‘Search Party’ series finale summary: Season 5, Episode 10 – Revelation

No one can have that on their Search party finals bingo card.

In her quest to share enlightenment with the world, Dory Sief ushered in a zombie apocalypse. (I’ll say it again: There is a zombie apocalypse in Search Party!) As the series finale begins, the cult leader Dory is wading through the throngs of her followers at sea, completely oblivious to the zombie madness going on around around her. Elliott and Portia race to stop people from eating jelly beans, and yes, each sentence of this recap is going to be even more ridiculous than the last.

The main quartet’s rendezvous is in an alley so Drew and Dory can catch up. Elliott admits to swapping the pills (“My confidence saved our lives!”), but Dory still believes it was just hysteria and her pills worked. Portia couldn’t believe Dory “did it again, except this time it was much worse.” And since Dory still needed more convincing, a zombie conveniently swooped down to interrupt their conversation and show her the light. For real time!

The friends flee to Elliott’s, where he finds Marc mapping it with another man. They turned the news page, reporting all the psychosis happening on the street. Just then, the eccentricity of a child Elliott revealed himself to be a shapeshifting monster, and so the five of them were on their way once more.

They soon realized that Marc had eaten all of the jelly beans Elliott had left behind, and his transformation was swift and violent. As Zombie Marc chased them, a police car sped at him, but the vehicle was filled with social media influencers zoomed in, and then surname started pursuing Dory and his gang. down!

The group runs to the bridge to try to escape from Brooklyn, but an armed soldier notices a scratch on Portia’s arm and pulls her away for quarantine. Dory, Drew, and Elliott decide they can’t leave her behind, so they attack the soldier to save their bud. Eventually, they find themselves trapped in an alley with the undead around them, until a mysterious figure with a flamethrower jumps down to rescue them.

The final round of the Search Party series of eventsTheir masked savior is none other than Chantal, who brought them underground to the only safe place in New York City. Chantal tells them the world is ending because of her, an idea implanted in her brain by the late Liquorice Montague. But Dory replied that the world really is ending because hers. The level of self-involvement and illusion of greatness between these two is simply immeasurable!

Drew worries that the monsters will spread across the world, while Portia claims they are exactly where the universe wants them to be. It was nearly impossible for Dory to gather her thoughts. “I just want…” she repeated to her friends and then herself.

The next day, we see a completely empty Times Square. Portia is on Broadway singing “Tomorrow” from Annie, while the now married Drew and Dory sat in an empty theater. They then walk outside past a sign that says “If you see the undead, don’t let it spread,” when Elliott tells them he’s thinking about moving to LA.

They return to the Safe Zone, where the soldiers sweep their arms (to make sure they are human). They also passed a canopy of trees that misted them with disinfectant. Near the entrance to the Safe Area, they saw a chemically shaped Gail being led into a transport vehicle. They passed a wall plastered with posters of missing people. Dory stepped back to stare at it (back in one of the first scenes in the pilot), and as she did, a sense of calm overwhelmed her.

Or is it a new sense of purpose?

https://tvline.com/2022/01/08/search-party-series-finale-recap-season-5-episode-10-revelation/ ‘Search Party’ series finale summary: Season 5, Episode 10 – Revelation

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