Rune Factory 4 Special: All Crafting Recipes

With combat being such a large part of Rune Factory 4, keeping your equipment updated is a very important aspect of the game. Upgrading your weapons is important for dealing damage to enemies, but doing the same for your armor is just as vital to staying alive.

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To do this, you’ll need a Crafting Table. With one of these, you can craft all manner of shields, armor pieces, and accessories that you can wear, ship for profit, or even gift to residents.

Crafting Basics

Rune Factory 4 Special Crafting Animation

In order to craft you will need a Crafting Table. You will be able to purchase this from Bado once you have unlocked the path that leads to the boss of the Water Ruins in exchange for some Gold, some lumber, and some material stone.

When you interact with the Crafting Table you will be prompted to choose a type of equipment that you want to make or whether you want to upgrade some armor that you already have.

When crafting something, you can either use recipes learned by eating Recipe Bread (which is primarily purchased at Porcoline’s or attained from festivals) or you can guess at a recipe using your items or consult a guide such as this one. When guessing at a recipe, however, it will cost a lot more Rune Points (RP) to make.

Regardless of your method, if a recipe’s level is higher than your crafting skill level, there is a chance that the recipe may fail. The higher the recipe’s level is than your skill level, the higher the chance that it will fail. Higher-level recipes will also cost a lot more RP to attempt.


In our recipe tables below, some of the ingredients are in italics. This means that the recipe calls for any item of a particular classification. Ingredients not in italics, however, are specific to that recipe.

For example:

  • Crafting a pair of Leather Boots requires that you use any item of the Furs category. Any of them will do, from a simple Fur to valuable Lightning Mane.
  • Crafting a pair of Spectacles requires two Aquamarines. They cannot be substituted for any other gemstones.

Armor Upgrades

It is possible to use your items to make your armor better. You can upgrade anything that you build at the Crafting Table, not just body armor.

Armor can be upgraded a total of 10 times, with the effects of the upgrade being dependent on the item you use. For example, a piece of Bronze will add four to the armor’s Defense bonus. You will be penalized if you try to upgrade an item with more of the same material – the effect will be reduced severely.

As a result, the best strategy for upgrading is to use a wide range of items to keep all of their bonuses potent.

Upgrading armor follows the same rule as crafting it. All items have a difficulty level and if this is higher than your crafting skill level the upgrade may fail, wasting the materials. Higher-level recipes will also cost more RP to attempt.

Armor Recipes

Armor Level Recipe
Shirt 2 Cloths and Skins
Vest 8 Cloths and Skins, Furs
Cotton Cloth 12 Old Bandage, Old Bandage, Spider’s Thread
Mail 16 Bronze, Liquids
Chain Mail 20 Silver, Strings
Scale Vest 25 Silver, Pretty Carapace, Root
Sparkling Shirt 28 Gold, Furs, Cloths and Skins
Wind Cloak 32 Black Bird Feather, Wind Crystal, Emerald, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Protector 38 Shoulder Piece, Diamond
Platinum Mail 44 Platinum, Platinum, Blk. Tortoise Shell, Cloths and Skins
Lamellar Vest 50 Orichalcum, Scales, Strings
Mercenary’s Cloak 53 Quality Worn Cloth, Big Bird’s Comb, Puppetry Strings
Wooly Shirt 56 Electro Crystal, Wooly Furball, Wooly Furball, Strings
Elvish Cloak 59 Turnip’s Miracle, Ambrosia’s Thorns, Crystal Skull, Powders and Spores
Dragon Cloak 64 Dragon Scale, Crimson Scale, Grimoire Scale, Earth Dragon Ash, Strings
Power Protector 69 Orichalcum, Orichalcum, Orichalcum, MTGU Plate, Dangerous Scissors
Rune Vest 76 Golem Spirit Stone, Rune Crystal, Rune Crystal, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Royal Garter 90 Dragonic Stone, Ancient Orc Cloth, Love Scale, Small Crystal, White Stone
Four Dragons’ Vest 99 Dragon Fin, Earthwyrm Scale, Firewyrm Scale, Wind Dragon Tooth, Rune Crystal

Shield Recipes

Shield Level Recipe
Small Shield 2 Minerals
Umbrella 6 Cloths and Skins, Strings, Sticks and Stems
Iron Shield 8 Iron, Iron
Monkey Plush 12 Yellow Down, Cloths and Skins, Cloths and Skins
Round Shield 15 Bronze
Turtle Shield 20 Turtle Shell, Bronze, Liquids
Chaos Shield 25 Silver, Pretty Carapace
Bone Shield 32 Gold, Shells and Bones
Magic Shield 37 Gold, Silver, Mysterious Powder, Crystals
Heavy Shield 41 Diamond, Shoulder Piece
Platinum Shield 43 Platinum, Platinum, Blk. Tortoise Shell
Kite Shield 50 Proof of Rank, Warrior’s Proof, Platinum, Dragon Bones
Knight Shield 54 Orichalcum, Grimoire Scale
Element Shield 58 Yellow Feather, Green Core, Red Core, Yellow Core, Blue Core
Magical Shield 65 Crimson Scale, Left Rock Shard, Right Rock Shard, Rune Crystal
Prism Shield 78 Blue Scale, Glitter Scale, Crimson Scale, Light Ore, Small Crystal
Rune Shield 94 Dragonic Stone, Dragon Fin, Earthwyrm Scale, Rune Crystal, Small Crystal

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Headgear Recipes

Headgear Level Recipe
Headband 2 Cloths and Skins
Blue Ribbon 4 Blue Grass, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Green Ribbon 5 Green Grass, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Purple Ribbon 6 Purple Grass, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Spectacles 7 Aquamarine, Aquamarine
Straw Hat 8 Strings, Strings
Fancy Hat 9 Cloths and Skins, Strings
Brand Glasses 11 Dark Crystal, Aquamarine, Aquamarine
Cute Knitting 13 Cloths and Skins, Cloths and Skins
Intelligent Glasses 15 Magic Crystal, Aquamarine, Aquamarine
Fireproof Hood 16 Ghost Hood, Cloths and Skins
Silk Hat 17 Black Grass, Cloths and Skins
Black Ribbon 18 Black Grass, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Lolita Headdress 19 Black Grass, Cloths and Skins, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Headdress 20 Cloths and Skins, Cloths and Skins, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Pumpkin Headgear 20 Pumpkin
Yellow Ribbon 22 Yellow Grass, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Cat Ears 24 Furs
Silver Hairpin 26 Silver
Red Ribbon 30 Red Grass, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Turnip Headgear 30 Turnip
Orange Ribbon 35 Orange Grass, Cloths and Skins, Strings
White Ribbon 38 White Grass, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Four Seasons 44 Spring Headdress, Summer Headdress, Autumn Headdress, Winter Headdress
Feathered Hat 51 Quality Worn Cloth, Feathers, Strings
Gold Hairpin 60 Turnip’s Miracle, Gold
Indigo Ribbon 77 Blue Scale, Indigo Grass, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Crown 95 Dragonic Stone, Small Crystal, Black Scale, White Stone, Rune Crystal

Shoe Recipes

Shoes Level Recipe
Leather Boots 6 Furs
Free Farming Boots 8 Strings, Furs
Piyo Sandals 11 Insect Carapace, Cloths and Skins
Secret Shoes 14 Glue, Minerals
Silver Boots 18 Silver, Shards
Heavy Boots 20 Silver, Iron, Pretty Carapace
Wet Boots 20 Scales, Scales
Sneaking Boots 23 Invisible Stone, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Fast Step Boots 26 Root, Sapphire, Furs
Gold Boots 28 Gold, Gold, Shards
Bone Boots 33 Strong Vine, Big Crystal, Shells and Bones
Snow Boots 37 Shoulder Piece, Lightning Mane, Ambrosia’s Thorns
Strider Boots 40 Pretty Thread, Platinum, Gold, Cloths and Skins
Step-In Boots 48 Warrior’s Proof, Shiny Screw, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Feather Boots 54 Orichalcum, Big Bird’s Comb, Big Crystal, Feathers, Strings
Ghost Boots 65 Quality Worn Cloth, Dragon Scale, Crimson Scale, Crystal Skull, Strings
Iron Geta 70 Dangerous Scissors, MTGU Plate, MTGU Plate, Iron, Iron
Water Shoes 75 Pretty Thread, Sticks and Stems, Cloths and Skins, Furs
Ice Skates 79 Broken Ice Wall, Cloths and Skins, Strings
Knight Boots 86 Dragonic Stone, Black Scale, Ammonite, Strings
Fairy Boots 95 Earthwyrm Scale, Small Crystal, Melody Bottle, Strings, Feathers
Rocket Wing 99 Dragon Fin, Earthwyrm Scale, Firewyrm Scale, Wind Dragon Tooth, Feathers

Accessory Recipes

Accessory Level Recipe
Charm 3 Cloths and Skins, Strings
Work Gloves 4 Cloths and Skins
Cheap Bracelet 5 Minerals
Yarn 6 Furs
Badge 6 Shards
Earrings 8 Iron, Powders and Spores
Bronze Bracelet 10 Bronze, Cloths and Skins
Leather Belt 13 Cloths and Skins, Shards
Aquamarine Ring 15 Silver, Aquamarine
Amethyst Ring 15 Silver, Amethyst
Emerald Ring 15 Silver, Emerald
Sapphire Ring 15 Silver, Sapphire
Ruby Ring 15 Silver, Ruby
Cursed Ring 15 Silver, Shells and Bones
Gloves 18 Giant’s Gloves
Earth Pendant 19 Silver Pendant, Gold, Earth Crystal
Engagement Ring 20 Minerals, Jewels
Silver Pendant 20 Silver
Silver Ring 24 Silver, Crystals
Silver Bracelet 25 Silver, Cloths and Skins
Poison Ring 27 Silver, Poison Powder
Paralysis Ring 28 Silver, Scorpion Tail
Dew Pendant 28 Silver Pendant, Gold, Water Crystal
Silent Ring 29 Silver, Lamp Squid
Critical Ring 30 Gold, Rigid Horn
Happy Ring 30 Silver, 4-Leaf Clover
Witch Earrings 30 Gold, Emerald, Mysterious Powder
Throwing Ring 33 Puppetry Strings, Minerals
Field Pendant 35 Silver Pendant, Gold, Wind Crystal
Gold Bracelet 39 Gold, Cloths and Skins
Star Pendant 40 Silver Pendant, Gold, Love Crystal
Heart Pendant 40 Silver Pendant, Love Crystal
Power Gloves 42 Giant’s Gloves, Blue Giant’s Gloves
Hand-Knit Scarf 43 Yarn, Yarn, Yarn, Yarn
Shield Ring 44 Blk. Tortoise Shell, Turtle Shell, Minerals
Sun Pendant 45 Silver Pendant, Gold, Fire Crystal
Magic Earrings 45 Diamond, Ruby, Minerals
Stay-Up Ring 46 Holy Spores, Minerals
Platinum Bracelet 50 Platinum, Cloths and Skins
Magic Ring 51 Platinum, Crystals
Aquamarine Brooch 55 Platinum, Aquamarine
Amethyst Brooch 55 Platinum, Amethyst
Emerald Brooch 55 Platinum, Emerald
Sapphire Brooch 55 Platinum, Sapphire
Ruby Brooch 55 Platinum, Ruby
Holy Amulet 55 Platinum, Diamond
Champ Belt 58 Warrior’s Proof, Proof of Rank, Cloths and Skins
Diamond Ring 60 Orichalcum, Diamond
Gold Ring 63 Orichalcum, Gold, Turnip’s Miracle
Magic Charm 66 Round Stone, Turnip’s Miracle, Powders and Spores, Crystals
Rosary 68 Silver, Puppetry Strings
Talisman 71 Rafflesia Petal, Ambrosia’s Thorns, Strings
Hero’s Proof 73 Chest Hair, Small Crystal, Rune Crystal
Proof of Wisdom 74 Moving Branch, Small Crystal, Rune Crystal
Platinum Ring 75 Dragonic Stone, Platinum
Diamond Brooch 77 Orichalcum, Light Ore, Rune Crystal, Diamond
Lucky Strike 78 Critical Ring, Tablet of Truth, Dangerous Scissors, Minerals
Anette’s Necklace 80 Rune Sphere Shard, Ancient Orc Cloth, Strings
Strange Pendant 85 Amethyst, Ruby, Minerals
Dolphin Brooch 88 White Stone, Orichalcum
Art of Defense 90 Dragonic Stone, Grimoire Scale, Broken Ice Wall
Art of Attack 91 Dragonic Stone, Throne of the Empire, Wind Dragon Tooth
Art of Magic 92 Dragonic Stone, Chimera Tail, Melody Bottle
Wind Ring 93 Orichalcum, Wind Crystal
Earth Ring 94 Orichalcum, Earth Crystal
Fire Ring 95 Orichalcum, Fire Crystal
Water Ring 96 Orichalcum, Water Crystal
Fluffy Scarf 96 Wooly Furball, Fur (S), Fur (M), Fur (L), Yarn
Courage Badge 99 Badge, Rune Sphere Shard, Rune Crystal

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