Putin wants me dead – Vlad’s monstrous war in Ukraine could last 10 YEARS and kill a million people

RUSSIA’S bloody war with Ukraine could drag on for another decade and kill hundreds of thousands, warned one of Vladimir Putin’s harshest critics.

Speaking to The Sun Online, US-born British financier and political activist Bill Browder claimed the West is waking up 22 years late that Putin is a “monster”.

Bill Browder warned that the West had become aware of the danger posed by Putin


Bill Browder warned that the West had become aware of the danger posed by Putin “too late”.Photo credit: AFP
The war between Russia and Ukraine


The war between Russia and Ukraine “could go on for another decade”, according to an expert.Photo credit: Getty
According to one of his critics, Vladimir Putin is ready to fight to the end


According to one of his critics, Vladimir Putin is ready to fight to the endCredit: Alamy

“This war is not ending,” he said. “The war didn’t start on February 24, it started back in 2014 when Putin seized the Ukrainian territory of Crimea.”

He accused many in the West of “mental gymnastics” over the past eight years in calling the war the work of “Russian-backed separatists” rather than an official Kremlin-sanctioned mission.

Mr Browder has been labeled as one of Putin’s “real enemies” and is said to be on the Russian tyrant’s hit list – with multiple attempts to arrest him and faced death threats.

He previously testified before the US Congress that mad Vlad is the “biggest oligarch in Russia and the richest man in the world” – his fortune could be as high as £150 billion.

Putin humiliated as coverage of Victory Day parade hacked with pro-Ukraine message

“This war could easily go on for another eight years,” the anti-corruption activist told The Sun Online.

“Putin will not give up and Ukrainians will not give up.

“The closest comparison is the Iran-Iraq war, which lasted a decade and killed a million people.”

He also warned that Putin would escalate further if the war continued to go badly for Russia.

“Putin has failed disastrously both in terms of military strategy and in dealing with the West,” he said.

“His army and economy will be decimated, neither of which he predicted, and I suspect that Putin’s next move is some kind of dramatic escalation, if not to give him the upper hand then at least to show how brutal he is .”

He said that if Putin decides a military victory is impossible, he will instead pursue a “scorched earth” policy and repeat the devastation of Mariupol across Ukraine.

This could be followed by the full mobilization of up to two million Russian reservists and even a biological, chemical or nuclear attack.

We are finally realizing the fact that Putin is a monster, 22 years too late

Bill BrotherPutin critic

“He has the ability to do all these things,” added Mr. Browder.

Browder warned that Putin may also be ready to follow North Korea’s example and turn his country into a war economy that exists only for the conflict with Ukraine.

“If Putin wants to do what Kim Jong-un did, he can starve his people and keep fighting for some time,” he said. “He certainly has the resources.”

He also denied that Putin’s actions in Ukraine were uncharacteristic of the Russian president.

Everything you need to know about the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Everything you need to know about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…

“Putin’s presidency came after apartment bombs were planted in Russia and Chechens blamed to start a war that killed 50,000 people,” he said.

“It’s nothing new or unusual, it all suits him. The problem is that we are finally realizing that Putin is a monster, 22 years too late.”

As the war drags on, rumors swirl of a palace coup sparked by disgruntled generals and oligarchs ousting the Russian leader.

However, Browder argued that there was “no chance” that Putin would be overthrown by the oligarchs.

“Putin constantly seeks loyalty and disunity, neutralizing these threats,” he said.

“He is so wary of those around him and constantly tries to provoke disloyalty through various means, brutally towards those who show disloyalty.”

Instead, he argued, the best chance for regime change in Russia was a revolution from below.

“If ordinary Russians realized how much Putin is losing the war, I don’t think they would tolerate him,” he said.

“The Russians like a successful strong man, they cannot tolerate a weak loser. If the Ukrainians managed to drive him out of Crimea, he would be immediately overthrown by the Russians.”

Browder’s latest book Freezing Order is available now.

It documents his mission to pursue the stolen $230 million for which his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, was killed.

He claims to have found out that Vladimir Putin was one of the beneficiaries of the crime.

To stop their investigation, the Russian president continued to kill, attempt to kill, and go after Browder in “an incredibly brutal manner.”

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