Realtor Venus Morris Griffin reveals the heartbreaking truth behind abusive husband Tripp after he was jailed

A devoted mum has shared the heartbreaking revelations she made about her abusive ex-husband before he went to jail.

Venus Morris Griffin of Augusta, Georgia, has opened up about her tumultuous 20-year marriage to John “Tripp” Morris for the photoblog Humans of New York.

Described chronologically in 13 parts how she met her ex-husband and what led to the breakdown of her marriage


Described chronologically in 13 parts how she met her ex-husband and what led to the breakdown of her marriageCredit: Facebook
Her former husband, John


Her former husband, John “Tripp” Morris, was imprisoned for horrific crimesPhoto credit: Georgia Corrections Department
Venus Morris Griffin with ex-husband Tripp


Venus Morris Griffin with ex-husband TrippCredit: Instagram/@venusmorrisgriffin

Tripp was convicted of child molestation and is currently an inmate at Baldwin State Penitentiary in Milledgeville. GeorgiaGeorgia Department of Corrections records show.

In the 13 part seriesShe revealed the disturbing details that signaled the end of their time together after they were in the dark about a second life he was leading.

She said: “That’s why it’s still so hard. You’d think I hate him, but I can’t. Because I loved him.”

Fans of the social media project were mesmerized after the first episode, which was updated hourly, as Venus shared her impressive story.

Venus shared how she fell in love with Tripp, who was revered by many for his positive, goofy, and energetic personality, after they met at the University of South Carolina.

People told her she chose “the greatest man,” and as PTA president, soccer coach, and Bible teacher during their time together, Tripp projected an image that he was invincible, strong, kind-hearted, and generous.

But behind closed doors during their relationship, there were warning signs that Venus was doing everything she could to ignore them.

One of Venus’ earliest memories is the day before her wedding, when she mentioned that it was all too much money.

She said: “My cousin was in the car with us. And Tripp just called me names in front of her.

“I remember thinking, ‘I shouldn’t marry that man.’ But the next day everyone would be there. It was too late to back down.”

Venus said if she’s learned anything from her rough and troubled childhood, it’s “to pretend everything’s okay.”

Over the course of their time together, innocent questions or discussions could become awkward.

She said: “[After college] Tripp got a job with his parents and I noticed that he kept charging the company for our renovations. It didn’t seem right to me. But if I challenged him to do it, it would lead to big fights.

“He told me to mind my own business. He called me ‘Little Ms. Christian’. But an hour later, it would be like nothing had happened.”

It was Venus’ unpredictable upbringing as a child with a ruthless mother that influenced her decision to stay when her marriage was explosively and emotionally tested.

When the couple started a family, they had to use a sperm donor who looked like Tripp because he couldn’t have children.

Venus bore four children and two more over the course of five years and felt strongly that she was giving them a start in life that was not being offered to her.

I said, ‘Tripp, tell me. What have you done? What?’ But he didn’t want to answer. He got up and went back inside.

Venus Griffinreal estate agent/mom

She said: “It has always been my lifelong dream to have this amazing family. And now it came true. I thought: What else is there in life?

“These kids don’t care what I’ve been through. You don’t care about my childhood.

“They love me no matter what. I remember thinking, If I just put in the work, they’ll grow up. And they will be there. I will have unconditional love. I’ll finally have a family.”


But as she did her best to be there for her children, there were instances involving Tripp that scared her.

She said: “Over the years his mood swings got worse and worse. There was one night about ten years after we were married when he lost his temper and pushed me into the bathtub. I thought I broke my back.

“I screamed that I couldn’t get up. Tripp ran onto the porch and I heard a gunshot. It took me a few minutes to crawl outside and when I got there I found him lying face down in the yard.

“The gun was lying on the grass next to him. He said, ‘If everything I did comes out, I’m going to kill myself.’

“I said, ‘Tripp, tell me. What have you done? What?’ But he didn’t want to answer, got up and went back inside.”

As their time together was spoiled, Tripp one day challenged her for not having a job, though he often assured her that she didn’t need one.

She decided to pursue a career in real estate, but after getting her license to sell houses, her life with Tripp was turned upside down.

Venus said: “One night I fell asleep and breastfed the baby. Tripp was away on business. The children slept. It was late, much too late for phone calls. And the phone rang.

“There was a woman’s voice on the other end. She said, ‘Venus, you don’t know me. But I’m calling to tell you what a terrible man your husband is.’”

Venus went and met the woman – a prostitute who told the mother of six that Tripp paid sex workers and had a string of affairs.

The woman appeared to be in love with Tripp and stopped accepting money from him when they were intimate.


Tripp never returned to the family home after that night.

She said: “He admitted to prostitution but blamed it on a sex addiction.

“He checked himself into a rehab facility in Mississippi. During this time, the full truth came out.

“One of my daughters came to me and told me a story about her father. It was the worst thing that could possibly happen. It wasn’t just prostitutes. It was in the house.”

Determined not to give up, Venus explained to her children that they didn’t have Tripp’s genes – which they took with relief.

She said there was nothing to separate her family and went on to do whatever it takes to regain stability.

Venus said, “Since I started ten years ago, I’ve made almost $500 million in sales. I’ve been the number one real estate agent in Augusta for four of the last five years.

“I finally paid off our house and have since bought eight more houses. I sent all my children to a private school. I paid for all of their sports, all of their activities.

“All I do is work and spend time with my kids. But sometimes it feels like what I do doesn’t matter anymore.

“It doesn’t matter what I buy. I let my kids down. Because I should have gone. I failed at the most important thing.”

The story of the successful real estate agent captivated millions of people overnight.

Through the deep insights she offered, she gained respect and sympathy for the difficult times she was going through.

But alongside the determination she showed as she was able to recover from the pain and destruction Tripp had caused, Venus’ posts were lauded for her dedication to getting her family’s life back on track.

She has since been humbled by the overwhelming positivity she has received since then share their story.

Venus is now divorced from Tripp and married to another man named Hank Griffin – a CEO and Company President of Augusta, Georgia.

When not selecting students for scholarships and selling houses, Venus is focused on plans revolving around publishing her first book.

Her ex-husband Tripp is serving a 45-year sentence prison sentence.

The author spoke to Brandon Stanton of Human of New York


The author spoke to Brandon Stanton of Human of New YorkCredit: Facebook

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