Rare coin sells for $2,862 after receiving 43 bids

A DIME from 1873 has sold for over $2,800 on eBay.

The rare coin is part of the series Liberty sits dimes, minted between 1837 and 1891.

This coin is a variety with arrows next to the year


This coin is a variety with arrows next to the year

When it comes to 1873 Carson City coins, there are two types to look for.

One will have arrows next to five coins on the back, while the other will not.

The coin with the arrow is said to have a total of 18,791 compared to just 12,400 for the other.

However, both varieties are quite valuable.

“There are many collectors interested in Carson City Mint coins, and this is a favorite for its small build and rare in high end,” said Ron Gruth, President of Classification Services. pro coin Written in an 1873 depiction of the Dime there are arrows.

For example, the coin with the arrows is worth $3,779 in medium condition and up to $70,691 in “non-cyclical (MS-63)”, according to United States Coin Book.

The one without the arrows was worth more than $1.2 million in the “non-circular (MS-63)” category.

The one that sold recently eBay auctions There are Carson City coins with arrows. It sold for a total of $2,862 after 43 bids were selected.

That means the coin is now worth 2.8 million percent more than its original value.

The coin seller claims it has been certified by coin dealer Great Southern Coins at the “VF 30” level.

PCGS determined layer that is “wear visible across the entire surface. Intricate design details begin to flat”.

Currently, there are a number of 1873 Carson City coins Listed in the thousands on eBay.

A Liberty area with seats nearby sold for over $4,000 online.

What’s your spare part worth?

Remember that your Liberty coin may not be the only coin worth it.

You’ll want to check if your changes are rare Lincoln coin, half dollar, precious, nickeland others because some of these coins are sold for thousands.

The highest value coins are often the ones that are low-end or defective, as they are considered the most valuable by collectors.

To check if your money is worth anything on eBay, search for the full name, select the “sold” listing, and then switch the search to “highest value.”

It will give you an idea of ​​how much the coin is using.

You can choose to sell coins on eBay or through a professional site like Coinappraiser or USA Coin Book.

In other coin news, recent rare buffalo pieces sold for over $1,100 online.

We have explained VDB Lincoln and 1992 cents and what makes them so valuable.

Plus, we show you how find rare coins including those with Lincoln.

Check the change in your pocket because a rare Lincoln dime can make you money

https://www.the-sun.com/money/4364976/rare-seated-liberty-dime-1873-valuable/ Rare coin sells for $2,862 after receiving 43 bids


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