See how the mother of four has changed over the years

WORLD met teenage Kailyn Lowry when she appeared in season two of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant in 2010.

Lowry was 17 at the time, pregnant with boyfriend Jonathan “Jo” Rivera while attending Nazareth Area High School in Pennsylvania.

Since then, she has welcomed three more children, been married and divorced, and continues to share with fans the most intimate details of her life, such as her physical struggles. her body.

Below is the transformation of Kailyn “Kail” Lowry, from a pregnant teenager and wife to a businesswoman and single mother of four.



Kail became a mother at the age of 17 when she gave birth to her son, Isaac, with Jo Rivera.

While her and Jo’s relationship doesn’t seem to be going well at first, they decide to put that aside and unite as a family for the sake of their son.

“Jo explained to me that the birth of Isaac changed him in ways he didn’t expect,” she recalls in her 2014 book, Pride Over Pity.

“He wants to overcome all the negativity by being with me as his wife.

“I have been asked to officially become part of his family.”

However, their relationship did not last.

Becoming a mother at such a young age and breaking up with a father can take a toll on someone, and Kail knows her mental health isn’t ideal.

So she sought the help of a doctor who diagnosed her with bipolar 2 disorder.

On top of that, Kail is struggling with serious body image issues.

In Pride Over Pity, she recounts that her high school friend, who suffers from anorexia and bulimia, encouraged her to use extreme measures to stay in shape.

While she broke the habit of being pregnant with Isaac, after giving birth, she went back to her ways.

“I stop eating or choose minimal dishes.

“I would chew a piece of gum that only has 5 calories.

“You are literally starving your body of essential nutrients and the consequences can be deadly,” she writes.



Soon after being diagnosed with bipolar, Kail found the man of her dreams.

She met Javi Marroquin while working at a store in her local mall.

While she initially rejected him, he frequented her shop and convinced her to give him a chance.

They got engaged in 2012 after less than a year of dating and Kailyn took to Twitter to thank fans for their congratulations.

“Thank you all for your support!

“No concrete wedding plans yet, but hopefully in the near future,” she wrote.

In September, the couple were married in a court ceremony.



Kail officially walked down the aisle about a year after her mid-court wedding to Javi during a glitzy undersea festival at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey.

She was seven months pregnant with the couple’s first and only child.

She gave birth to a son named Lincoln in November of that year.

“I’m exhausted, but we’re so excited and surprised by our new born son,” she told Our Weekly at the time.



2015 was an eye-opening year for Kail.

In an episode of The Doctors, she revealed that she stopped taking treatment and medication for her bipolar disorder because they didn’t help.

“I think my life just really settled down and started to get in order,” she recalls.

“So that’s when I started questioning the diagnosis.”

After seeing a new psychologist, Kail was told she had been misdiagnosed and that instead of having Bipolar 2, she actually had Bipolar Unspecified.

“I really feel like this is really what my diagnosis is,” she said.

“So I feel a lot better.”



2016 proved to be a life-changing year for Kail.

Her miscarriage was televised to millions on Teen Mom 2 in April while Javi was deployed overseas with the Air Force.

On top of that, her marriage is falling apart and the loss of Javi’s second child seems to be the breaking point.

“I was in the hospital when I had my first miscarriage and right away when I was discharged he said, ‘Do you want to go get a haircut with me? ”, she painfully recalls on Teen Mom 2.

“And I just looked at him like, ‘We don’t grieve together.’ And that’s when things got out of hand with him.

“He’s just a different person. He was mean to me, we didn’t communicate,” she continued.

“He turned off the phone; it was like a light switch. Everything changed.”

Javi later admitted to blaming Kail for the miscarriage because he didn’t know how to handle his emotions.

Kail has also undergone some major physical changes in 2016.

After rumors spread that she’d had lip injections years earlier, not only has she admitted to getting the injections – she’s also said she’s received a total mom transformation.

Kail revealed on Snapchat that she asked famous plastic surgeon Dr. Miami to do a Brazilian butt lift, a tummy tuck and liposuction on her neck to have a slimmer face.

She showed off her hourglass figure, just vacationing at the beach in Puerto Rico that year.

At the time, it was estimated she lost $50,000 in butt lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, lip fillers, and patches to enhance her smile.



2017 was another successful year for Kail.

She and Javi officially divorced and the season of their marriage training show: Reality Stars aired.

Kail hopes to develop their co-parenting skills, but Javi hopes to reconcile.

The training program seems to have had a positive effect on their relationship, as reflected in a heartbreaking ordeal they were forced to go through together.

During the ordeal, Kail was asked to write a negative letter to Javi in ​​which she said she didn’t want her son to grow up like him.

However, Javi looked life-supported when she was asked to read her letter, and Kail had a change of heart.

“Even though I said the things I wrote in the letter a million times, the time and place didn’t match,” she said in the episode, per In contact.

“I care about you so much, and I never beat you as a father, and I will make sure our son is taken care of.”

The two have a civil relationship to this day, and some fans hope to see them back together.

There were some rumors of cheating around the end of Kail and Javi’s relationship, and those rumors only surfaced when she announced her third pregnancy.

This time, she is expecting with her boyfriend Chris Lopez.

She gave birth to her third son and first child with Chris, Lux, in August.

Apparently, Dr. Miami wasn’t too excited about her pregnancy right after her major plastic surgery.

He is said to have shaded her during a TikTok in which he wrote, “When you do her full body makeup but then she gets pregnant.”

“It’s some bulls,” the lyrics in the video say.

Before giving birth, Kail announced that she had graduated from Delaware State University.



Kail started a new business venture in 2018: a podcast with former Chrisley Knows Best star, Lindsie Chrisley.

The show, called Convos Coffee, makes sense: They’re both reality TV stars raising recently divorced sons, so they have a lot to talk about.

Though the podcast was a hit, Kail once again struggled with her body image.

In a series of tweets, she admitted that although she is “paralysed” by constant criticism, she is a person in the public eye, sometimes nasty comments come her way.

“I can read and write books, study for exams and pass, teach my kids manners,” she tweeted.

“But I can’t tell myself I have to pick an af**king salad on a burger and then wonder why I’m struggling in the gym.

“Hate myself for that. Then go online and hear it from others. ”

Her string of unhappy tweets came after paparazzi sold unflattering photos of her lounging on the beach.



Although Kail’s relationship has returned to Chris, the two together welcomed their second child, a son named Creed, in August 2020.

“No names yet, but we’re all healthy and in love,” Kail told E! News at the time.

“I can check childbirth during a pandemic off my bucket list right now.”

Unfortunately, their child didn’t bring them closer together, and Kail was arrested for allegedly punching Chris that September.

According to court papers obtained by The Sun, the incident occurred when they met to exchange custody of their eldest son, Lux.

Kail allegedly became angry when she noticed Chris cutting their son’s hair, and “went back to the mansion and started attacking him [and] punching him several times in the head and upper body because she didn’t want to. cut the child’s hair”.

The fees were reduced early next year.

When news of her arrest spread, Kail also gained attention when showing off her postpartum body in a sexy photo shoot.

She allows fans to gain insight into the experience through her Instagram Stories.

A sign put up by the studio reads: “Hi Kail, be glamorous.”

The shoot came shortly after Kail revealed that she was planning to “lose 50 pounds” on an episode of her Coffee Convos podcast.

She also mentioned that she sees herself joining the Air Force.



2021 is a tumultuous year for Kail.

She sued Teen Mom co-star Briana DeJesus in June for defamation after she alleged that “Kailyn beat Christopher Lopez, father of two of Lowry’s sons, and broke into Mr. Lopez’s mother’s home.”

Briana allegedly said this was the reason Kail was dropped from an episode of June Teen Mom.

As she prepared to face Briana in court in January 2022, she admitted on Instagram that she felt like she was “losing her mind.”

Kail doesn’t seem to be on good terms with MTV either.

She closed the network in August when they hired Chris as the show’s regular artist.

“I don’t give an answer for what Chris does,” she wrote on Instagram in response to fans’ questions about the situation.

“I’m concerned with how it was handled/how I found out and the lack of respect people have for me after 12 years of running this show.”

She remains open with her fans as she also documents her struggles with her weight and dresses accordingly.

Taking to Instagram, she said:

“I just need someone familiar with curvy bodies.

“I just don’t know how to dress at this point.

“I feel like I’m in a weird weight loss phase but still have a curvy body,” she continued.

“I just want cute outfits that suit me.”

She has previously told fans that she hopes to go under the knife again to shrink her breasts and that she is not confident in her body.

“Right now, I’m at the highest weight I’ve ever been, and I’m not happy with myself,” she said on her Coffee Convos podcast.

“My clothes fit differently. I hate it.”

In terms of love life, Kailyn is trying new things.

She took to Instagram again to answer fan questions and revealed that she’s openly dated both men and women.

She previously told the Baby Mama No Drama podcast co-host and her wife to Jo Rivera, Vee Rivera, that she’s openly dating women if she wants to “meet the right person.”

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