Related Mistakes All Minecraft Players Make

Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox experience and has been since its launch in 2011. You can do whatever you want in the game, whether it’s downloading quality of life mod to make the experience better or stay in creative mode the whole time to build masterpieces. That said, sometimes things don’t go quite as planned.

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While you have complete freedom in Minecraft, there are some embarrassing things that almost every player has done at least once. These moments often make us feel less than professional, but there’s nothing wrong with admitting you’ve made a mistake. These are some of the things that all players have done in Minecraft at some point in time. You’re not alone.

Died from falling from a high place

A tall tower in Minecraft

Climbing a massive mountain or building a tall tower is something we’ve all done. It’s really just a part of Minecraft. The problem is, it doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes, you build a tower ten blocks high to work on on the third floor of your base, but you forget to crouch and fall from above, losing everything.

Well, it’s bound to happen in the end. All you can do is laugh and hope you have a respawn point nearby, so you can grab all your stuff.

Dig straight down

A tunnel going straight down in Minecraft

Many Useful tips on how to find diamonds in Minecraft and digging straight down is definitely not one of them. Sure, it’s the fastest way to hit the foundation, but it’s also the riskiest way because you simply don’t know what’s lying right beneath you. You could end up falling into a giant cave system filled with dangerous mobs or even worse, straight into lava.

Sometimes we just don’t have the patience to build a proper mine shaft and that’s perfectly fine, but often there are consequences to taking shortcuts.

Using the wrong pickaxe

All the different ores in Minecraft

When you first started Minecraft, did you try to mine iron in one go with a wooden pickaxe and get frustrated when you realized there was no iron ore coming out? It’s probably one of the saddest moments in the game, but at least it’s ironic. You will find a lot of iron ore veins in the future.

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This moment is especially brutal if you try to mine diamonds with a stone pickaxe. You get so excited when you finally get a diamond, and you get nothing. It has to be one of the most gut-wrenching punches in Minecraft. So make sure you always have the right pickaxe for the job.

Mess up a construction

A badly built structure in Minecraft

The first project you make in Minecraft is often the one you miss the most for all the wrong reasons. It almost never goes well, and you just stare at it with a face and scream “I can’t believe I spent three hours of my life building this monstrosity.”

Whether it’s a block longer than it needs to be to the left, or a horrible mix of different blocks, not every build will be perfect. You can’t help but chuckle about it.

Looking at an Enderman

An Enderman in Minecraft

Endermen are one of the scariest mobs in Minecraft. They are tall, lanky and just plain scary. Although residing in the End, these guys like to find their way to the Overworld, so they can frighten the player to death.

The first time you see Enderman, you can look them in the eye and get attacked. Depending on how soon this happened, they could have killed you. Never look Enderman in the eye, unless you have a pumpkin on your head. It’s not normal, but it works.

Forgot to bring bed

A bed in Minecraft

Carrying a spare bed is always a great idea. If you are traveling from place to place and know that it will take days to reach your destination, you can simply bring a bed and enough materials to create a small hut.

Many of us forget to bring a bed on a long trip, forcing us to sit around and wait until dawn breaks out every day. It’s a waste of time, so bring a bed to make your journey a lot more enjoyable.

Hit a villager

A villager in Minecraft

The villagers in Minecraft have a certain charm about them. It has to be the noise they make, the work they do, or the structure they live in. Whatever the case may be, there are many Things you need to know about villagers with one of those things being to leave them alone.

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We’ve all run into a villager by accident instead of trading with them at least once, and it’s incredibly frustrating because doing so not only causes the villagers to increase their prices, but also makes the Iron Golem hostile. enemy. You will probably need to leave the village for a few days before returning.

Use yellow gear

Gold armor in Minecraft

Gold armor and weapons may look cool, but it doesn’t take long before you know they’re useless. Have you ever crafted a full set of gold armor only to be confused by their defense rating being so much worse than iron armor? Surprisingly iron armor gives you 15 defense while gold armor only gives you 11. Additionally, iron armor is considerably more durable.

Gold gear is only really useful to prevent Piglins from attacking you in the Nether. The golden helmet is the best choice in this situation, as it has the same amount of defense as the iron helmet.

Confused with Redstone

A huge and complex redstone block in Minecraft

The things players can build with redstone are amazing, but they need a lot of understanding. Redstone can be really overwhelming for some players, and even some veterans still struggle with it from time to time.

One of the common things that beginners want to build are elevators. This requires a rather complicated understanding of redstone, which means new players often get confused and swear by redstone altogether. We all failed on our first attempt with redstone. The key is to go into creative mode and experiment with redstone until you get the hang of it.

Struggling to create the farm

A farm in Minecraft

There are many farms you can build in Minecraft, including some awesome XP farm, but sometimes they are not easy to create. It’s simple to catch some animals and fence them off. For crops, you should do an automatic farm.

Automated farms do everything on their own, so you don’t need to do anything, but they take a long time to set up. You will need a lot of hoppers and chests to gather ingredients and set up everything else perfectly. Your first auto farm is rarely successful, but you will get it eventually.

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