Rare Coin News – A silver shilling found in an old candy box sold for $350,000 and is one of only 40 still in existence

An extremely rare coin found in a candy box recently sold for $350,000 at an auction.

The coin known as a silver coin one shilling, minted in Colonial New England in 1652.

“I am not surprised by the amount of interest this particular coin has attracted,” crypto expert James Morton said in a statement.

“The price paid, which was higher than estimated, reflects its extraordinary historical significance and outstanding original preservation.”

It is believed that only 40 shilling coins are known to exist.

Check your changes to see rare nickel, dimes, half dollar, Lincoln coinand other coins as some of them can sell for thousands.

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  • US President about the coin

    It is believed that Lincoln faced because sculptor Victor David Brenner based the design of a coin of the portrait of the president that he is facing to the right.

  • When was the wheat coin minted?

    The wheat coin minted from 1909 until 1956.

    Similar to other Lincoln coins, it has the words “In God We Trust” on the top and “Liberty” on the left side.

    President Lincoln is prominently printed in the center, while the year it was minted is in the bottom right corner of the coin.

    Earlier this summer, a dime of wheat died in half Sold for $1,801 on eBay, up to 40 bids.

  • The President on Coins: Lincoln AND Roosevelt

    16th President Abraham Lincoln is on a dime.

    He first appeared on the front of the 1-cent note in 1909 – nearly 120 years after the first US coin was minted and 44 years after he was assassinated.

    President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned sculptor Victor David Brenner to redesign the coin with Lincoln on it.

  • Coin Presidents: Washington, FDR AND JFK

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt replaced the Statue of Liberty on the coin in 1946, a year after his death.

    The first President of the United States, George Washington, is present for the quarter.

    The United States Mint first produced the Washington 25 cent coin in 1932, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his birth.

    President John F Kennedy is using half a dollar.

  • The maintenance of old coins

    Experts say it’s not a good idea to clean old coins as it could reduce their value or even worse permanently damage them.

    If you want to clean a coin, consider one that has sentimental rather than monetary value or one that is not rare, they added.

    And if you are unsure of how to properly clean the coin and you want a second opinion, contact a coin specialist before trying any of the following methods.

  • Do not throw away damaged currency

    The Bureau of Engraving and Printing may recover the full value of the damaged money.

    In order to redeem an invoice, you must have at least half of it (with a security feature), or you must somehow prove that the missing portions of the bill have been cancelled.

  • Coins minted in 2021

    There are billions of coins currently in circulation in the US.

    United States Mint figures show 11.2 billion Coins has been produced for circulation so far in 2021.

  • The history of the Morgan dollar continues

    The 1889 CC coin, included in the collection above, is one of the rarest Dollar Morgan coins, according to Austin Rare Coins.

    With an initial construction cost of about 350,000, it is estimated that only about 9,000 remain.

    Overall, this entire set is especially sought after because they were minted in Carson City, Nevada.

  • History of the Morgan Dollar

    Since Morgan Dollars were only minted between 1878 and 1904, these coins have become particularly popular for collectors.

    The Coins are named after George T. Morgan, assistant engraver of the US Mint.

    The coin bears the image of a bald eagle with wings spread out to one side.

    The reverse shows a left-facing Liberty wearing what is known as a Phrygian hat.

    The Morgan Dollar was re-mined in 1921, with these coins selling today for up to $100 in some cases, and possibly also in 2021 as an uncirculated coin.

  • Invoice production costs in cents

    The cost to produce the bills can range from about a nickel per bill to just over a cent.

    • 1 dollar and 2 dollar bills: 5.6 cents each
    • $5 bill: 11 cents per bill
    • $10 bill: 11.7 cents per bill
    • $20 bill: 10.8 cents per bill
    • $50 bill: 12.9 cents per bill
    • $100 bill: 13.2 cents per bill
  • Where are US coins minted?

    The United States has six mint facilities.

    Locations in Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco and West Point, are manufacturing facilities.

    The Treasury is headquartered in Washington DC

    There is also a bullion depository in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

  • All about the rare Brasher Doubloon

    Brasher Doubloon of 1787 was made in the late 18th century.

    Brasher Doubloon displays a status seal with a rising sun, while an eagle holding a shield is presented on the opposite side.

    The coin sells for a variety of prices, depending on appearance, and has previously sold for anywhere from $5 million up to $7.4 million, according to Coin World.

  • Tips for using metal detectors

    Chad Eicher, owner of Metal Pursuits, recommends using the metal detector’s four features so you don’t have to scramble for hours looking for coins.

    That includes:

    • Determine the target
    • Depth indicator
    • Discriminatory function
    • Ground balance
  • Use metal detector to find coins

    Using metal detectors in specific areas is another way you can find coins.

    However, remember before you buy metal detectors that they are prohibited in all national parks.

    Also, you’ll want to know the laws in your area before you start detecting metals.

  • What makes a rare coin?

    Rare coins from the 1900s and earlier are being sold for tons of cash online.

    Some of these have unique features about them that are attracting buyers.

    While others are attracting attention based on their age and rarity.

    This is making them worth significantly more than their original value of a penny.

  • What is number?

    Numismatics is the study or collection of coins, medals, or currency.

    Researchers think that the first person to collect coins may have been Caesar Augustus, who lived more than 2,000 years ago.

  • Is the 2 dollar bill rare?

    Although less common than other banknotes, the $2 bills are not uncommon and their value is $2.

    Thomas Jefferson’s face has been featured on the bill since 1869, and the first person to appear on the bill was Alexander Hamilton.

  • See hidden faces in bills

    Did you know that your paper bills have a hidden side?

    Keep your bills in front of the light to see them.

    With the $100 bill, you can see an additional portrait of Benjamin Franklin in the empty box located to the right of the visible picture.

  • Valuable Rare Lincoln Coins

    Lincoln’s appearance on the obverse of the one-cent coin occurred in 1909, exactly on his 100th birthday.

    Since then, many versions have been released.

    The coins with the highest value are usually those with a low or defective rate.

  • Rare Roman coin found in Spain

    In August 2021, more than 50 coins were found by divers and a team of archaeologists.

    According to CNN, the coins were in good enough condition for the inscriptions to be readable.

    This led the team to properly identify and trace them back to around the end of the 4th century.

  • Do you have any rare changes?

    If you believe you have a rare coin then you could hold some serious value.

    The highest value coins are often the ones that are low-end or defective, as they are considered the most valuable by collectors.

  • When was the National Mint established?

    The Mint Act of 1792 established a national mint to regulate minting in the United States.

    At that time, a new Act of Initiation of Action was created WE dollars against the value of the widely used Spanish silver dollar, saying it should be worth the value of a milled Spanish dollar.

  • Research the value of your money

    The highest value coins are often the ones that are low-end or defective, as they are considered the most valuable by collectors.

    To check if your coin is worth anything on eBay, search for the full name, select the “sold” listing, and then switch the search to “highest value.”

    It will give you an idea of ​​how much the coin is using.

    You can choose to sell coins on eBay or through a dedicated site like Coinappraiser or USA Coin Book.

  • Things to know before buying rare coins

    Before you buy, make sure you’ve researched the coin well and know its price so you don’t overpay.

    However, you will want to lower your expectations when it comes to making money.

    “If your plan is to buy a rare coin just to make a quick turn and flip it for a profit, chances are pretty high that you will be disappointed,” said Joseph Yaffe, co-owner of precious metals dealer of Gainesville Coins, told The Sun.

    Yaffe recommends keeping the money you buy for at least 10 years.

  • Motto ‘we trust in God’

    The motto “We Trust in God” began appearing on coins in 1908 and on bills in 1957.

    Kenneth Mayle, a self-described Satanist from Chicago, claimed that the motto violated his rights, in a 2017 federal lawsuit.

    The case was overturned by a judge, and Mayle lost the case. Rare Coin News – A silver shilling found in an old candy box sold for $350,000 and is one of only 40 still in existence


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