Rare Kennedy half dollar coin sells for $313 online

A HALF dollar featuring the 35th president John F. Kennedy has sold for more than $300 online.

The coinminted in 2008 and has a silver “P” mark, with an error.

There is a metal shaving line that bends and runs through the shield


There is a metal shaving line that bends and runs through the shield

Looking back, you can clearly see a cut that starts with the letter “A” in the word “Half Dollar”.

Error curves and goes up to the shield.

According to the seller in 2008 half dollarshards have been hit through a metal scraper.

“These can break off the rim, many of which are generated in the split second before striking by the feed mechanism,” Error-Ref coin terminology website Written in the error description.

It added: “Other metal shavings will have a different origin than elsewhere in the press and from earlier stages in the casting process.”

When it comes to the 2008 Kennedy P coin in general, it has no such value.

In fact, it’s only worth up to $2.28 if the coin is found “uncirculated (MS-63),” according to the report. United States Coin Book.

However, sometimes an error can increase the value.

Thus, the 2008 Kennedy P coin on eBay list sold for $313 after 13 bids.

That means half a dollar is now worth more than 62,000% of its original value.

Another example of an increase in value is the recent 1995 Lincoln coin on sale for $455.

While those billions of coins were minted, a mold error with a displacement limit appearing on the coin piece appeared to intrigue collectors.

Currently, there are a few half-dollar Kennedys listed on eBay for thousands – and hundreds of different ones.

But as always – make sure you know about possible fakes out there.

To avoid this, make sure you check the seller’s history and whether the coin is certified on the listing.

What’s your spare part worth?

Half a dollar is not the only coin that can be worth it.

You’ll want to check if your changes are rare nickel, dimes, Lincoln pennYes, preciousand others because some of these coins are sold for thousands.

The highest value coins are often the ones that are low-end or defective, as they are considered the most valuable by collectors.

To check if your money is worth anything on eBay, search for the full name, select the “sold” listing, and then switch the search to “highest value.”

It will give you an idea of ​​how much the coin is using.

You can choose to sell coins on eBay or through a professional site like Coinappraiser or USA Coin Book.

In other recent news, a rare Lincoln coin on sale for $423 online.

A counterfeit Jefferson nickel also sold for over $400 recently.

In addition, we explain how find rare coins including those with Lincoln.

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