Roki: Chapter 3 – Eating Corridor Walkthrough

Roki is an adventure game following Tove, a young girl traveling through fairytale lands searching for her younger brother. Tove should remedy complicated puzzles and face formidable foes throughout her journey, however she additionally meets unimaginable characters who present assist alongside the best way.

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This information will cowl the start portion of chapter 3, together with each step you’ll want to take to start and full The Raven Citadel’s Eating Room puzzle. Roki’s third chapter is the ultimate one within the recreation, so be ready for some story spoilers on this information. Additionally, if you’re looking for the Sundial puzzle, you can find that here, along with the closing section of the Roki.

Opening The Citadel Gates

Hendrik arriving at The Raven Castle in Roki

When you arrive at The Raven Citadel as Hendrik, you’ll get tasked with discovering a method to get contained in the fort. Right here, you’ll be taught to swap between Tove and Hendrik to resolve puzzles, they usually share the identical stock pool and journal entries.

Getting past the fort gates is a superb showcase of what’s anticipated of you shifting ahead in The Raven Citadel. There might be some areas Hendrik can not match via, however Tove can, and a few issues Hendrik can brute pressure that Tove can not. There might be many puzzles like this all through chapter 3, so be ready.

Opening Gate One

The Climbing Piton in Roki

After the sport teaches you easy methods to swap between the 2 characters, keep as Hendrik and to the again left nook of the realm. You will note a wood crate you can work together with, search it to discover a Climbing Piton.

The Moon Disc in Roki

From there, head proper till you see a wolf statue with a glowing crest within the center. Stroll as much as the statue and seize the Moon Disc out of it.

Metal Bars outside of The Raven Castle in Roki

Subsequent, head behind the statues till you see metallic bars. Pull them aside with Hendrik to create a wider opening than earlier than.

Tove climbing through bent metal bars in Roki

Swap to Tove and climb via the metallic bars Hendrik pulled aside and into the fort’s gatehouse.

Climbable rock wall in the gatehouse in Roki

Head left till you see climbable rocks that lead up the wall and to a gap within the wall. Climb up the wall and proceed outdoors as Tove.

The Sun Disc in Roki

Comply with the trail outdoors till you see one other disc above the antlers of a stag. Head over to it and seize the Solar Disc. Instantly after grabbing the Solar Disc, look to the proper to see a giant stone. Choose that up as effectively, as you’ll be utilizing it quickly!

Tove placing the Moon Disc in its slot in Roki

Climb again down the wall and head south to the primary fort gate. You will note two round slots, one on the left and one on the appropriate. Place the Solar Disc within the left slot and the Moon Disc in the appropriate slot, which can open the primary gate of The Raven Citadel.

Opening Gate Two

Hendrik adding a heavy rock onto a weighted mechanism in Roki

When you management Hendrik contained in the gatehouse, you will note a ladder on the appropriate. Climb up the ladder to discover a weighted mechanism to your left, lacking the third stone. Open your stock and place the heavy stone Tove discovered earlier on the mechanism.

Opened gates in The Raven Castle's gatehouse in Roki

Subsequent, climb again down the ladder and stand on the strain plate in the midst of the room. Now, swap to Tove and search for a lever to the left of the second gate. Pull the lever to open the gate to realize entry into The Raven Citadel’s courtyard!

Winter Tile Location – Nicely Puzzle

Tove climbing the tower wall in Roki

When you’re contained in the fort’s courtyard, swap to Tove and head north. You will note one other closed gate and a climbable rock wall to the left of it. Climb up the wall, then head proper into the tower.

The Spear in Roki

Subsequent, search for a vulture on the bottom with a spear underneath its corpse. Take the spear, then climb again down the wall and stand beside the effectively in the midst of the courtyard.

Hendrik using the spear to pry open the well's grate in Roki

Now, swap to Hendrik and use the spear on the effectively’s grate to pry it open. Hendrik cannot climb something, so swap again to Tove and climb down the effectively.

The first Keystone in Roki

Once you attain the underside of the effectively, flip left and loot the bucket on the bottom to discover a Keystone. You will not use the Keystone on this information however will want it a bit afterward for an additional puzzle, so it is good to select it up now fairly than later!

The Prison in The Raven Castle in Roki

From there, after choosing up the Keystone, head proper till you attain a dead-end and search for a small hole within the jail bars. Squeeze via the opening and into the subsequent space. You will not have the ability to do a lot of something on this room till a bit later, so proceed proper and up the steps into the subsequent room.

Tove taking the Vulture's Hand in Roki

You will note two vultures sitting on separate benches. Method the one on the appropriate that has a key in its hand. Take the vulture’s hand off that comprises the important thing and retailer it in your stock.

Hendrik unlocking a door with the Vulture's Hand in Roki

Swap to Hendrik and head to the proper of the effectively, via the opened gate entrance. When within the following space, search for a door on the left. Use the vulture’s hand Tove took earlier on the door to unlock and open it.

The Hammer in Roki

With the door now opened and Hendrik is within the jail, head left with him till you attain the room with the torture machine and a number of cells. First, look to the left of the torture machine for a hammer. Seize the hammer as Hendrik for a bit later.

The Mortar in Roki

Subsequent, stroll again in direction of the steps to the appropriate and cease on the cell simply earlier than them. You will note just a few bent bars, work together with them as Hendrik and pull them additional aside. Following that, swap to Tove and climb via the opening within the cell bars Hendrik made. As soon as contained in the cell, look to the left, choose the mortar off the bottom, then exit the cell.

Hendrik making a platform with the Climbing Piton and Hammer in Roki

Now, depart the jail with each Tove and Hendrik via the unlocked door from earlier. When outdoors of the jail door, swap to Hendrik and search for a crack within the wall. Use the Climbing Piton and Hammer to create a climbing platform for Tove.

Tove pulling a lever in Roki

Swap to Tove and scale the wall with the brand new platform to succeed in a lever. Pull the lever to open the gate and take it into the subsequent space. As soon as within the following space, you will note a Sundial (which we can’t cowl right here) and several other different issues round it.

The Winter Tile in Roki

Swap to Hendrik and make your means in direction of the staircase with a wagon on the opposite facet of them. Stand on the left finish of the wagon to elevate the appropriate facet excessive within the air. Subsequent, swap to Tove and stroll as much as the highest level of the wagon. Look to the appropriate and seize the merchandise sitting on the ledge, which is the Winter Tile!

Autumn Tile Location – Vulture Puzzle

Staircase to the right of the Sundial in Roki

After grabbing the Winter Tile, stroll again in direction of the Sundial till you see a staircase to its proper that leads as much as the fort wall. Convey each Tove and Hendrik to the subsequent space earlier than following the subsequent steps.

Hendrik finding a Climbing Piton in the root of a tree in Roki

When you’re within the following space, swap to Hendrik and search for one other staircase on the appropriate. Take the steps up and search for one other Climbing Piton jammed into the basis of a big tree. Take the Climbing Piton from the tree root and head again down the steps.

Tove grabbing the first Purple Fruit in Roki

Subsequent, head straight throughout from the place the underside of the steps ends to search out one other crack within the wall. Utilizing the Climbing Paton and Hammer, create one other scalable platform for Tove to traverse within the wall. Swap to Tove and scale the wall, grabbing the purple fruit on the prime.

Tove and Henrik trapping a vulture in Roki

Climb again down the wall, then head up the steps the place Hendrik acquired the Climbing Paton. Ship each Tove and Hendrik up the staircase. When each are there, swap to Hendrik and search for a cell on the appropriate. Open it up, then swap again over to Tove. As Tove, place the purple fruit within the cell to lure a vulture into it. Hendrik will then shut the cell gate, locking the vulture in, letting Tove progress ahead.

Tove untying a rope to make a bridge in Roki

After that, climb the wall over the hole as Tove and untie the rope holding the piece of wooden up. As soon as the plank of wooden falls, it is going to create a bridge, permitting Hendrik to cross over. Take each Tove and Hendrik to the subsequent space.

Tove grabbing the second Purple Fruit in Roki

As soon as within the following space, swap to Tove and stroll to the left previous the 2 vultures. You will note a staircase that leads right down to a gap within the wall, head over to it, and seize a purple fruit from a vine.

The Shovel in Roki

Subsequent, swap to Hendrik, stroll down the identical staircase as Tove, and seize the shovel on the backside. You may want this merchandise for a bit afterward!

Tove and Henrik capturing a Vulture in a trap in Roki

Proceed as Hendrik, stroll up the steps, then to the left till you see a lever. Pull the lever to deliver a cage up, then stroll over to it and open it up, identical to final time. With the cage opened up, swap to Tove and place the purple fruit inside it to lure the vulture in to lure it.

Tove grabbing the third Purple Fruit in Roki

After that, head to the place the vulture was as Tove, take the gear on the appropriate, then search for scalable vines to the left. Take the vines up and seize one other purple fruit as soon as on the prime.

Tove and Hendrik capturing a Vulture in Roki

Reduce down the vines, then swap to Hendrik. First, decrease the cage you beforehand introduced up, then connect the gear to the first open slot, connecting the 2 spools of chains.

Subsequent, pull the lever once more to elevate two cages. As an alternative of inserting the purple fruit inside, take away the gear you simply set and throw the lever once more, sending the primary cage down once more, leaving solely the second up. With solely the second cage up, swap to Tove and place the purple fruit inside to lure one other vulture inside.

Tove grabbing the fourth Purple Fruit in Roki

From there, stroll proper with Tove and to the realm the place the 2 vultures have been earlier. Stroll previous the remaining vulture via a doorway the place there might be one other purple fruit and a gear. Seize each gadgets and make your means again to Hendrik and swap to him.

Tove and Hendrik capturing a Vulture in Roki

Now, elevate the primary cage as soon as extra and connect a gear to the primary open slot. Throw the lever to decrease each cages, having zero of them at the moment up. Subsequent, connect the third gear to the remaining slot and hit the lever once more. This time, all three cages needs to be up.

After that, take away the gear you simply positioned and throw the lever for the final time, sending the primary two cells down, leaving solely the third one up. Now, open the cell as Hendrik, swap to Tove, and place the purple fruit within the cell to seize the final vulture.

Hendrik unlocking the right tower door in Roki

Subsequent, swap to Tove, head again to the place the final vulture was standing, and seize a key hanging on the wall. Swap to Hendrik and stroll to the door left of the lever. Unlock it with the not too long ago acquired key and head inside. Do not forget to deliver Tove into the tower as effectively for the subsequent step.

The Autumn Tile in Roki

As soon as within the tower, swap to Hendrik and search for a wood protect leaning in opposition to the wall. Slide the protect over, then swap to Tove instantly after. Now, as Tove, you must see the Autumn Tile on the wall the place the protect was once!

Spring Tile Location – Sluice Puzzle

Hendrik digging a hole in Roki

After grabbing the Autumn Tile, head out the closed door within the tower room to get introduced out within the courtyard by the principle gate. As soon as there, swap to Hendrik and head left till you attain a patch of dust. Use the shovel you acquired earlier to dig a gap.

The Red Seeds in Roki

Subsequent, swap to Tove and stroll in entrance of the fort gate, the place there’s a purple-ish pink splatter on the bottom, and loot it for some Crimson Seeds. After that, combine the Crimson Seeds and Mortar in your stock to create oil.

Tove pulling a lever on the other end of the hole in Roki

From there, stroll left and crawl via the outlet Hendrik dug to get on the opposite facet of one other closed-off gate. When you’re on the opposite finish of the outlet, search for a lever to the left. Throw the swap to open the gate, permitting Hendrik to affix you.

The first torch in Roki

Swap to Tove and head left down just a few stairs to discover a torch. Seize it, then head again up the steps.

Hendrik picking up a Stone Block in Roki

From there, swap to Hendrik, head left once more, and down one other set of steps to discover a stone block. Choose that up too.

Hendrik picking up a second Stone Block in Roki

After that, head again up the steps and head west behind the Sluice Machine till you attain a door coated in vines. There might be one other stone block to the appropriate of the door. Choose the stone block up and return to the cart close to the realm’s entrance.

The Gear in Roki

As soon as there, stroll up the steps above the cart and place the 2 stone blocks on the facet closest to you, elevating the opposite facet excessive within the air. Stroll to the raised finish as Hendrik, then swap to Tove. With Tove, stand on the identical finish of the cart because the stone blocks, conserving Hendrik elevated. Then, swap to Hendrik and seize the gear on the ledge on the left. After that, you may transfer each Tove and Hendrik off the cart.

Hendrik using the left gear on the Sluice Machine in Roki

After acquiring the gear, open your stock and apply the oil Tove made earlier on it, greasing it up. Now that the oiled gear is in your stock, swap to Hendrik and head again to the Sluice Machine. Subsequent, go to the machine’s left facet, place the gear on the peg, and use the crank. If accomplished accurately, you’ll decrease a wall, locking a chunk of wooden into place.

Hendrik raising the water in the Sluice Machine in Roki

From there, seize the gear and make your method to the different facet of the Sluice Machine. Place the gear on the peg and switch the crank to have water move into the realm you simply closed off, elevating the piece of wooden with it.

The Axe in Roki

Swap to Tove and crawl down the middle of the Sluice Machine onto the piece of wooden. As soon as on the piece of wooden, search for a gap in your left and enter via it. Comply with the pathway till you attain a darkish room with an axe inside. Seize the axe, then swap to Hendrik.

Hendrik cutting through vines with an Axe in Roki

As Hendrik, go to the door coated in vines from earlier, to the left of the Sluice Machine. Open your stock and use the newly obtained axe on the vines to clear the door. As soon as that is accomplished, head into the brand new space.

Hendrik dropping a key through a crack in the floor in Roki

There might be a key in the midst of the room. Stroll over to it, solely to have it fall between the cracks and into the darkroom from earlier. From there, flip round to discover a fishing hook on a pile of rubble.

Hendrik shining light in the dark room where Tove is in Roki

After that, use your Flash Interactibles command to spotlight 5 planks of wooden on the ground. These wooden planks point out a particular space the place Hendrik can elevate a chunk of the ground to shine line into the room beneath, serving to Tove uncover new objects.

As Hendrik has a plank of wooden lifted, you may swap to Tove and uncover new gadgets. Right here is all the things you can find within the room: Backside Proper – Nothing, High Proper – A Ball Of Twine, High Left – Loot Collectible, Backside Left – Torch, and the Center is the pit the important thing fell in earlier.

Tove fishing a key out of a pit with a makeshift fishing rod in Roki

After acquiring all the things in the dead of night room as Tove, open the stock, mix the Ball of Twine with the Fishing Hook, and mix that with the spear to create a makeshift fishing pole. With that made, swap to Hendrik, elevate the center plank of wooden as soon as extra, after which swap again to Tove. Use the makeshift fishing pole on the important thing, grabbing the important thing out of the pit and into your stock.

Hendrik unlocking the Torch Room with a Key in Roki

Swap to Hendrik and use the important thing on the door behind him to enter the Torch Room.

The Torch Room Puzzle solved in Roki

As soon as within the room, look to the appropriate to see a torch already hanging on the wall. Take away that torch to have three in your stock.

Subsequent, it’s important to match every torch as much as its corresponding slot on the wall, which works as follows: Left Wall – Torch with 1 Line, Center Wall – Torch with 2 Traces, and Proper Wall – Torch with 3 Traces. After inserting every torch in its right spot, flip them to lock them into place. If accomplished accurately, every door within the room will slide open, unlocking new areas to discover.

The Spring Tile in Roki

Swap to Tove and head left in the dead of night room till you discover a ladder. Climb the ladder up till you attain one of many doorways Hendrik simply opened with the torch puzzle. Head via the door and into the Torch Room. From there, exit via the center door of the Torch Room. There might be a climbable wall resulting in the Spring Tile. Scale the wall and snag the Spring Tile!

Summer season Tile Location – Left Tower

Hendrik taking the right exit in the Dining Hall in Roki

After doing each step from the Spring Tile and fixing the Torch Room puzzle, swap to Hendrik and head via the proper door of the Torch Room. You’ll now be within the Eating Corridor, which is the place every of the Stone Tiles goes after acquiring them. Nevertheless, earlier than you are able to do something on this room, you have to get the Summer season Tile. So, from the Eating Corridor, search for a door on the appropriate and open it as Hendrik.

The Summer Tile in Roki

Subsequent, head up the steps after which to the appropriate into the tower room. This room is the place Tove obtained the spear firstly of the chapter. Look to the again left. The Summer season Tile might be on the wall. Merely stroll as much as it with Hendrik and seize it off the wall, supplying you with the ultimate Stone Tile!

IMPORTANT: Ensure you open the door within the room for a shortcut from the principle fort gate to the left tower. – After doing this, make your means again to the Eating Corridor to resolve the puzzle!

The Eating Corridor Puzzle Information

The Dining Hall Puzzle unsolved in Roki

After acquiring each Stone Tile, deliver each Tove and Hendrik to the Eating Corridor. Now, make your method to the again of the room the place the statues are. There are 4 of them, with open sq. slots on their base and a poem within the center.

The first poem in the Dining Hall puzzle solved in Roki

Subsequent, it is time to put the Stone Tiles into the open slots on the statues! Ranging from left to proper, the Stone Tile placement is as follows: Spring, Winter, Autumn, and Summer season.

The second poem in the Dining Hall Puzzle solved in Roki

After fixing the primary poem, a brand new one will seem, together with a brand new puzzle to resolve. From right here, swap to Hendrik and stroll to the underside of the room the place the strain plates are. The strain plates could have photographs of animals and bugs on them. Hold Tove up with the statues as effectively.

From there, Hendrik must stand on a strain plate whereas Tove presses its corresponding season on the Stone Tiles she positioned earlier. Like final time, we’ll work from left to proper however title the strain plate picture first, then its corresponding season: Wolf – Spring, Raven – Winter, Bear – Fall, and Stag – Summer season.

The Fish Book in Roki

If accomplished accurately, the second poem wall will open up, resulting in a cave. Comply with it in and choose up a e book to finish the Eating Corridor puzzle! It is best to now have each e book you’ll want to remedy the Bookshelf Puzzle!

E-book Location – Fowl

The Bird Book in Roki

After following each step from the Winter Tile part of this information, swap to Hendrik after grabbing the Winter Tile as Tove and head to the appropriate of the wagon. You will note a few crates on the bottom.

Use the spear in your stock to open the crate on the far proper to disclose a e book. Choose the e book up to disclose the Fowl E-book!

E-book Location – Tree

The Tree Book in Roki

After following each step from the Spring Tile as much as the darkish room part, it is possible for you to to climb a ladder situated to the left of the room. Climb the ladder and look to the left. The Tree E-book might be on the bottom.

This e book is situated on a necessary route, making it exhausting to overlook, so you greater than possible already obtained it!

E-book Location – Fish

The Fish Book in Roki

The Fish E-book is in a cave throughout the Eating Corridor, however you should full the Eating Corridor puzzle earlier than coming into it. The information on discovering each Stone Tile and easy methods to remedy the Eating Corridor puzzle is above!

Moreover, after you get hold of all three books, use the information beneath to resolve the Bookshelf Puzzle situated within the left tower of the fort!

Bookshelf Puzzle Information – Left Tower

The Bookshelf Puzzle in Roki

After acquiring the Fowl, Tree, and Fish Books, it is time to head to the Left Tower as each Tove and Hendrik. Hendrik can attain the tower by taking the appropriate exit from the Eating Corridor or the shortcut within the courtyard.

Head to the bookshelf behind the room with three lacking books on every shelf. Use Hendrik to position the books on the shelf to succeed in the highest, center, and backside. Beginning from prime to backside, the e book placement goes as follows: High Shelf – Fish E-book, Center Shelf – Tree E-book, and Backside Shelf – Fowl E-book.

The Red Ring in Roki

If accomplished accurately, the bookshelf will open up, revealing a hoop. Seize the ring for a bit later, marking the top of the primary half of Chapter 3 – The Raven Citadel in Roki!

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