Seven shocking details in the Suzanne Morphew murder case from the alibi of her husband, chipmunk Barry, to the detective pen to start a conversation

QUESTIONS remain in the murder of Suzanne Morphew – from her husband Barry’s chipmunk alibi to a spy pen used to catch the cases.

Since Suzanne disappeared on Mother’s Day 2020, some questions remain unanswered in the investigation surrounding the mysterious disappearance of a Colorado mother of two.

Suzanne went missing on Mother's Day 2020


Suzanne went missing on Mother’s Day 2020Credit: Facebook
Prosecutors arrested Barry for first-degree murder although his wife's body was never found, but he pleaded not guilty.


Prosecutors arrested Barry for first-degree murder although his wife’s body was never found, but he pleaded not guilty.Credit: Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office

Suzanne just celebrated Her 49th birthday before she went missing on May 10, 2020, from the $1.7 million mansion she shared with her husband and their two eldest daughters Mallory and Macy Morphew.

Her body has yet to be found and she is presumed dead. The cause of death has not yet been revealed.

She is said to have gone on a bike ride and never returned. A neighbor raised the alarm after Mallory and Macy were unable to contact her upon returning from a camping trip in Idaho.

Barry Morphew’s husband has been accused was in Denver, 140 miles away, and stayed in a hotel there the night before she disappeared as he was getting ready for a landscaping job.

Chaffee County officials received reports of a missing woman, sparking a search as drones and scent-tracking dogs were used to try to track down the former teacher.

Law enforcement teams conducted multiple searches near her home in Salida and received more than 1,000 tips.

Authorities used diving teams as they searched for Suzanne but she remains missing and authorities do not know where her body is.

Prosecutors eventually arrested Barry for first-degree murder although his wife’s body was never found, but he pleaded not guilty.

And now, a little over two years after Suzanne’s disappearance, journalist Peter Van Sant and his 48-hour true-crime series are investigating the case in Suzanne Morphew: Nothing Is What It Seems, which will air on the 22nd. January 2022, at 10 p.m. ET on CBS TV Network and Paramount+.


A press release for the show explains that Barry “was arrested for first-degree murder even though Suzanne Morphew’s body was never found.”

It continued: “In their arrest affidavit, prosecutors indicated what they believed had happened to her:” It was clear that Barry couldn’t control Suzanne’s insistence on leaving him. , and he used something he’s been doing all his life – hunting and controlling. Suzanne as if he were hunting and controlling animals. ‘”

Barry stepped out of prison after posting $500,000 bail in September 2021.

The father of two will have to wear an ankle monitor as he awaits trial on charges of murder and tampering with evidence.

While he was asked to remain in the Chaffee County area pending trial, he was allowed contact with his two daughters.

Testing is expected to begin in May 2022.


It was also revealed that Suzanne used a spy pen, a device that looks like a pen and can automatically record conversations when it detects sound, due to suspicions that her husband is having an affair, according to the AP news agency.

Inside version reported in 2021 that evidence of Suzanne’s alleged affair was revealed from Spy Pen.

According to reports, the pen was placed inside Barry’s car because she suspected he was cheating on her.

Instead, the pen recorded Suzanne talking to her alleged lover when she was heard saying: “Your heart, that’s what I crave. I love the way you love me.

“You’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever known.”


Case News Suzanne Morphew: Nothing Is What It Seems explains how investigators noticed Barry’s cell phone “apparently was pinging all over his house over Mother’s Day weekend in 2020.”

Despite their findings, Barry insists the “pinging” was caused by him chasing and shooting the chipmunk.

The press release read: “Investigators also found a plastic cap containing a syringe they believe was used to load tranquilizer darts into the couple’s dryer.

Investigators said: ‘Barry Morphew told them he didn’t know how the cap got there, but admitted he was an experienced tranquilizer dart shooter.

It was later discovered that the plastic cap contained Suzanne’s DNA, not her husband’s.


Suzanne is considering moving to Ecuador with a mistress who was married before her disappearance, it was revealed on the first day of the trial of her husband’s murder in August 2021.

During a hearing in Chaffee County Court, the court heard that Suzanne allegedly planned to elope to Equador with Jeff Libler, a married father of six, reported.

Libler and Suzanne – both former classmates at an Indiana high school – had an affair for two years, the testimony revealed.

Speaking at the hearing, Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office Commander Alex Walker said law enforcement discovered the incident last year and learned that Libler had met with Suzanne six times.

KXRM-TV reported that Libler spoke to special investigators and told them that Barry was aware of some text messages sent between him and Suzanne.

In court on Monday, it was revealed that Libler, a Michigan man, suggested back in December 2019 that the Equador had a low cost of living and good health care.

Suzanne searched for language schools in the South American country after Libler made the suggestion, according to her internet searches, the Daily Mail reported.


A few days after the mother went missing, it was reported that Barry knocked on the window of the local Poncha Marker store and manage a note.

In it was what he said was a description of Suzanne and asked the manager to keep an eye on her.

The scribbles read: “Children’s blue cyclist helmet. Cycling clothing.”

But, it has no physical description of his missing wife nor did he leave any contact information.

Barry even offered a $100,000 reward for information about his wife’s whereabouts.

He also posted a video online last year when he announced that he hoped she would return home.

In a Facebook video, he said: “Oh Suzanne, if anyone is out there and can hear this, it’s you, please, we’ll do whatever it takes to get you back. .

“We love you, we miss you, your girls need you. No questions asked, no matter how much they want – I will do whatever it takes to get you back. Baby, I love you, I want you back so badly.”

Barry has called Suzanne “the love of his life” as he says the pair have been in love since 1988.


According to The Suzanne Morphew Case: Nothing Is What It Seems, “Investigators also discovered DNA on the glove box of Suzanne’s Range Rover, which came from an unnamed man who was involved in three incidents. sexual assault”, according to The Suzanne Morphew Case: Nothing Is What It Seems.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Joseph Cahill testified in August 2021 that unidentified male DNA was implicated in the cases in Arizona and Chicago, KUSA report.

Three unidentified matches were found in the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS),

Defense attorneys said Barry’s DNA was excluded from the glove box sample, according to the report.


Back in May 2020, the search for Suzanne turned to her husband’s construction site.

Confirmed property owner with Industrial Park-TV in Colorado that Barry was hired to fill in the riverbanks.

According to the broadcaster, FBI agents could be seen with buckets going through the document, and an evidence response team truck was nearby.

“A search underway at a residence east of Salida regarding the disappearance of Suzanne Morphew ended for the day,” the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

“Investigators from the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office, the CBI, and the FBI plan to return to the site to continue the search on Saturday, May 23, 2020.

“In light of widespread rumours, the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office conveyed that Ms. Morphew has yet to be identified and there have been no arrests in the investigation.”

The owner has cooperated with investigators and is not involved in Morphew’s disappearance, according to authorities.

Authorities used diving teams when they searched for Suzanne but she is still missing


Authorities used diving teams when they searched for Suzanne but she is still missingCredit: Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office
Law enforcement teams have conducted multiple searches for Suzanne


Law enforcement teams have conducted multiple searches for SuzanneCredit: CBS 4
Suzanne Morphew’s sister says missing mother hinted she was ‘worried for her safety’ before ‘husband murdered her’

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