Red Dead Online: Where to hunt quail

Quails may seem like easy prey, but they’re not quite as abundant as you might think.

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Bird hunting can be a great way to test your marksmanship skills while exploring the wilderness in Red Dead Redemption 2. But for specific quests, such as Daily Challenges in Red Dead Online, you may be asked to narrow your view. In the case of the Quail, that range doesn’t reach across the vast American West, so you’ll want to chart a more cautious hunting route.

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Quails are found only in the central regions of West Elizabeth and New Hanover and keep these habitats somewhat exclusive besides that. So, to help you eliminate those challenges in a timely manner, here are best quail hunting sites in RDR2 and RDO.

The best quail location

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online quail map location

West Elizabeth

  • You can find the Great Valley Quail on the area southwest peninsula, bordered Iron Lake flat.
  • You want to find more Quail between the peninsula and Riggs . Station.
  • To the northeast of Rigg station, quails have been found congregating near marshland near the mouth of the Dakota River.
  • There’s a more prominent Quail population when you venture into the middle ground the lower bend of the Dakota River, and several others can be found on spots along the banks.
  • You will find some smaller flocks along the edges of the Diablo Ridge at points north, northwest, southwest and southeast.
  • Town of Strawberry, as well as lands stretching to the Northeast and Southeast, making for good quail hunting territory.
  • Follow the eastern slopes of Mount Shann will lead you through a few more quail hunting grounds.
  • Between The northeastern slopes of Mount Shann and Little Creek River, which has a fairly long stretch of land favorable for quail hunting.


New revenue

  • Cuddle up to The Heartlands New Hanover region.
    • You can find them to the southeast of Caliban’s Seat.
    • However, a better place to hunt Quail in The Heartlands is near the northeastern border of the Cumberland Forest. Here you will see Quail besieged Carmody Dell, mainly to the north and southeast of the farm house.

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