Sheamus reacts to Shawn Michaels’ heartfelt praise

Shawn Michaels recently had praise for Sheamus, as he admitted the latter as the man who has earned his well-deserved veteran status behind the scenes of WWE.

Celtic warrior signs contract with Vince McMahonThe company’s company back in 2007. Aside from the various titles he’s won since then, Sheamus slowly became one of the hardest-working talents in promoting.

In the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump, Michaels praised the multiple-time world champion for his behind-the-scenes efforts to help younger stars.

“(…) You’re one of the leaders out there,” Michaels said. “Because you’re a great young man walking on the doorstep, and it’s great to see all the success you’ve had and you’re continuing to pass it on. It’s really a huge sign of respect from me for you because you earned it, young man.”

The Celtic warrior rose to WWE television fame towards the end of Shawn Michaels’ full-time wrestling career. As a result, Sheamus received important advice from the Hall of Famer twice while he was still a novice in the world of sports entertainment.

The Irish superstar responded to Michaels’ heartfelt praise in The Bump and thanked him for the kind words.

“You’ll make me cry, Shawn, you know what I mean? You’ll make me cry on TV,” Sheamus said. “I appreciate that, man. Honestly, the amount of knowledge you gave me when I was just a green horse and all, and just watched you guys in martial arts. radio – I learned a lot.”

The current WWE superstar added that although he misses the days when legends like Michaels and Triple HOW always in the dressing room, he tries his best to pass on the knowledge he received to others.

Have Sheamus and Shawn Michaels ever walked past the ring?

While both men were briefly active on the WWE main roster, they have never had a match against each other on television.

However, the two stars were five matches of the six-man tag team against each other at unsupervised live events in March 2010. In these encounters, the Celtic Warriors always came out with a losing streak to D-Generation X (Michaels & Triple H) and John Cena.

Immediately after that series, Sheamus had two singles fights with Michaels’ partner, Triple H at WrestleMania and Extreme Rules.

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