QB Aaron Rodgers on the Omicron variant

Green Bay Packers midfielder Aaron Rodgers made headlines for both his MVP-like season and his comments on COVID-19 and related vaccines this year. During his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Shows, he said of the pandemic is not for the unvaccinated.

Rodgers told McAfee during his appearance:

“This variation seems very similar to the flu that we as a party experienced a few years ago. So why do we still have this two-tier system and push this story that the truth of any science you know, we’re using here? And now it’s always changing. It doesn’t actually back it up. You know, like, there aren’t many unvaccinated people left in the league. So it’s not a pandemic of unresolved people. “

This is not the first time the 10-time Pro Bowl quarterback has appeared on the pages of McAfee to discuss vaccines.

Last month, Rodgers admitted on the show that he has not been vaccinated and does not plan to have it. He also said he is getting advice from the MMA commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan.

During a similar appearance last month, Rodgers said he realized that the “wake-up mob” was after him:

“I realize right now that I’m in the ranks of the waking crowd. So before my final nail is placed in my cancel culture coffin, I thought I’d like to set the record. about a lot of blatant lies being told there about myself. “

In a later reception, Rodgers apologized for potentially misleading people about his vaccinations and public health status:

“I’ve made some comments that people may find misleading. And for anyone who feels misled by those comments, I take full responsibility for those comments.

“I understand that this issue is of general concern because we are talking about public health. I fully respect that. I have made the best decision based on consultation. opinions of doctors. And I understand that not everyone necessarily understands that. But I respect everyone’s opinion.”

Omicron and NFL

An NFL official wearing a mask
An NFL official wearing a mask

The new coronavirus variant, Omicron, has been spotted among a significant increase in the NFL linked to COVID-19 cases. The NFL’s chief medical officer, Dr. Allen Sills, has announced a new phase of the pandemic.

Just wrapped up a conference call with NFL CMO Dr. Allen Sills, A few quick takeaways: – “This is something we’re comfortable with; it feels like an important step forward,” said Sills. – The gene sequence “suggests nearly all” of the recent NFL cases to be omicrons, he said.

Dr. Sills was referring to tournament owners who were told in meetings nearly two weeks ago that booster shots were needed to ease the spread of Omicron. He asserts that this variant is expected to become a common bacterial strain in the United States.

The federation said the number of positive cases two weeks ago among players totaled 88, but for players entering and leaving the reserve/COVID-19 roster, the actual number is around 100.

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