Signs that someone might be lying to you have been uncovered – including freebies from even the most seasoned “poker face”.

THE SECRET signs that someone might be lying to you have been uncovered by recent research – including telltale tells from even the most seasoned poker face.

Four in 10 adults surveyed said they’re good at spotting liars — but if you’re not in that group, here are the telltale signs to look out for.

Body language signs can be a clue that someone is lying


Body language signs can be a clue that someone is lyingPhoto credit: Getty

Avoiding eye contact and speaking nervously are signs of being suspicious, but some clues are more subtle.

A study of 2,000 adults found that an overwhelming majority considered themselves superior when it came to spotting a liar.

A staggering 42 percent said they were good at spotting lies, while just nine percent said they were bad at it.

The group also rates themselves as good liars, with nearly one in five feeling they have an excellent poker face.

Another 32 percent believe they are good at fooling others, while just one in 20 feel bad at hiding their real thoughts.

The adults surveyed revealed some of their own “tells” – signs that someone is bluffing – particularly at poker.

Clues included fiddling with chips, sitting up in the chair when they have a good hand, and shaking hands are the top signs to look out for.

A spokesman for Online Betting Guide, which commissioned the study, said: “Many may think they are good when it comes to a poker face, but the smallest thing can give them away very easily.

“Knowing when to bluff and when not to bluff can be a useful life skill and can get you out of some sticky situations – both at the poker table and in your regular life.

“And it also comes in handy for knowing when others might try to use it to get the upper hand on you.”

Judi James, body language expert and author of Poker Face, said: “Body language is not a precise science and when you are looking for signs of lying there is no such thing as perfect body language, only clues and clues.

“Poker players in particular can use micro-gestures when lying or bluffing, but a good liar could use this to their advantage by playing the ‘tell’ that suits them and confusing their opponents.

“Imagine you spotted an opponent’s tell while playing poker. You’ve noticed that when he’s bluffing, his eyes dart quickly from side to side.

“But this “tell” is only useful to you if they are not aware of it. If they know their own quality, they can fool you with it too. Are they bluffing or is it a double bluff?”

The study, conducted by OnePoll, also revealed when people think it’s a good time to use their bluffing skills.

The two most common reasons for lying, at 25 percent, were playing poker and when someone asks if you like what they’re wearing.

Just behind at 23 percent, the poll found adults believe it’s okay to lie when someone cooks you a terrible meal.

An identical study conducted in America at the same time also revealed some interesting comparisons between the two nations’ liars.

On average, Brits admit to using their poker face three times a day – slightly less than Americans, who work their poker face four times a day.

And 42 percent of Americans see themselves as someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and has trouble hiding their feelings.

Adults in the UK reported lying an average of four times a day, while Americans admitted to lying slightly more often, at 4.3 times a day. Americans also feel slightly more likely to be lied to than people in the UK.

Although they lie and feel lied to more often, 54 percent of Americans say honesty is very important to them, compared to just 43 percent of UK adults.

A spokesperson for the Online Betting Guide added: “Body language doesn’t always give us the full picture of what’s going on, but it can give us a good idea.

“As with most things, the better you know someone, the better you can tell if they’re a good or bad liar.

“It’s also fascinating to see how important it is for us to tell the truth — but admit that we tell little white lies every day.”


Judi James listed the following characters in her book Poker Face

EYE COVERING – Your eyes are the most likely to give away a lie, especially since you can give away so many different tiny expressions with just one look – liars might try to cover their eyes or distract them from your view.

EYE DIRECTION OR EYE ARROWS – If a person’s eyes suddenly swivel in the opposite direction at one of their answers, they could be lying to you.

THE MICRO-SMIRK – A very subtle grin, with one side of the mouth lifting slightly, could be a sign someone is lying – and enjoying it.

POKER FACE – If a person’s facial expression is blank and unmoving, and their body stops moving when they speak, they may be trying too hard to maintain a poker face.

DRIVING EYEBROWS – A dismissive twitch of an eyebrow could be a sign of being suspicious of someone trying to keep their cool.

ASYMETRIC FACIAL EXPRESSIONS – When lying down, muscles tend to pull facial features in many different ways, resulting in a crooked smile or a twisted smile with the corners of the mouth turned down.

One brow may rise while the other frowns, or one side of the mouth could be pulled down while the other has moved up.

THE TONGUE STICK – This is a gesture of disgust and rejection associated with refusing food as a young baby. It can signal that someone doesn’t like what’s going on, even when they’re pretending to be happy and relaxed.

HAND TO FACE GESTURES OR TOUCHING THE NOSE – As with the eye protection rituals, the desire to hide the face can result in hands touching the face or nose; constant rubbing of face as if tired to hide expression of guilt.

SELF-COMFORT RITUALS – Fiddling with an earring or earlobe, touching your own hair, playing with your clothes, or tapping or fiddling with your fingers can all be signals that someone is trying to calm down under pressure.

METRONOMIC GESTURES – Swinging the legs, tapping the feet, and drumming the fingers can all signal impatience associated with a desire to get out of a difficult conversation or question. Signs that someone might be lying to you have been uncovered – including freebies from even the most seasoned “poker face”.


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