Putin likely has Parkinson’s – his days are numbered and he will meet a violent sudden end, ex-MI6 chief warns

SICK Vladimir Putin’s “days are numbered” as the tyrant is hospitalized in a “sudden end” to his rule, the former MI6 chief has warned.

Rumors have been circulating for months that the 70-year-old Russian leader is said to be in poor health – fueled by his bloated face and trembling legs.

Rumors about Putin's poor health have been circulating for months


Rumors about Putin’s poor health have been circulating for monthsPhoto credit: Reuters

Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, told The Sun Online that clearly “something is wrong with him” – and the most likely explanation is a Parkinson’s diagnosis.

It comes after bomb spy documents leaked to The Sun Online appeared to confirm he has pancreatic cancer and early-stage Parkinson’s.

Ukraine had previously hinted that Russia is using body doubles to represent Putin – and earlier this month the country’s spy chief claimed he was “dying of cancer very soon”.

The bully was also pictured with what are believed to be traces of an IV treatment on the back of his hand – amid rumors he is suffering from cancer and crippling pain.

Sir Richard warned that the “conditions for his disappearance or collapse” are now in place as the tyrant’s chaotic war in Ukraine rages on.

The former spy chief also suggested that Putin’s increasing isolation may be linked to his illness.

“In my view, there is still something wrong with him medically,” he said.

“I’m not a clinician but I know a number of people have been watching it closely and they think the most likely explanation is Parkinson’s.

“There’s no evidence – but it shows quite a lot of the symptoms. If he has Parkinson’s it can certainly affect your judgement.

“The two most popular medical diagnoses I’ve received from watching him are either Parkinson’s or blood cancer, or maybe both.

“But the Russians are desperate to ensure that Putin’s health is a state secret.”

With the Russian leader’s health reportedly deteriorating, Sir Richard said Putin could be “shoved” to a sanatorium – and never emerge again.

“It’s quite possible that they just wheel him into a sanatorium and say he’s not well, and then he doesn’t show up again,” he said.

“Speaking to someone from central Europe, who I think is pretty well informed, he said you now have the makings of a fairly sudden end of the Putin government, or of Putin himself.

“It’s impossible to say when that will happen. He’s definitely in a very difficult place – there’s no question about that.

“I think you have premises for his disappearance or his breakdown – which could be violent.”

Either he is gently pushed aside and someone close to him takes over, or there is a major political upheaval and a full-blown meltdown

Sir Richard Dearlove

Sir Richard said there was “no way” Putin would step aside.

“Either he’s gently pushed aside and someone close to him takes over, or there’s a big political upheaval and a real collapse,” he said.

“I think both are possible. Things are in pretty bad shape and he’s likely to lose this war or come out in a position where it looks like he’s lost.

“He got it so wrong that there must be enormous opposition in the Kremlin. If things continue to go badly, I think Putin’s days are numbered.

“Even more so if he has a medical problem. How that will happen and when it will happen is anyone’s guess.

“But people who are well informed think that he’s in a pretty fragile situation.”

The former spy chief said the Russian dictator was “getting deeper and deeper into a seemingly unwinnable war”.

Putin is said to be planning a “dangerous escalation” in the war as the West has been warned about Russia’s air force capabilities.

But Sir Richard warned the “tyrant’s days are numbered because of the devastating war”.

He said Putin’s options are limited – and further mobilization will be extremely unpopular in Russia.

“The Russian military did very poorly,” he said.

“They expected to walk around Kyiv, overthrow the regime and install a puppet regime… we know that didn’t happen, and it just dragged itself deeper and deeper into what looks like an unwinnable war.”

He suggested there could be a coup d’état in the Kremlin to overthrow Putin – but the mechanisms for political change in Russia were “fragile”.

“I think we’re moving towards another phase where there will be political upheaval when a war has gone wrong,” he said.

“There could be a coup in the Kremlin.

I think you have preconditions for his disappearance or his collapse – which could be violent

Sir Richard Dearlove

“I don’t think there will be a popular uprising in Russia, but given the catastrophic situation they are in, there must be massive tensions in the current leadership.”

Although the Russian front in Ukraine is stabilizing for the time being, Sir Richard said the war was still a “disaster”.

“More and more intelligent Russians must realize that he is in a difficult place – especially now the West is preparing to supply tanks,” he said.

“There are only two possible endings – one is victory and the other is compromise. Putin is in a desperate position – but what will he do to win it? It looks pretty bad for him.

“Circumstances will dictate the end of Putin’s regime. The conditions for this are already clear. I think he is already in a catastrophic position.”

Sir Richard also said the risk of war spilling over still existed – but insisted it was “unlikely”.

“NATO will do everything possible to avoid the risk of direct conflict,” he said.

“On the other hand, a direct conflict with NATO is the last thing the Russians need.

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“I think both sides will be very keen to keep the war within the confines it currently is in – unless Putin completely loses his marbles and deploys a tactical nuclear weapon.

“I think the chances of that are very unlikely. It would be an act of real desperation.”

https://www.the-sun.com/news/7306343/putin-days-numbered-parkinsons-spy-chief/ Putin likely has Parkinson’s – his days are numbered and he will meet a violent sudden end, ex-MI6 chief warns


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