Ric Flair to Becky Lynch

Ric Flair not too satisfied with RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

During WWE RAW, Ric Flair sent a tweet regarding his daughter Charlotte FlairSurvivor Series match against Becky Lynch.

While The Man did not comment on social media, she replied earlier this afternoon on Time MMA with Ariel Helwani. Lynch reveals that she would reciprocate but then gets upset because Ric Flair is jealous of her and he’s simply looking for strength.

It didn’t take long for Ric Flair to discover this and wrote a scathing reply on social media this afternoon:

“What a disappointment! I did this out of respect for you @BeckyLynchWWE! It made millions of you nothing. After 40 years as a man… The company doesn’t own it, and you too! I’ll Be Always the Man! Ask your husband,” said Ric Flair in a tweet.

Too disappointed! I did this out of respect for you @BeckyLynchWWE! It has done for you millions and not for me nothing. After 40 Years as a Human… The Company Doesn’t Own And Neither Do You! I will always be the man! Ask your husband.

Is Ric Flair deliberately seeking feedback from Becky Lynch?

This afternoon, Becky Lynch announced on MMA Hour that Ric Flair is looking for her strength, but is that true?

Interestingly, these tweets begin this week following the launch of Flair’s new podcast “Wooooo Nation Uncensored” with Mark Madden.

It’s entirely possible that Ric Flair is trying to get a response from Lynch, so he has material to use on his broadcast to increase listenership. This method is out of the norm for a large number of podcasters today, including professional wrestling.

Despite Flair’s excuses, the ball was once again in Lynch’s court in response. If and when she does, you’ll hear about it here on Sportskeeda.

What do you think of Ric Flair’s tweets this week? Do you think it has something to do with his new podcast? Let us know what you think by pressing it in the comments section below.

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