Russians ‘could hold out during TEN DAYS’ as Ukrainian resistance holds back Putin’s forces killing 150 troops in Mariupol

VLADIMIR Putin has only ten days to win the war in Ukraine before his forces collapse, defense experts say.

The Russian tyrant expected a quick victory when he ordered the invasion, but his forces met fierce resistance from Kyiv’s army, with 150 Kremlin soldiers killed overnight in Mariupol.

Burning buildings in Kharkiv as the war in Ukraine continues


Burning buildings in Kharkiv as the war in Ukraine continuesCredit: DSNS.GOV.UA
The remains of a tank in Ukraine


The remains of a tank in UkraineCredit: Getty
Vladimir Putin's Invasion Was Troubled


Vladimir Putin’s Invasion Was TroubledCredit: AP
Flames from an apartment building in Kyiv as Russians continue to attack cities


Flames from an apartment building in Kyiv as Russians continue to attack citiesCredit: AFP

The invasion also saw Russian the pilot flew out of the skyTank is captured big traffic jam and videos of sobbing and showing off after surrendering to the Ukrainians.

Ukraine claims to have killed about 13,000 Russian troops and destroyed a large amount of equipment.

Among the dead were at least 12 top commanders, including three generals, with The latest killed a top spy commander.

Now, both a senior British defense source and a former commander of US forces say the game could soon start with Russia.

The source told the Daily Mail: “Ukraine has Russia on the run.

Russian drone shot down after'flying into Nato airspace', Ukraine claims
Veterans just yards from Russian rocket explosion that killed 35 Ukrainians

“It is running out of manpower and running out of energy. As long as we keep pushing, they will have 10-14 days before peaking

“That’s when the strength of Ukraine’s resistance will become greater than the offensive power of Russia.”

Meanwhile, retired US Army General Ben Hodges predicts that Russian forces will not be able to continue attacking Ukraine for the next 10 days – if Ukraine can hold out for that long.

Former commander of US Army Europe over the past three years have highlighted three main shortcomings that hold back the Russian military.

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“The Russian decision to turn to war of attrition – they are smashing cities, putting civilians to death for fear of being killed – they need three things to do this,” said General Hodges. tell MSNBC.

“And they don’t have those three things. They don’t have the time, they don’t have the manpower, and I don’t think they have the ammunition.

“So in about 10 days, in my judgment – and this is assuming that we, the West, will not only continue but accelerate the delivery of the capabilities that Ukraine needs to destroy the terrorists. Russian artillery and long-range missile launchers.

“Suppose we do that, then I think within the next 10 days Russia will be at its peak. That means they won’t be able to continue the attack.

“Actually, it was a race. If we give the Ukrainians enough where they can outlast Russia until Russia peaks, then, in my judgment, unless something dramatically different happens, that’s it. is about 10 days”.

Russian forces continue to attack Ukrainian cities from the air and with artillery.

Moscow’s forces are advancing south with the Defense Ministry saying they are now occupying the area around Kherson, the first major city to fall to Russia.

However, in the southern Russian city of Mariupol, the Russian army lost 150 men as well as tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said.

There are also reports that some members of the Russian armed forces are refusing to obey orders.

Mariupol is witnessing the worst humanitarian crisis in the country, with residents struggling to access food and key supplies, but it remains under Ukraine’s control.

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A series of powerful explosions rocked Kyiv early Tuesday even as negotiations between Ukraine and Russia were set to resume.

At least three loud explosions were heard in the center of the capital with a plume of smoke rising. Russians ‘could hold out during TEN DAYS’ as Ukrainian resistance holds back Putin’s forces killing 150 troops in Mariupol


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