Shiny Pokemon is too popular

I remember the first time I saw a shiny Pokemon. My brother encountered a green Golbat in FireRed on our shared Game Boy Advance SP. He caught it, thankfully, as a lot of people back then thought the shinies were glitching and shut down their game to keep their save files intact. Years later, however, he overwrote his save data to begin a new adventure, and the first shiny Golbat was lost to the ether. It exists in our memories, but we don’t know what we’ve got.

Today, however, I feel shivers. It sucks that they’re in brochures now and not only being told in a low-key tone on the playground – but we also have social media to thank for it. I didn’t believe my friends when they told me they had encountered color-changing monsters (and still don’t, because they never showed me any proof) because I didn’t believe Pokemon Shiny exists. A kid playing Pokemon today not only can’t deny that shinies exist, but they’re likely to encounter a few in their time with the game.


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That Golbat was the only shiny guy me or my brother had encountered until I was 19. That’s a total of 36 shiny years we’ve seen in the flesh. Or, at least in pixels. In Sword & Shield, I have two boxes filled with shinies, and Pokemon Go is in three numbers.

Some of this is positive, don’t get me wrong. Pokemon Home allows me to transfer my shinies from other games to the latest title, and shiny hunting can be a lot of fun if you’re after a particular Pokemon. I can play with my first shiny Ponyta, on the Switch OLED’s lovely display, and it’s great. But the more I play, the more I don’t care about shinies.

Shiny Pokemon is too popular

In Sword & Shield’s Dynamax Adventures, you have a four percent chance of coming across a shiny person. Doesn’t sound like much, but in FireRed there is a 0.01% chance. It is 400 times easier to get a shiny watch in 2021 and it reduces the value of supposedly rare creatures.

The popular Masuda method, which involves crossbreeding chicks from two different regions to increase shiny odds up to 0.2% – hatch 512 eggs and you’ll get one shiny egg, though less or more. Of course, it’s still up to chance – I haven’t had the luck to hatch more than 2,000 Roggenrola eggs, but those hours of cycling back and forth almost bring me some nostalgia. I find myself quietly wondering if sometimes shiny Roggenrola even exists – and that’s a good thing! I want to feel rewarded when I finally get that shiny look, not feel like it’s inevitable.

The Shiny Charm is a great bonus for filling your Pokedex, but by increasing the chance and stacking it with other methods, that’s part of the problem. But that’s nothing compared to the shiny odds in Pokemon Go.

Shiny Pokemon is too popular

Community Day increases the chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon by four percent. It is similar to Dynamax Adventures, but in Go you can meet many Pokemon a lot faster. The first shiny is always a nice surprise (even more so when the first Shinx you click on is shiny, as was my case back in November), but by the end you’re tired of seeing it. shinies and just check the IV to see if it’s worth the flexibility in PvP.

These days, I only play for a few hours each Community Day – otherwise I’d be too bored – but I ended up having more shimmer than I knew what to do. I develop the one with the highest CP, the one with the best stats, and the one for PvP. I evolve one to mid-evolution and keep one in its base form. Now what do I do with the other ten? I used to keep them all, but now I’ve released them. They are less valuable than regional Pokemon when it comes to currency trading because everyone plays Community Dayand it feels like cheating getting them to the main games. The only thing left to do is send ten pink Slakoths into the abyss, turn into candy, and prepare to spend the rest of their days with an old green Golbat.

Shiny Pokemon is too popular

You may tell me I should stop catching the ball or use my methods of increasing my odds, but there is no fun in just running around the lawn until a bright ball pops out. I want shinies to continue to be a thing, I just want them to be rare again.

However, some players are losing everything on their own and making it difficult for them to hunt. For starters, some are doing a soft reset at Sparkling Diamonds & Shining Pearls briefcase for shiny starters and others who stay away from the game’s Pokeradar – which gives you the best chance of catching a shiny – for harder methods. Soft resets often happen, especially if you’re hunting a Legendary Pokemon or a Pokemon from the Honey Tree, but they’re still more likely to shine than in previous generations.

There is a fine line between shinies that are so rare that they are practically legendary, and they are so common that players have to eliminate them to free up box space. Early Generations is a long way off from before, but Game Freak and Niantic overcompensate, and shinies are all too common these days. My brother and I still send each other pictures of the monsters we catch, but more often we say “huh cool”, when we’ve been talking about that Golbat for weeks.

Shiny Pokemon is too popular

Golbat, a Pokemon for nothing, an evolution of the most annoying Pokemon that ever lived in a cave, has entered our family myths because of the sheer rarity of shinies – to the point where we barely know. they exist. My Ponyta, the first shiny dog ​​I encountered myself, has been with me on my adventures through Galar and I love her for it. Random Drifblim I encountered in Dynamax Adventures? Hundreds of shinies littering my Pokemon Go account? I’m struggling to care about them.

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