Scientists reveal ‘the truth behind the Las Vegas UFO’ – but backyard ‘alien’ sightings remain unexplained

The truth behind the Las Vegas UFO sighting was revealed amid alien conspiracies emanating from local residents who claim to have seen extraterrestrial life.

A Las Vegas family called 911 on May 1 when they thought they saw non-human beings in their backyard.

It turns out the Las Vegas UFO sighting was likely a meteor less than three feet in size


It turns out the Las Vegas UFO sighting was likely a meteor less than three feet in sizePhoto credit: Getty
A Las Vegas resident took to YouTube to share his experience of encountering what he believed to be inhuman


A Las Vegas resident took to YouTube to share his experience of encountering what he believed to be inhumanCredit: YouTube/Alien Society51

Bodycam footage by a Las Vegas Metro police officer captured a streak visible low in the sky just before midnight on April 30.

Accordingly, several people from California, Nevada and Utah reported that they had seen the fireball American Meteor Society.

NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer Lindley Johnson has since denied rumors of extraterrestrial activity.

Johnson told Vice’s motherboard that the green flash was probably a bright meteor less than a meter in size.

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However, Las Vegas police officers tell the outlet they hope to find aliens in the future because the city is near Area 51 — an air force base in Lincoln County, Nevada known to be the epicenter of UFO conspiracies.

About 40 minutes after the Las Vegas Metro police officer spotted the fireball, a man called authorities and reported that he and his family saw something fall from the sky.

He said that there were two moving things in the backyard of his home in Northwest Valley.

“There’s an eight-foot-tall person next to it and another one is inside us and has big eyes looking at us — and she’s still there,” the man told the dispatcher in an 911 call received by the local CBS affiliate had received CLASS.

The caller told police he and his family were “terrified” and that he was not joking.

“So there are two people, there are two issues in your backyard?” asked the dispatcher.

The man replied, “Right, and they are very big. They are about 8ft, 9ft, 10ft.”

“They look like aliens to us. Big eyes. You have big eyes. I can’t explain it, and a big mouth.”

“They have bright eyes and are human. They are 100% non-human.”

The police investigated the matter but did not find any definitive answers.

“MY BODY JUST froze”

The 911 caller later posted one Video on YouTube where he explained his otherworldly story.

In the video, Angel, known on the online platform as Alien society51, explained that he was working on his truck with his brother when they heard something falling from the sky.

They felt a tremendous impact and saw a bright light coming out of their backyard.

He said the light was the same as that captured on the officer’s bodycam footage.

When they tried to see what was going on outside, they had trouble making out the bright light.

“I hear a thousand footsteps all around me and a few seconds later the blur was gone,” Angel said.

“When that happened, the only thing I could see in the backyard was a large creature. Probably about eight feet tall and very thin.”

Frightened, Angel and his brother ran inside to get their family. The family walked outside and everyone huddled together as they tried to figure out what was going on.

They lost sight of the creature until Angel’s brother told him to look behind a forklift, where he stood in shock when he saw up close a large, grey, green creature with starry eyes.

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“When he looked into my eyes, my body froze,” he said. “Sort of like sleep paralysis.”

“Seconds later he stopped staring at me and I ran to the house and called 911.”


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