Russia warns of new missile crisis in Cuba unless demands for Ukraine are met ‘here and now’ as troops exercise

The NGA has warned of a new Cuban missile crisis unless requirements for Ukraine are met “here and now” as the military enters new war games.

It comes as a new round of major military exercises by Vladimir Putin’s army is held in the context of Russia and Western powers struggling over Ukraine.

Russia's Central Military District air defense unit is conducting drills


Russia’s Central Military District air defense unit is conducting drillsCredit: East2West
. Russian President Vladimir Putin, pictured today determined to prevent NATO expansion


. Russian President Vladimir Putin, pictured today determined to prevent NATO expansionCredit: Alamy

The videos show Russia’s latest drills – some close to neighboring Ukraine – amid fears that Putin will invade if the West doesn’t respond to his demands.

The hawkish Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov denied he was exaggerating when he compared the current crisis to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The 196th crisis witnessed was the closest the world had to a nuclear war.

“No, not too much,” he said in an interview with Mezhdunarodnaya Zhizn magazine when asked if his comparisons were “too much”.

Moscow repeatedly blames the West for the tension and has stationed tens of thousands of troops within the Russian-Ukrainian border.

And today, Mr. Ryabkov seems to rule out a Russian compromise.

Moscow is looking for narrow guarantees that Ukraine will not join NATO.

It also requires the alliance not to deploy offensive weapons in Eastern European countries that are members of the Western alliance.

“I urge everyone who is considering this topic publicly to think about whether Russia is shameful to have to meet the West’s demands for ultimatums halfway,” Ryabkov said. .

And he made it clear that “if we can’t do it [through diplomacy], then open-ended questions arise: what are the next steps and what should we do?

He thundered: “We’re against escalation, we’re against conflict, we don’t draw lines in the sand, it’s just logic itself that leads us to say we’re not ready to make peace with the situation.” present.”

He added: “We can’t delay any longer, let’s get this serious… here and now.

“We must end NATO expansion, NATO infrastructure, NATO capabilities further east.

“We must rule out Ukraine joining NATO.”

Ryabkov’s words amplified Mr. Putin’s hardline stance he took on Russian television.

What is the Cuban Missile Crisis?


In 1962, the leaders of the United States and the Soviet Union engaged in a tense, 13-day political and military dispute over the installation of nuclear-armed Soviet missiles. on Cuba

On popular television, President John Kennedy informed the Americans of the presence of nukes and explained his decision to establish a naval blockade around the island.

He made it clear that the US was ready to use force to neutralize the threat to its national security. After the news, many feared the world was on the brink of nuclear weapons.

However, disaster was averted when the US accepted Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev’s offer to remove the missiles in exchange for a US promise not to invade Cuba.

Kennedy also secretly agreed to remove American missiles from Turkey.

During the question and answer session about the marathon, the Russian military leader said: “I want people to realize, both at home and abroad, I want our partners to understand one thing.

“It’s not that we don’t want anyone to cross a certain line. That is we have nowhere to retreat now.

“They forced us into such a boundary – we had nowhere to go.

“As I said, they will deliver the missile system to Ukraine, the flight time is 4-5 minutes to Moscow.

“Well, where are we going now?

“It’s just that they got us to a state where we had to tell them: ‘Stop!’ That’s what it’s ‘.

According to TV Zvezda, which is owned by the Russian Defense Ministry, the exercises in Russia’s western military district are aimed at repelling large-scale enemy air strikes on strategic facilities in this district.

About 1,000 servicemen took part in war games that included “repelling the attack of enemy reconnaissance and sabotage groups”.

The Msta-S self-propelled howitzer fired at an artillery unit in the Eastern Military District,


The Msta-S self-propelled howitzer fired at an artillery unit in the Eastern Military District,Credit: East2West
Another Russian Central Military District air defense unit


Another Russian Central Military District air defense unitCredit: East2West

The weapons deployed are the modern S-300V, Tor-M2 air defense missile systems and the Igla mobile air defense missile system, the report said.

Footage also appeared showing the Buk-M3 surface-to-air missile.

Reports said the video showed war games, which came despite the announcement that about 10,000 troops had left the Ukrainian border area ahead of the ten-day Russian New Year holiday.

Russia also said that 500 reconnaissance officers had conducted live-fire drills in the Rostov region, which borders Ukraine.

A statement from the country’s southern military command said: “Soldiers fired standard weapons at targets that simulated enemy personnel and military equipment.

“During the exercise, the services carried out live-fire training with standard small-arms weapons, and rehearsed the army’s tactical shooting skills.


“Severe weather conditions did not affect the training process.”

Isabel Sawkins, a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, told The Sun it’s possible Putin could ramp up his wars of words and rhetoric while the West is “distracted” over the holidays.

“Russia doesn’t celebrate Christmas at the same time as the West because they operate on a slightly different schedule,” she said.

“So, for the next few weeks, Moscow will be in business as usual.

“All we can do is hope that Putin doesn’t sneak in and cause any further damage at a time when everyone in the West is celebrating Christmas with their families and loved ones.”

Sawkins added that the current political climate in Europe has created an “opportunity” for Putin to escalate the rhetoric.

Russia’s Arctic snipers prepare for battle and troops rip through the snow as Putin raises fears of World War 3 with plans to invade Ukraine Russia warns of new missile crisis in Cuba unless demands for Ukraine are met ‘here and now’ as troops exercise


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