Sex And The City: And Just Like That review will leave you sobbing at the portrait of loss – Sara Wallis

WARNING: CONTAIN SPRING. Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte reunite in the Sex And The City and Just Like That spinoff – but it’s no longer a frivolous comedy about carefree women drinking cocktails, writes Sara Wallis

"Now, all in their mid-50s, the conversations have changed. They have to. We'd hate it if they acted like 30 year olds"
“Now that they’re all in their 50s, the conversations have changed. They have to. We’d hate it if they acted like 30-year-olds.”

Turning 20 when Sex And The City entered the television universe in the late ’90s, I was haunted by a glorious, aspirational vision of female friendship, fashion, and brunch. So many great bundles.

I want to be Carrie Bradshaw. We all suffer because of Mr Big. We all want a walk-in closet and friends we can call at 2 a.m. to relieve ourselves of sadness about something completely unrelated. Like why didn’t he call me back? And why didn’t they give me a Cosmopolitan at McDonalds? No one cares Carrie! But we all love it.

When I heard about the HBO revival, And just like that…, I felt a twinge of nostalgic excitement and also great fear. I can’t help but wonder (sorry), what if they ruined it all? Could the show survive without Samantha, a quarter of this iconic group?

A softer (more mature?) version of the classic plinky-plonky theme tune played during the premiere of the new season of Sky and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) was back – brunch. Clearly.

There’s a dazzling Samantha hole in the new spin-off

Now, all in their mid-50s, the conversations have changed. They have to. We would hate it if they acted like 30 year olds. They no longer desperately seek The One, they just want to be accepted in the world – and have a decent brunch.

Miranda’s opening game is when she stepped on a condom in Brady’s son’s room. Yeah, he’s all grown up now and has more sex than she does.

Then, in the face of fan gossip, the dialogue immediately addresses Samantha – namely, Kim Cattrall not having rejoined the cast amid rumors of a feud.

Samantha’s absence is resolved instantly – with a savage swipe thrown in for good luck

The AJLT handled it with admirable sassyness. “Where is the fourth musketeer? Where’s Samantha? ” asked Bitsy, one of a number of old cartoon characters brought back for absolute nostalgia.

Charlotte said: “Oh, she’s not with us anymore. “Oh no, she’s not dead! She is in London, for work. “What a meta.

A Covid reference, a deep dive into whether Miranda’s gray hair is aging her, a conversation about wake-up culture and gender roles, Carrie on Instagram and a podcast (really) modern!) And an introduction to new black and non-binary friends… Within three minutes, about 17 Big Issues were marked.

Miranda’s gray hair is discussed on the show

You can almost hear the producers heave a sigh of relief: “We’re about to be awakened, Samantha isn’t here but that’s okay, don’t worry about the age issue, now everyone relax. relax.”

To some extent, everything remains the same. Sex talk, eye-to-eye, great fashion, and a love affair with New York. Carrie is still conceited, Charlotte is stubborn, Miranda is still outspoken.

Sure, there’s one more person at the table, but it’s a bold move to put the feud into the script… Samantha won’t return Carrie’s calls, mama! Shadows thrown at Cattrall here.

But breaking up the gang of four white women and introducing diversity only benefits it.

Most of the old favorites are back…with some new characters


GC image)

A Hollywood foggy scene with Carrie and Mr Big (Chris Noth) too cool to be true. “Hey kid, let the wine begin,” he said, as the fan’s heart melted.

They dance slowly in the kitchen with vinyl records… it’s obvious what’s going to happen next, but I don’t believe it. Big collapsed clutching his heart after a vigorous Peloton practice, while elsewhere his daughter Charlotte’s piano concerto reached its peak.

It gets serious really fast… Big dead. I then sobbed for the entire second episode. What are they doing to us? Samantha sent flowers and I was sunk. So many feelings that I wasn’t emotionally prepared.

Carrie’s husband Big suffered a major heart attack early in the series

This show is no longer a frivolous comedy about carefree women drinking cocktails.

It’s a witty study of grief, friendship, love and loss and what it means to be a middle-aged (albeit still somewhat self-obsessed) woman in today’s climate. And that’s okay.

AJLT is not so much a reboot as a new incarnation with a nod to the past. And just like that, I joined.

* And Just Like That… is now streaming on Sky Comedy and NOW TV.

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