Set in a picturesque town so “haunted” that after a series of tragedies, locals refuse to speak its name

Deep in the mountains of southern Italy lies a village so cursed that the locals cannot pronounce its name.

The town of Colobraro has been the center of horrific stories of deformed births, car accidents and natural disasters.

Locals and visitors do not say the name of the cursed city


Locals and visitors do not say the name of the cursed cityPhoto credit: Alamy
Colobraro was the center of several terrible stories


Colobraro was the center of several terrible storiesPhoto credit: Trip Advisor
Witches are said to live in the village


Witches are said to live in the villagePhoto credit: Alamy

It is said police will not punish visitors who speed through the city for fear of being cursed.

The stories began in the early 20th century, when a cocky lawyer named Biagio Virgilio, who had never lost a case, filed a big claim.

He reportedly said: “If what I say is wrong, may this chandelier fall down.”

“These scary things only happen to people who come here for the first time in their lives and believe in the omen.”

The unfortunate story was further exacerbated by rumors of “masciare” or witches who were said to have magical abilities – and Colobraro became the “witches’ hideout”.

Those who believed they were under a curse asked the Masciares to heal them.

The “witches” used a mixture of salt, coal and water and rubbed it on the affected person’s forehead before throwing the contaminated water at an intersection.

It was believed that whoever then walked the streets was struck by the curse.

In the years that followed, stories of babies being born with two hearts and three lungs spread panic in surrounding villages.

Even the residents of the neighboring villages call it “Cudd Pais”, meaning “this village” – and are quick to knock on wood to avert disaster.

Car accidents, landslides and more have also plagued the picturesque village – but the curse only seems to affect visitors.

As soon as he uttered the words, the chandelier above his head fell and killed him – and Virgilio became synonymous with bad omens, casting an evil curse on the city.

Local Elena di Napoli told the story The Italian Tribune: “Of course, given my heritage, I am immune to the curse.

Other locals don’t believe in the magic, like Matteo, who told the BBC: “Don Biagio Virgilio? Of course I remember him! The misfortune? People made it up. He brought no misfortune.”

Even the name of the village has a sinister background – it comes from the word “coluber”, meaning snakes, and some locals say it is a place “where evil creatures live”.

Despite the horrific stories, visitors are drawn to the village every year where locals brag about the town’s history.

Every August, Colobraro puts on a street show full of witches, masciars, werewolves and more.

And all visitors who dare to come to this event will receive a special amulet that will protect them from the curse.

Another Italian island is considered the most haunted island in the world and is even called the “Island of Ghosts” due to its spooky past.

According to local stories, people were dragged to the island kicking and screaming if they showed even the slightest signs of the Black Death.

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The 18-acre property was also used as a mass burial site, where approximately 160,000 victims are believed to have been burned to stop the spread of the disease.

It is said that to this day, the human ashes from these cremations make up more than 50 percent of the island’s soil.

There is a cursed village hidden in the hills of Italy


There is a cursed village hidden in the hills of ItalyPhoto credit: Alamy


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