Ranking How “All In” Each NFL Team Is in 2022

Football is the most popular sport in the US by viewership. Sports Illustrated reports that over 17.1 million people watched the 2021 NFL. As a leading sport, it is clear to see why football offers innumerable betting options. This guide will help you bet on NFL games online. As you do, you will need to consider the stakes each NFL team has placed in the 2022 Super Bowl. The following ranking takes into account factors like spending and quarterback moves to determine the teams that are “all-in” this season. Although there are 32 participating teams, let’s review the top five:

  1. San Francisco 49ers

Draft: 5/32

Spending: 16/32

The San Francisco 49ers have the fifth highest draft capital but only rank 16th in spending, indicating a struggle of sorts. The high draft ranking is thanks, in part, to their trading three first-rounders and one third-rounder for quarterback Trey Lance. However, the spending remains low because much of the 49ers’ money is tied up in Jimmy Garoppolo, hence the low cap ranking. Garappolo costs $27 million but will not play for the 49ers this season, with Lance set to start. This tied-up money could have helped the team make deals with at least two more players. Additionally, Trey Lance’s deal subsidized more expensive players for four seasons, which means the team will not maximize two of these years.

  1. Miami Dolphins

Draft: 4/32

Spending: 8/32

The Miami Dolphins recently catapulted to number four on this list following an NFL ruling. After an investigation uncovered that Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross broke NFL rules in trying to lure Tom Brady to the team, the League stripped the team of its first-round and third-round picks in 2023 and 2024, respectively. At the time, the Dolphins had the least draft capital of all teams and no top 100 pick after they traded their first, second, and fourth picks for Tyreek Hill. The team then spends a ton of money in free agency to build their offense. Overall, it has spent approximately the same amount of capital the Broncos used to acquire Wilson to get Hill and Cedrick Wilson Jr. 

  1. Cleveland Browns

Draft: 3/32

Spending: 5/32

The investment made in Deshaun Watson by the Cleveland Browns is more than any team in NFL history has ever invested in one player. The team traded three first-rounders to Houston for the player, then signed a $230 million five-year deal with him, breaking the record for the highest guaranteed money ever offered to a player. This was all done despite the fact that Watson had 27 sexual misconduct civil lawsuits filed against him. When they went all-in on him, the Brows understood that Watson could face suspension. Recently, the NFLPA and NFL signed a settlement in which the player will pay a $5 million fine and be suspended for 11 games. Still, the Browns have the costliest player roster this season, although their actual cash payments, $138.4 million, are the third lowest.

  1. Denver Broncos

Draft: 2/32

Spending: 12/32

At the price of two first and second-rounders, the Denver Broncos traded for Russell Wilson this season. The team is not all-in financially as of yet, but the circumstances could change. Rob Walton and Co., the Walmart heir, just bought the Denver Broncos, which will increase the team’s liquid cash banks tremendously (Rob Walton and Co. have a net worth of over $58 billion). Although the League has a salary cap, the availability of funds greatly determines a team’s ability to go all-in. The Broncos also plan to re-sign Wilson, which could cost approximately $50 million a year. If the Waltons agree to spend this money – and more – the Broncos could snatch the first position in the all-in rankings.

  1. Los Angeles Rams

Draft: 1/32

Spending: 7/32

The Super Bowl champions, Los Angeles Rams, are the most all-in of all the NFL teams this year – no surprise there. The team has invested a significant sum in maintaining its star players, including Cooper Kupp, Jalen Ramsey, Aaron Donald, and Mathew Stafford. Additionally, it acquired Allen Robinson II as a receiver in free agency. In terms of drafting, the Rams didn’t pick any players in the top 100 and traded seven consecutive first-round selections. These decisions, coupled with the new Rams stadium, which cost $5.5 billion to build, show that the Rams are all-in for the Super Bowl win.


This “all-in” ranking is based on measurements made by The Ringer, which reviews the team’s spending and draft pick capital to determine how much of its resources are being maximized for a win. The numbers tell us which teams are preparing for the future, which are all in this season, and which are still struggling. Obviously, you can use these rankings to inform your football bets this season.

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