Shocking detail in Jodi Arias’ murder case as pictures show the bloody room where she killed her Mormon lover after rough sex

SHOCKING details and images from the Jodi Arias murder case will be revealed in a new TV show that investigates the brutal murder of an ex-lover.

Arias, 41 years old, serving a life sentence for stabbed Travis Alexander 27 times, slit his neck and shot him in the head in his private bathroom in June 2008.

Jodi Arias (left) found guilty of murdering Travis Alexander (right)


Jodi Arias (left) found guilty of murdering Travis Alexander (right)Credit: Jodi Arias / Myspace
He was murdered in the shower and stabbed 27 times


He was murdered in the shower and stabbed 27 timesSource: Maricopa quận County Sheriff’s Department
Arias was baptized as a Mormon (pictured) despite only dating Alexander for five months


Arias was baptized as a Mormon (pictured) despite only dating Alexander for five monthsCredit: Jodi Arias / Myspace

The pair dated for five months before breaking up last year because Alexander reportedly felt guilty about the sexual nature of their relationship as a Mormon devotee.

However, they are said to have remained in touch and a camera found in the washing machine at his home in Arizona after his death has revealed images of them having sex on the 4th. June, the day he was killed.

The last images of him revealed at the trial were of Alexander naked in the bathroom.

Moments later, pictures showed him bleeding on the bathroom floor with blood gushing from his throat.

In a new episode that airs on Thursday, Take the Stand will look back at the 18 never-before-seen days that saw Arias come forward claiming she was acting in self-defense over the Alexanders murder.

When faced with the death penalty, Arias has stated that Alexander, a 30-year-old salesperson and motivational speaker, is possessive despite her obsession with her ex.

The jury convicted her after being shown photos of blood-stained towels she allegedly tried to wipe clean and Alexander’s blood-stained bathroom following his brutal murder.

When friends found Alexander’s body after worrying for his welfare, they immediately pointed towards Arias, who he reported watching him.

However, Arias, then 26 years old, at first denied having seen Alexander on the day he died, then claimed two men had killed him during a home invasion, before changing the story. her again to defend herself.

The couple met at a PrePaid Legal Services conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in September 2006, while Alexander served as a sales representative for the company.

He is said to have quickly become attracted to a beautiful and seemingly carefree, aspirational photographer.

Arias and Alexander started dating in early 2007 and she has since moved on California to Mesa, Arizona to be closer to him.

In an email to a friend at the time, Alexander shared his intense feelings for Arias.

“I went from being attracted to her to caring about her to caring about her deeply to realizing how lucky I would be to have her as part of my life forever. . .. She is amazing. It’s not hard to see that whoever scores Jodi, whether me or someone else, will win the wife’s lottery,” he wrote.


Their relationship quickly developed, with Arias even decided to be baptized in the Mormon faith to be closer to Alexander, but it wasn’t long before cracks began to appear.

She later moved back to California to live with her grandparents but continued an estranged relationship with Alexander.

The two will take turns visiting each other from state to state for nearly a year and a half.

Arias became so possessive that some people warned Alexander that they feared her dangerously.

According to some of Alexander’s friends, Arias would follow him to the bathroom and wait outside the door; eavesdrop on his conversations; and forward his private emails to others to her.

But that’s just the beginning.

Sky Lovingier Hughes, Alexander’s friend told ABC News she “started seeing things that were just disturbing.”

“I said, ‘Travis, I’m afraid we’ll find you chopped up in her freezer.’ … From a very early age, she was completely obsessed with him,” said her husband, Chris Hughes.

On one occasion, Hughes was present when Alexander caught her eavesdropping on him from behind closed doors.

“There was anger in her eyes.


Hughes says Alexander still has struggles and guilt about him and Arias having sex because his religion forbids it.

Shanna Hogan, an author and journalist wrote the book “Picture Perfect: The Jodi Arias Story.”

The two eventually broke up in 2007 but kept in touch.

Arias claims she ended the relationship because she didn’t trust Alexander, and she later accused him of being a sex deviant who physically and sexually abused her.

Alexander asked Arias to join him on a business trip Cancun in June 2008.

Shortly before the trip, Alexander changed his mind and decided to take a female friend instead of Arias.

On May 28, the Arias’ home was broken into – one of the items stolen was a 25mm Colt automatic pistol that was never recovered.

Arias tried to hook Alexander on June 2, but he didn’t respond.

In the end, the two talked for about 18 minutes in one phone call and in a second call that lasted 41 minutes.

She set out in the early hours of the morning to drive south to rent a car for a trip to Utah.


That same day, she rented a car at Budget Rent a Car in Redding, California, and on June 3, she was driving there. Salt Lake City.

Alexander was supposed to be at a conference call on June 4 but missed.

Arias went to business meetings throughout – she dyed her hair blonde to brown and had multiple cuts on her hands, as her colleague Ryan Burns testified during her trial in 2013.

She drove back to Redding and returned the rented car.

The salesperson noticed red stains on the seats and missing carpet but could not verify whether to tie Arias to the carpet or the stain.

On June 9, Alexander’s friends became worried after not hearing from him and went to his apartment to check on him.

Friends entered his bedroom and discovered large pools of blood in the hallway, only to discover his body in the shower.

Alexander was shot with a .25 caliber bullet.

He was stabbed at least 27 times and shot in the head. His throat had been cut to his ears and he was nearly decapitated.

The cuts on his hands suggest he was trying to defend himself.


His friends immediately called 911 and singled out Arias as a suspect, citing that Alexander had mentioned that she would follow him, hack his Facebook and previously slashed his tire.

“A friend of ours died in his bedroom, we haven’t heard from him,” said a woman identified as Marie Hall. “We thought he was dead. There was a lot of blood.

“His roommate came in and there was blood in his bedroom, behind the door and all over, then they went into the bathroom and they were all showering.”

When Mesa Police detective Esteban Flores arrived on the scene, he told “20/20” that blood was everywhere.

Photographic evidence shows blood splattered on the sink, walls and floor.

Police also found a bloody brush mark outside Alexander’s bedroom.

They also found DNA linking Arias to the crime scene.

She was accused of violently assaulting Alexander in a fit of jealousy after he wanted to end their affair and planned a trip to Mexico with another woman.

Arias was eventually found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

She is being held in the maximum security unit of Perryville Prison for Women in Goodyear, Arizona.

Prosecutors sought the death penalty but failed to secure enough jurors votes to achieve it.

At that time, Arias expressed his wish to execute.

“Death is the ultimate freedom,” she said in a television interview after the sentencing.

“I’d rather be free as soon as possible.”

Take the Stand: Jodie Arias will air Wednesday nights.

The judges were shown pictures of the bathroom covered in blood


The judges were shown pictures of the bathroom covered in bloodSource: Maricopa quận County Sheriff’s Department
Arias stands his ground for 18 days declaring himself


Arias stands his ground for 18 days declaring himselfCredit: AP
A camera was found in Alexander's washing machine with a picture of him having sex with Arias on the day he was murdered


A camera was found in Alexander’s washing machine with a picture of him having sex with Arias on the day he was murderedSource: Maricopa quận County Sheriff’s Department

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