Recap of The Dropout Premiere: Episode 1, Elizabeth Holmes Theranos

The Dropout The Dropout is Elizabeth Holmes, a biotech entrepreneur whose claims to have revolutionized medicine turned out to be a gigantic scam that robbed many people of large amounts of money. And in the premiere, which began streaming Thursday, we learn how Elizabeth got her start.

Hulu released three episodes to launch the series; We would like to hear your opinion shortly. But first a brief overview of the opening times.

Amanda Seyfried (Great love) plays Holmes, who makes a videotaped statement in the first scene while her company – Theranos – is under investigation for potential violations of federal law. The footage is interspersed with scenes of Holmes leading a video crew through Theranos’ offices and explaining what their company does. The headline: Theranos claims it can perform up to 70 diagnostic tests with just a single drop of blood, rather than the vials and vials normally required.

Then we flash back to Holmes’ youth. In December 2001, she and her brother come home from school to find out that Enron, the company her father works for, has collapsed and dad has lost his job. “You lied to me about everything. The whole company was a scam,” he says, devastated. Do you already feel a theme?

As Elizabeth reflects on her father’s unemployment and gazes at the Apple svengali Steve Jobs poster on her bedroom wall, we learn that she is driven to invent something that will change the world. The summer before her studies at Stanford University, she takes part in an immersion program in Beijing, but is annoyed that few of her classmates want to speak Chinese when they are not in class.

the-dropouts-premier-summaryShe forms a friendship with a man named Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani (played by Lost‘s Naveen Andrews), a mid-career student who founded a software company and sold it for $40 million. “I want to help people,” she tells him, “and I want to be a billionaire like Steve Jobs.” They are very close by the end of summer, but the relationship remains platonic when she returns to her freshman year of college begin.

Elizabeth loves Stanford. When she makes an observation that advances one of her professor’s research projects, he accepts her into the graduate-only group working in his lab. At the beginning of her second year, she proposes an idea to him: a patch that can administer medication and simultaneously monitor the patient. He puts her in touch with another professor (played by The Conners‘ Laurie Metcalf), who quickly shuts her down: “I’m sorry, your idea is impossible, but that’s the way the world works.”

the-dropouts-premier-summaryThrough a brief interlude with the testimonies, we find out that Elizabeth and Sunny – who eventually became President and Chief Operating Officer of Theranos – had a romantic relationship, but didn’t release that information to investors. Then we’re right back at Stanford, where Elizabeth was raped at a party, but college officials call it a he-said/she-said when she brings it to their attention. Elizabeth’s mother believes her, though her advice on how to deal with the trauma isn’t the healthiest: “You just put it down and forget about it, and then one day you’ll be fine.” Uff. After all, she rejects Sunny’s attention, telling him it’s “damn weird” that they talk to each other every day. “Don’t call me again,” she says.

The story then jumps to March 2004, when Elizabeth thinks she’s holding onto her world-changing invention: an iPod-sized device that allows patients to test their own blood at home with just one drop. Your male professor is on board. She rents office space. She asks her parents to invest, explaining that since she is dropping out of Stanford, they can put her tuition money into the company.

But one day when she is in the office, which is in a seedy part of town, a stray bullet hits her car and scares her to death. She calls Sunny, who she finds shaken on the office floor. He wonders why she made contact after specifically asking not to. She hugs him and he hugs back. “I will protect you,” he whispers and they kiss.

Back to the testimony! Elizabeth is questioned for spreading false information about her clients’ health and endangering their lives. She looks intimidated. “Back then,” she says, “we thought we were doing the right thing.”

Now it is your turn. What do you think of episode 1? Rate it via the poll below, then hit the comments!

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