‘Reacher’ Finale Recap – Prime Video Series Episode 8 Explained

At the end of the first session Reaper episode, the typical mountain of a man says that he will find everyone responsible for the murder of his brother, Joe “and kill every last one of them.”

So… he did?

Going into the eighth and final episode of the Prime Video adaptation, titled “Pie,” KJ, Mayor Teale and Dirty FBI Agent Picard got Reacher and Finlay out. (As Picard will explain, he did warns Finlay not to take Margrave’s job, and he thinks the investigation will fall apart before the police and scammers get too close to the truth.) When Reacher sums up all that has gone south for bad guys – shipping routes are closed making them very upset Venezuelan customers – KJ corrects him for one point. It was KJ who killed Kliner Sr. (as well as truck driver Joplin, and Joe’s Secret Service contact, and Joe). And yes, Reacher, Finlay, and Roscoe will all die, too, at which point the mayor will be in a bad business because the Reacher brothers’ operational plan went wrong.

But first, Reacher was tasked with locating Hubble, so KJ could tie up that last one loose end. Once Reacher does so and Picard gets the word out (before the 6 a.m. deadline), Charlie Hubble and her daughters (currently being held at the Kliner Industries money-laundering facility) will be released.

Reacher Finale Amazon SummaryWith Picard the babysitter waving with a gun, Reacher insisted they pull over so he could spend some time looking at the map and thinking. Doing so at the diner (and using non-lethal crayons), Reacher drew a series of perimeters – around Margrave, around Atlanta, and around Augusta. He explained that at first Hubble wouldn’t want to be too far away and chose Atlanta, but then he noticed too many people around him spotting him. Then, after considering Athens (where he and Charlie attended UGA), he settled in Augusta – closed but not too close, plus, you know, golf! When a waiter brought Reacher coffee and cake, he “accidentally” shoved himself first, using the commotion to pocket a fork, which he then accidentally crashed into the rear tire of the car. , causing flattening. Rushing in to pack a spare, Reacher went to retrieve one of the many guns in the trunk of his car, but ended up “tie” with Picard. He then guides them through a mutual disarmament/armistice deal, only to trick Picard and put a bullet in him.

Reacher found Hubble at a cheap motel 1) walking distance from the bus stop, 3) wouldn’t question his lack of identification, and 4) where he logged in as a of the Beatles, and they went back to Margrave. Along the way, Reacher explains that Paul’s “treasury connection” is in fact Joe’s brother. Paul in turn recounts how once Venezuelans began to worry (and after Joplin was executed in front of him for skimming), he phoned the federal tip line and was contacted by Joe. On their return to Margrave, they stop by Hubble’s house so Reacher can grab (dead) Dawson’s truck, which he later uses to drive into the police store (after texting Finlay). is “DUCK AND COVER”). Neagley then goes to meet the group and joins the fight.

blankAfter zoning out the Kliner Industries loading dock area, Neagley quietly took out two guards with long-range kill shots, and Reacher sneaked in/brave a third. Reacher dumps a can of water-cooling gas at the foot of a cargo bay door, Paul’s mission being specifically focused on finding his daughters and bringing them to safety, then letting Finlay “untie the tweeds” ” had the honor of visiting “Flavor Country one last time” by lighting a cigar and using it to start a little hell. In the ensuing chaos, Reacher, Finlay, and Neagley duck into a door, while Paul uses a higher door. Paul quickly saw and called his wife, who showed him where their children were being held; He then goes to the office area and frees the girls, cutting off a goon along the way.

Neagley found the high ground on a catwalk and continued to pick up goon after goon, while Reacher and Finlay cut down several others. Reacher also frees Roscoe and Charlie, who later leave with her husband and children. In the end, skirmishes ensued with Roscoe battling Mayor Teale (the man who killed her father’s character)… Finlay vs. Picard (Fed betrayed him and survived Reacher’s shot)… and Reacher vs. KJ. Finlay scores the first W, stabs his finger in Picard’s bullet wound and then crushes G-man inside a hydraulic press. Next up is Roscoe, wrestling with Teale until she ties him to a rail and, just because he did her, blows his brains away with the Desert Eagle. She, Finlay, and Neagley then race out of the increasingly smoky area, only to find Reacher still inside.

Reacher (and us) suffers as KJ spins some symbolic yarn about a time he went and killed a rhino while hunting, until Reacher distracts his enemies and then kills him. reason him. Reacher dunks KJ in a vat of money laundering chemicals, before kicking him towards some flames, instantly destroying the bad boy. Moments later, we and the others from the outside saw the place explode, but Reacher was certainly accidental enough to emerge from the thick smoke to receive a passionate kiss from a relieved Roscoe and declare, ” Everything ended.”


The next morning, Neagley texted Reacher (at Roscoe’s bed) that she was back in Chicago, after which he crushed the burner phone in his hand. Of the French war medal he carried, Reacher recalls when he (in uniform) and Joe visited their dying mother, reminding each other for the first time that “no matter what happens.” Anyway, we can’t cry.” Seeing her sons visit her, Josephine reminds Joe that he doesn’t need to “solve all the world’s problems”, just “some” is enough, on the contrary, Reacher should use great power. themselves to “do the right thing”. (She later reveals that she knew all along that it was Reacher who defeated the Okinawa bully, and that Joe “saved him” by taking the rap. Knowing that their sons were in trouble. protecting a “special boy from suffering”, she and her last name, she explained: Later, with Reacher alone, she presented him with his grandfather’s French war medal, awarded for “courage” in the face of danger.” Because, she told Reacher, “It takes courage to do the right thing.” Then, back in the taxi, Joe said to his brother, “Now you have can cry.” And he did.

blankIn the epilogue, Roscoe warns Reacher that the feds will want to ask him some questions, and she knows he hates questions – just as he hates hanging around. “That’s just who I am,” he explained, likening himself to the type of old man who wanders around while everyone else is near the fire. “But if anyone could get me near the fire, it would be you,” he told her. Roscoe hands Clark Bar a paper packet with her numbers on it, emphasizing a call if Reacher returns to these sections. About what’s next for Roscoe? Reacher suggested she run for mayor, and after handling it for a beat, she said, “Oh, that’s not a bad idea. ‘ Later at the diner, Reacher finds Finlay, who says he told the Feds he doesn’t know where Reacher is. Finlay thanked Reacher for helping him see what was going on in his town, and later reported that he would soon return to Boston — and hope to live a life after his “spinning.” ” too long. Reacher learns that Finlay named the dog they saved “Jack” (because Reacher doesn’t use that name!), and then ends up tasting the best peach pie anywhere, and that’s it. …? “I did better,” he winked at Finlay.

Finally, after burying their grandfather’s medal at the place where Joe was murdered, Reacher sets out to hitchhike on the highway, as “Travellin ‘Man”….

What is your verdict on Prime Video’s Reaper? Did you find it as hilarious as I did? And who is this? noise for Part 2?

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