Shock as multiple witnesses watch “dogfights between military jets and UFOs” over the lake hotspot

SEVERAL sources have claimed they saw a dogfight between fighter jets and a UFO over Michigan last week.

The sightings were reported to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

Illustration of a UFO hovering over a forest and mountain ranges.


Illustration of a UFO hovering over a forest and mountain ranges.Photo credit: Getty
Sources say they recently witnessed a


Sources say they recently witnessed a “dogfight” between fighter jets and a UFO over Michigan. The F-16 is the most popular supersonic fighter aircraft in the world and is used by 25 different countries.Photo credit: Getty

It is not uncommon for the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) to receive a report of a UFO sighting.

The organization typically receives 10 to 20 sighting reports per day. You have received more than 170,000 in the last 49 years.

Usually they publish the reports they receive in bulk. However, every now and then a report comes along that is so interesting or unique that they publish it in a single report.

That is exactly the case with a June 3 UFO sighting — or what officials are calling an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) sighting — that occurred about 2 hours and 15 minutes north of Detroit in Bad Axe, Michigan.

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Public affairs officials from the Ohio 180th and Minnesota 148th Fighter Wings, which patrol and train in the area, report that there were no aircraft in the area that day Huron Daily Tribune.

However, several witnesses reported seeing two fighter jets in the sky engaged in a “dogfight” with a UAP NUFORC.

A witness said: ‘Quiet afternoon, no sign of planes, it’s 10am in the storage unit car park opposite Miejers. Myself, my wife and two colleagues helped transport my RV!”

“Suddenly, deafening afterburners on what I thought were F-16s or F-22s were flying together while fighting something I couldn’t see at first. They were circling as fast as they could, looking intently for something,” they said.

They continued: “I was circling the sun about two or three times and all of a sudden there was this white/metallic disk that was hard to see because it was shining with the sun, it seemed to be hiding in the sun from the fighters, which they obviously couldn’t see.” It.”

In the report, the witness claims the UAP was extremely fast and seemed perfectly capable of overtaking and outmaneuvering the fighter jets.

“It overtook a jet, stopped suddenly and appeared to be turning towards the oncoming jet without moving. The jet fired anti-missile missiles as if under direct attack,” the person continued.

“The UAP was also comfortable just turning back around and letting the next flanking jet fire its anti-missile missiles! There was a clear need.”

The witness said they watched the fighters take off together and repeated the attack about three times before retreating.

“The UAP stayed in the sun a moment longer and appeared to circle the area almost as if in a victory lap, then it flew completely silently in the complete opposite direction that the fighter planes had been flying,” the witness continued in the report.

They added, “To be clear, when the UAP was stationary and the jets had flown away after the three attempts and withdrawal, the only distinct sound of any aircraft was that of the fighters appearing to intercept this sudden threat.”

“I did not see if the UAP fired at anything I could call a weapon.

“And the fact that the aerial combat took place almost entirely in the sun’s rays meant my Galaxy S22 Ultra could do nothing but block out blinding glare and noise.”

At the end of the report, NUFORC asked anyone who witnessed the incident to submit their own report.

On June 14, NUFORC released an update on the sighting after speaking again with the witness and his wife, who also claimed to have witnessed the sighting.

NUFORC said: “After reviewing photos of military aircraft types, he (the witness) was able to narrow the identification of the jets to F-16s and not F-22s.”

“As the F-16s departed, they headed south while the UAP disappeared over the lake.”

He also added that the jets returned to the same location for four days after the 10 a.m. sighting and fired flares again on the fourth day.

The organization said the witness was familiar with aircraft from his military days with the 304th Expeditionary Signal Battalion in Korea, where he trained.

They have asked the man to submit a drawing of the UAP and encourage his friends to submit corroborating reports of what they saw.

Several witnesses said they also saw the strange occurrence in the sky that morning.

“I live in Bad Axe, over by the Franklin Inn, and was sitting outside looking north when I thought the Jets were messing around and making noise,” Ladonna Hunt wrote on the Tribune’s Facebook page Huron Daily Tribune.

“I watched the jets around 10am on June 3rd. The jets were so loud it was hard to tell where they were or what they were doing. I saw the jets and a shiny spot spinning in circles for quite a while.”

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One person said her husband watched from the backyard and said: “Walked in and said they fired flares. I just thought they were practicing manoeuvres.”

Another person told the newspaper that they believed the silver item was a Mylar balloon that escaped a dollar store shopper.


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