Randomizing your Pokemon game makes it much more fun

If you’ve never arranged your games at random, you’re missing out. Randomisers come in many forms, from random bingo cards that speeders use to make each practice different, to making every door in Fallout: New Vegas connect to a random area . Fan-made mods breathe new life into your favorite games, but no mod does it better than Pokemon.

You can go to extremes with Pokemon randomization tools – there is one turnstile mod for Emerald, if Fallout isn’t to your taste – but it’s best if you just switch Pokemon. Sure, finding a bright pink Raikou with Levitate on the second route can be hilarious, but I prefer a slightly more balanced approach.

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Each Pokemon in a basic random is only swapped for another one. So on Route 1 you have to face Pidgey and Rattata and that’s what it takes. Except, in a coincidence, every possible Pidgey has been replaced by Tyranitar and every Rattata by Regice. Be careful what you wish for, Regice only knows Explosion in the first levels, which can end your Nuzlocke. Similarly, Pidgey can be replaced with Qwilfish or Cufant. We need a good reason to use Pokemon that haven’t been loved for years (although Legends: Arceus looks like it will give us good reason to use the old one), and a random person is the perfect opportunity to build new friendships.

The Boring old starter Pokemon also disappeared. You do not need Hisuian form their final evolution to make things interesting here, I’ve started things with Groudon before and also had a lot of fun going through early gyms with Delibird.

There’s a lot of talk around how easy Pokemon game is today – and Is that really a good thing? – but gym leaders have an extra layer of difficulty due to unpredictability. Remember how you trained your Luxray to be successful with the entire team of Crasher Wake? Yes, no more. You’ll be lucky to find a Shinx, and old Crasher certainly won’t limit himself to the Pokemon category.

But the randomizers are not meant to create artificial difficulty, even if they are often paired with Nuzlockes. They’re amazed and must make the most of the party that includes Smeargle, Swirlix and Spoink – and love them more and more like you do. If you further randomize, injecting unusual abilities, moves, and types into the mix, a Colossal Power Swirlix can take you through a significant portion of the game and become a future favorite partner. future. Heck, you might even end up with a deluxe Swirlix – do they even make Swirlix plus? – and put it in your top ten Pokemon list for its random performance. I don’t say this will happens – it’s a damn Swirlix after all – but it’s reminiscent of cuddling your Bulbasaur as a kid because you loved it so much.

If you want a new Pokemon experience and can’t wait until the end of January, you should try randomizing your favorite title and using some monsters you’ve never seen before. You won’t regret it – unless your starters are three Regis who only know about Explosion, but what’s the chance of that happening?

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