate Your Desires

Our body is something we examine and discover throughout our whole life. From freckles on the cheeks and stretch marks on the hips to the individual features of the body that require a unique approach. The same is true of our intimate life, for the ways of getting pleasure we learn with special diligence and curiosity. Unfortunately, after discovering how to please yourself, you can’t expect these rules and tricks to be applied to another person, as was previously mentioned – every body is unique. And still, as a lesbian who knows her body well enough, you can give pleasure to another girl if you consider another small yet essential aspect – communication.

When it comes to being intimate with a lesbian you haven’t known long enough, communication is key for both participants to enjoy the whole experience. Since you don’t have time to thoroughly explore your casual partner’s body, you have to talk to find out what she likes. Just as you will have to tell her how to handle your body to make you feel good. This is why knowing your own body and communicating openly before and during the process are two fundamental rules of a successful casual date.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that if you have any desires in intimate life, as well as if there is something that you would like to avoid in sex, be sure to discuss it with your casual partner. This way, you can avoid awkward situations during the date and get maximum positive emotions.

Huynh Nguyen

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