Rainbow Six Extraction: All Target Types, Ranked

When you go on a quest in Rainbow Six Extraction, you’ll have three objectives to complete. Some of these are as simple as getting rid of a nasty Archaean. Others are much more complicated. Regardless of what your boss at REACT wants you to do, a walk in the park shouldn’t be a problem.

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There are some goals that get you excited when they pop up, while others make you groan. This list will look at all 13 goals in Extraction and determine which is the best and which feels like an absolute chore.

No one is left behind


This is placed right at the bottom because if it shows up, it means your team has completely failed. This target only activates if a member of your team is killed and covered in foam. Then you need to get their body to the Extraction Area so they can escape without being declared MIA. At that point, the infiltration is pretty much over even if you haven’t completed the first objective. You fail with one teammate or maybe even two teammates, and it’s just not worth continuing.

Operator MIA

mallow extract

This works similarly to No One Left Behind, although it’s a bit different. This objective requires you to drag an MIA Operator off the Archaeological Tree while the rest of the team shoots at the Anchor Points that are powering it. This tug-of-war can go on forever if your team isn’t coordinated enough to shoot down Anchor Points and Cells. When you finally free your dead teammates, you need to return their bodies to the Extraction Zone and that’s what it should do. This objective also appears when one of your Operators becomes an MIA and that is the only way to get them back. It’s a bit better than the previous target since you don’t lose players, but that pole can be annoying to pull hard.


rescue asset mining

Rescue asks you to save a REACT agent who somehow has yet to turn into a zombie despite being surrounded by Archies. Thankfully, they’re not attached to any kind of parasitic tree structure, so it’s a little easier to get them home safely. However, this worker is made of tissue and constantly coughs, which warns nearby enemies. So they are always in danger of getting killed or getting you killed. It wasn’t a particularly difficult target, but it turned out to be an honorable escort mission. And those who are always bad.



This requires you to activate three terminals in a sequence to prevent seismic tremors. Not too difficult but the big problem is finding these stations. You need to turn on stations A, B, and C in that order, and you’ll end up having to hang around trying to locate them. When you turn them on, you will have a small amount of time to sprint to each station. This often divides your team as you all search for terminals and it’s a recipe for disaster. To come up with a goal that gets you running and making a lot of noise while potentially tearing everyone apart in a game that’s mostly about stealth and teamwork seems pretty honest.

Follow Nest

mining tracking

REACT wants you to mount tracking devices on the Nest, but the Nest needs to be inactive for some reason. It’s not too big of a deal because you should be sneaky anyway. But if one does racket, then most Nests will probably get a warning. And if a Nest is alerted, it’s not eligible to have a tracker tucked into it. So if there are big, explosive enemies like Bloaters around, you’ll likely wake those Hives no matter what you do. And if all Nests are alerted, you will fail this objective. You can basically run into trouble with this if you run into an enemy or if someone is running around firing an unguided weapon. Pretty lame.

Turn off

nutritional button extract

To take out the Nutrient Button that continues to regenerate the Nest, you need to go to the Extraction Point, get the foam contaminates from a dispenser, then place them on three spots around the Button. How this happens depends on your teammates. If your team works together, you can all take one injector and put them down at the same time to turn the objective into a cake. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to walk to and from the dispenser to get all the injectors, which is a bit tedious.


extract sample

This goal is a bit silly. You need to attract the attention of an elite Archaean, and then get them to follow you back to the Mining Ground without killing it. You then place a gas trap to knock them out so they can be brought back to the REACT facility for research. Someone on the team generally needs to volunteer as bait while the rest of the team follows and tries not to distract the target so they can set the trap. Depending on how strong this enemy is, there is a chance that you will either accidentally kill it or it will kill you. It can also be distracting and end up chasing the wrong person perpetuating this cat-and-mouse game. Not a particularly difficult goal, but it’s a bit difficult.

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Serial scan


You activate a scanner and from there, you need to stand on several boards in three different areas. If anyone steps away from the board for too long, the quest will fail. And of course, this annoys nearby enemies who begin to surround you. As long as one member of your team doesn’t start the scanner before the others are ready, this can be a fun little defensive goal to tackle. Having to constantly change positions can cause a bit of fun stress. Plus, it’s one of those times when the Defensive Operators shine. Order some mines, clay, or even Tachanka’s LMG if you want. It requires setup and teamwork to survive, which is a core part of Extraction’s gameplay.


mining elite hunt

Do you want to just shoot something? Then Hunt might be one of your favorite targets. It’s really simple: you find three special Archies and kill them. This then draws an elite Archie, which is a mini-boss fight. Then you kill it and you win. This works best if you’re doing it stealthily, but if you’re tired of all the stealthy stalking you’re doing, you can go for the guns. Either way, simply killing an enemy makes Hunt feel like he’s breathing fresh air.


hideous nest mining

Unlike Nest Tracking, Decontamination wants you to destroy all the Nests you want. Specifically, the Abhorrent nest is sickly green. All you have to do is run around blowing up the Nest until some weird thing called Melanoma opens up. Then you stab it with your favorite science knife and call it a day. These Nests release some poisonous gas and the enemies will surprise you when you start destroying them. But while this can be a challenge, being able to indiscriminately destroy the Nest can be highly satisfying.


mining spikes

This one feels like something that was ripped out of Rainbow Six Siege and then altered to fit the world of Extraction. But hey, it works, so why type it? You have set two bombs on some weird Archean growth called Arch Spines. Then you need to protect each bomb from incoming enemies until the time runs out and the explosives explode. If you want a prime example of the perfect target for your Defensive Operators, this is it. You need to set up whatever you have and keep those nasty baddies from messing up your precious ticking time. It can be fun, tactical, and stressful making sure both are explosive which makes this a great goal. It begs the question of why these bombs need to be timed since you can detonate both at once and get the job done. But if we started questioning the nonsense in this game, we’d be here all day.


take down extract

What is Extraction? Stealth and teamwork. What do you need for a successful Biopsy mission? Stealth and teamwork. So it makes sense that this could be one of the more gratifying types of goals. You need to find three elite Archies and destroy them. Working with your team to sneak around and stab these enemies in the back can be a lot of fun if you’re socializing. One can throw a smoke grenade while the other rushes in from behind. If an Archie is alerted, one player can distract it while the other scores a takedown. This is a goal that feels like it takes full advantage of the tools Extraction has to offer you.

Enntrance gate

mining port

There really couldn’t be another goal placed at the top of this list. Gateway is the main event of Rainbow Six Extraction. You tap a strange space sphere that opens a portal to some sort of hellish dimension, where you battle a boss that has the appearance and abilities of one of the Operators. Then you need to kill it somehow – which is difficult since it has a huge health bar – while fighting waves of other enemies from time to time. It’s like throwing Extraction’s entire operating model out the window because there’s very little stealth involved and your entire team will likely run around trying to survive instead of working together all at once. effectively. But it’s an entertaining and tough boss fight that makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something when you succeed, so it’s an easy pick for number one.

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