Roki: Chapter 2 – Bear Dungeon Walkthrough

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Roki is an motion sport that follows Tove, a younger lady that travels via mystical lands to save lots of her youthful brother, Lars, from the legendary fairytale monster, Roki. Tove will resolve complicated puzzles, meet fascinating characters, and even battle terrifying enemies via her journey.

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This information will cowl all of the steps you want to take earlier than tackling the Bear Dungeon and easy methods to full it when you attain it. Nonetheless, earlier than you entry the Bear Dungeon, you will need to make it to The Mountain Plateau (the midway level within the Wolf Dungeon) and also will have to do the first half of the Nokken Dungeon to obtain an item.


The diseased Guardian Bear in Roki

Earlier than we soar into the Bear Dungeon itself, we might want to go over a number of issues first. You will want a number of objects earlier than you may even do the steps that lead you to the dungeon, which might be difficult to search out or acquire.

This part of the information will go over the objects you want and easy methods to get them. If you have already got the objects required, soar ahead to the part on accessing the Bear Dungeon. Moreover, let’s go over all the things you want.

Buying The Objects

The Poisoned Forest in Roki

There are a complete of three Patterned Discs, however you solely want to fret about two in the intervening time. Head to the Poisoned Forest and make your approach in direction of the purple water on the east to start the method.

A stone with runes on it in Roki

From there, search for a small stone with runic lettering on it, paying attention to what they’re. From there, head to the west facet of the Poised Forest till you come throughout a number of rocks forming a small circle. Go to the rocks within the again and work together with the runic dials on them.

Rune dials in Roki

Every time you work together with the dial, it should rotate the rune’s image. Rotate all of the dials till they match the runic letters you noticed a bit earlier. A staircase will open up if accomplished efficiently, permitting you to move down right into a hidden bunker.

The Trowel in Roki

As soon as contained in the bunker, there will probably be many objects so that you can loot. Take all the things, however we’re primarily searching for the trowel within the desk drawer in direction of the again of the room. After taking all the things else and assembly the brand new character, you may take the Waytree to the Mom Tree for the subsequent step.

A dig pile in Roki

Subsequent, teleport from the Mom Tree to the cemetery’s Means Tree and head east till you discover a shack. Go contained in the shack and search for an merchandise protruding of the bottom, coated in dust. Use your newly obtained trowel to dig it out to your first Patterned Disc!

A bone in the Siren's Cave in Roki

After that, head again to the Mom Tree and warp to the Siren’s Pool. From there, head to the precise of the pond and into the cave. There will probably be a pile of bones on the bottom in direction of the center of the cave. Take a bone from the pile and proceed to the subsequent step.

Yule Cat's Domain in Roki

With the bone in your stock, head previous the Means Tree and cross over the tree bridge. Proceed heading west till you see a scent path main right into a cave. Comply with it in and seize the Rags hanging on a root. You can too meet Xmas Cat for those who proceed proper.

The torch in Roki

From there, head again to the Mom Tree and warp to The Mountain Plateau. As soon as there, climb the wall to the left and make your approach in direction of the darkish cave. Mix the bone and rag to make a torch, then gentle it with a match which you need to have in your stock.

When you gentle your makeshift torch, head into the cave to search out the second Patterned Disc leaning in opposition to the wall. Decide the Patterned Disc up and head again to the Mom Tree but once more.

Everytime you arrive on the Mom Tree, you’ll have to get the Stone Cube with Six Diamonds on it, which you obtain during the Nokken’s Dungeon, which we have the complete guide for here.

Stone Dice Puzzle

A moon crest in Roki

After acquiring the 2 Patterned Discs and the Stone Dice with Six Diamonds, it’s time to make your approach to the cemetery. Head contained in the Forgotten Church and look on the bottom to your left for a moon crest. Observe the moon crest to be taught the yr 1623 and bear in mind the quantity for a bit later.

Tove cutting the rope of the church bell in Roki

Subsequent, head to the highest of the church through the steps within the again proper nook, then climb up the collection of ladders that lead you above the bell. Utilizing your dagger, reduce the rope holding the church bell to ship it via the church ground.

The secret bunker of the church in Roki

Head again down the steps and down the outlet you simply created within the ground with the bell. You’ll now be in a hidden underground bunker of the church, with a Bear Puzzle within the center room and rooms to the left and proper.

Tove cutting pink webs with her dagger in Roki

First, head to the left till you see a pink spider internet. Minimize via it along with your knife to disclose a Stone Dice with One Diamond on it. Retailer the dice in your stock, then head again to the middle room.

A patterned disk in the church bunker in Roki

From there, head to the precise till you discover the third Patterned Disc leaning in opposition to an altar of some type. Seize the disc and head as soon as extra again to the middle room.

Stone Cube Puzzle solution in Roki

As soon as there, work together with the Bear Puzzle and pull the 2 Stone Cubes out of their slots. These can have 2 and three Diamonds on them. Now, put the Stone Cubes into the areas based mostly on the quantity from the Moon Crest upstairs, 1623. If accomplished accurately, the wall will open up, providing you with entry to the subsequent puzzle.

Patterned Disc Puzzle

Unsolved Patterned Disc Puzzle in Roki

Everytime you end the Stone Dice Puzzle, head into the subsequent room to see a constellation puzzle. You will notice a Patterned Disc in one of many slots, take away it from its place and retailer it in your stock.

First Patterned Disc solution in Roki

Subsequent, open your stock and search for the darkest Patterned Disc with two yellow-ish dots on it. Place this disc within the slot within the prime left of the board.

Second Patterned Disc solution in Roki

Following that, search for the light-colored Patterned Disc with a vertical line and two dots. This disc will go within the slot you opened up when eradicating the Patterned Disc at first of this puzzle.

Third Patterned Disc solution in Roki

Then, head to the top-right slot and search for the Patterned Disc in your stock with a single dot and place it into the house.

Fourth Patterned Disc solution in Roki

Lastly, go to the backside proper slot and place the remaining Patterned Disc in its house. The disc ought to have a horizontal line on it with two dots.

Patterned Disc Pizzle solution in Roki

As soon as that is accomplished, the ground will slowly descend into the Bear’s Dungeon.

The Bears Dungeon Walkthrough – Spider

The Bear Guardian in Roki

When you’re within the Bear’s Dungeon, stroll throughout the lengthy pathway and up the steps till you see the bear. After making an attempt to work together with it, blow the horn in entrance of it to set off a cutscene. The cutscene can have an enormous spider seize Tove and drag her into its lair.

The Spider in Roki

One other cutscene will play out as soon as within the spider’s lair, having Tove break away from the spider’s internet cocoon. After a number of extra traces of dialogue, you’ll regain management of Tove and must discover a approach to retrieve your dagger and get rid of the spider.

Mirror Solution 1 in the Bear Dungeon in Roki

Seize the mirror in your proper and place it on the peg with the beam of sunshine. The sunshine will mirror off the mirror and onto the spider, inflicting it to climb up the wall, permitting you to maneuver to the left facet of the ground.

Hatch Solution 1 in the Bear Dungeon in Roki

Subsequent, head all the best way left and open up a hatch on the wall to let one other beam of sunshine shine via the cave. After that, climb the wall beside the hatch and take the mirror on the prime. Head again to the primary ground after doing so.

Hatch Solution 2 and 3 in the Bear Dungeon in Roki

From there, climb up the middle wall till you see a hatch on the left and proper, slightly below the spider. Open each hatches and head to the ground straight beneath the precise hatch and take the mirror off its suspension level and climb all the way down to the primary ground.

Mirror Solution 2 in the Bear Dungeon in Roki

Head left till you attain a suspension level. Place the mirror that factors up and left on the suspension level to ship the sunshine beam up a gap within the ground. Then stroll additional left and climb the wall up and stroll over to a different suspension level. Place the remaining mirror on the suspension level to ship the sunshine to the precise.

Mirror Solution 3 in the Bear Dungeon in Roki

Climb again all the way down to the primary ground, head to the precise, and take away the primary mirror you positioned off its suspension level. Then, climb the wall again as much as the suspension level on the precise and put the mirror you simply grabbed there to chase the spider additional up.

Hatch Solution 4 in the Bear Dungeon in Roki

After that, climb up the wall and search for one other hatch on the left, above a tied-up Tomte. Open the hatch, climb all the way down to the Tomte, and head left till you see a suspension level. Your purpose now could be to mirror the beam of sunshine from there via the hatch you simply opened.

Mirror Solution 4 in the Bear Dungeon in Roki

As soon as the hatch is open, climb down the primary ground and stroll left till you attain the primary mirror. Take away the mirror and stroll additional to the left, and place it on the final suspension level to ship the sunshine upward via the cave.

Mirror Solution 5 in the Bear Dungeon in Roki

Climb the wall to the precise of the hatch and retrieve the mirror on the prime. Then, climb again as much as the Tomte and head to the left, and place the mirror you simply grabbed on the suspension level to mirror the sunshine beam via the hatch.

The following step is to climb down the wall till you attain the ground above the beginning space, beneath the primary hatch on the precise. Take away the mirror from its suspension level to have the sunshine beam shine upward.

Mirror Solution 6 in the Bear Dungeon in Roki

Subsequent, climb up the wall and to the world beneath the dagger on the precise. There will probably be a suspension level there. Place the mirror you simply grabbed on it to mirror the sunshine beam to the left, chasing the spider to the precise behind the dagger.

Tove grabbing the Dagger from in front of the Spider in Roki

Now, climb up and seize the dagger sitting straight in entrance of the spider. From there, climb all the way down to the Tomte and reduce it free from the net cocoon, then head again onto the wall and begin climbing up as soon as extra.

Tove cutting webs off of a hatch in Roki

Search for a hatch on the left, straight throughout from the spider, and make your approach over to it. You’ll be able to’t open it along with your naked arms, however for those who use your dagger on it, Tove will reduce the webs off of it. After doing that, can open the latch to shine a beam of sunshine straight onto the spider.

Tove freeing a Tomte from a web cocoon in Roki

The beam of sunshine will ship the spider backward off the ledge, making the cave free to traverse from right here on out. Earlier than you allow, reduce free the remaining Tomte within the cave. One will probably be on the prime of the cave, whereas the others will probably be close to the exit. There may be 4 Tomte whole. After releasing all of the Tomte, you’re free to exit the cave.

The Bear Dungeon Walkthrough – Reminiscence

The Spider and Bear in Roki

After escaping the spider’s lair, a cutscene will play out that finally results in the bear letting Tove try and take the Nattamare Parasite off its face, resulting in a reminiscence sequence that’s the ultimate stretch of the Bear Dungeon.

The Piano in Roki

When the reminiscence sequence begins, Tove will probably be in her home. Stroll in direction of the hatch that results in the basement and head down into it. As soon as there, stroll to the precise and search for a white sheet. Pull it off to disclose a piano, work together with it to start out the subsequent part.

Memory Sequence in the Bear Dungeon in Roki

There will probably be three doorways and a piano within the room. We’ll seek advice from them from the attitude of Tove wanting on the piano.

The Wind Chimes in Roki

Head into the center door to search out Lars on the ground. Take a look at the again left nook of the room for wind chimes. Decide the wind chimes up and head again out the door into the central hub.

Tove hanging the Wind Chimes on the porch in Roki

Subsequent, head via the door on the precise to search out Tove’s dad sitting on the porch. There will probably be a pink bar hanging from the ceiling beside Tove’s dad, and cling the wind chimes you picked up on the bar.

The Flower Pot in Roki

After that, decide up the plate of cheese and the cup of espresso off the ground, then head to the entrance door and seize the flower pot sitting in entrance of it.

The Clock in Roki

From there, head again to your dad and mess with the radio till it offers the time 12.45. Subsequent, make your approach to the clock hanging on the wall and set the time to 12:45. If accomplished accurately, the wind chimes will begin enjoying, and a music sheet will fall from the sky. Seize the sheet and exit via the door.

Tove pouring coffee into a cat dish in Roki

Now, head via the door on the left. You’ll be inside the home. Search for an empty cat dish within the nook of the room. Will probably be on the left as quickly as you enter the home. Pour the espresso you grabbed earlier into the cat dish.

Tove giving a plate of cheese to a mouse in Roki

There will probably be a mouse gap straight throughout from the cat dish, to the left of the door when taking a look at it. Head over to it and place the plate of cheese in entrance of it.

Tove covering the bird cage with a sheet in Roki

Make your approach over to Tove’s cat and chook subsequent. Stoker seems to be tormenting the chook, making the chook unable to sing. Open your stock and place the white sheet over the cage. The cage will then go away the chook alone, and the chook will begin singing.

The cooking pot in Roki

Stoker will soar on the desk, prompting it to identify the mouse and soar off the desk after it, knocking a steel pot down within the course of. One other music sheet will fall from the sky as nicely, decide it and the steel cup up and head via the door.

A Music Sheet in Roki

Head again via the center door and give Lars the flower pot, espresso cup, and cooking pot Stoker knocked on the ground. Lars will play on the varied cups, inflicting the ultimate music sheet to fall from the sky.

The Bear Guardian cured in Roki

Decide the music sheet up and head to the piano within the central hub. Place all three sheets on the piano to start out a cutscene. Tove will immediately be again exterior with the bear. The bear, now cured of its illness, offers Tove the Nattamare Parasite, marking the top of the dungeon!

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