Putin has been humiliated seven times in Ukraine, from the sinking of the Russian flagship to the Crimean bridge explosion

From the sinking of Russia’s flagship Moskva to the Crimean bridge explosion, Putin’s prized military has suffered humiliation after humiliation in Ukraine – and they may be defeated by Christmas.

Mad Vlad’s once-coveted forces could be driven out of Ukraine by the end of the year after a series of military failures brought them to the brink of complete collapse.

Putin's military endured humiliation after humiliation on the battlefield


Putin’s military endured humiliation after humiliation on the battlefieldPhoto credit: AFP

This once-formidable army was due to roll across Ukraine in just 48 hours in February – instead, cracks in Putin’s struggling armed forces have shown an inept and drunken bunch incapable of accomplishing a single military objective.

And the humiliation doesn’t seem to abate when Putin’s beloved Crimean Bridge was attacked, pushing morale among citizens and troops to a new low.


Putin's prized Kerch Bridge went up in flames in a suspected bomb attack on Saturday


Putin’s prized Kerch Bridge went up in flames in a suspected bomb attack on SaturdayPhoto credit: Avalon.red

Putin’s bridge linking Russia to Crimea has been left smoking and partially collapsed after a massive bomb blast said to have been planted by Ukrainian intelligence.

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The Kerch Bridge blew up in a mysterious fireball early Saturday, killing three people in what has been called a speculative strike against Putin’s war effort and a serious failure of Russian intelligence.

The shock blast – which came just a day after Putin’s birthday – blew up a section of a road bridge that runs parallel to an adjacent railway line, plunging it into the Black Sea.

The disabled bridge will seriously affect Putin’s supply routes to troops under fire in Kherson and Zaporizhia.

Ukrainian law enforcement officials have suggested the attack was carried out by the country’s elite intelligence agency, the SBU, which has declined to comment on the allegation, according to local newspaper Pravda.


Russia's flagship Moskva was sunk by a barrage of Ukrainian missiles


Russia’s flagship Moskva was sunk by a barrage of Ukrainian missilesPhoto credit: Rex

Russia’s top-flight missile cruiser Moskva was destroyed by a surprise barrage of Neptune missiles launched from shore. According to reports, 40 sailors were killed and 200 injured in April.

The ship – considered untouchable – had played a deadly role in the war, bombarding Ukrainian cities from positions at sea before being sunk near Snake Island.

Degrading footage emerged that appeared to show the 611-foot ship Moskva with smoke pouring out and a rescue tug nearby.

The Moskva had achieved legendary status among Ukraine’s defenders after a group of defeated border guards said, “Russian warship, fuck off!” when it ordered them to surrender.

The Kremlin has so far admitted to one death on the Moscow River, but many more are said to have been killed.


Two grinning Ukrainian soldiers wave the national flag in Lyman


Two grinning Ukrainian soldiers wave the national flag in LymanSource: Telegram

After being encircled by fierce Ukrainian forces, Russia withdrew its fighting soldiers from the eastern town of Lyman, greatly embarrassing Moscow – hours after it declared the region was Russian territory “forever”.

The embarrassing defeat was compounded by videos of jubilant Ukrainian militants hoisting a blue and yellow national flag and displaying a lance of victory in the strategically important city.

Russia’s defense ministry tried to claim its troops had “retired to more advantageous lines” as they attempted to repel a lightning-fast Ukrainian counteroffensive.

The debacle comes just hours after Putin signed a decree declaring the Donetsk region – where Lyman is located – to be Russian territory, along with the annexed Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia oblasts, all of which are not fully under Moscow’s control.

After the major new defeat, Ramzan Kadyrov, head of Russia’s Chechnya region, said Moscow should now consider using a low-yield nuclear weapon in Ukraine.

In a chilling message, he wrote: “In my personal opinion, more drastic measures should be taken, up to and including the imposition of martial law in the border areas and the use of low-yield nuclear weapons.”


The 40 km long Russian


The 40 km long Russian “death convoy” came to a standstill several times due to “logistical difficulties”.Credit: EPA

Pictures showed the infamous 40-mile “death convoy” of Russian vehicles that stalled near Kyiv for almost two weeks before being decimated by Ukrainian artillery.

The huge column was first seen on February 28 after coming to a halt on the main road leading south to the capital, which it was supposed to besiege and loot.

Instead, Putin’s large military convoy was beset by breakdowns, fuel and food shortages, and supply problems.

It had originally started in Belarus and made its way south towards Kyiv via the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

An estimated 15,000 soldiers are believed to be in the convoy along with fuel tankers and ammunition trucks.


People look at the wreckage of Russian military vehicles in Bucha, near the capital Kyiv


People look at the wreckage of Russian military vehicles in Bucha, near the capital KyivPhoto credit: Reuters

A 56-tank Chechen special forces column near Kyiv was wiped out in the early days of the war in a devastating setback for Putin.

According to the Kyiv Independent, the attack killed top Chechen general Magomed Tushayev, who led the 141st Motorized Regiment of the Chechen National Guard.

Chechen leader Kadyrov’s men were reportedly used to “capture and kill” Ukrainian politicians, including President Zelensky, according to the Daily Mail.

The convoy was stopped by Ukrainian rocket fire near Hostomel, just a few kilometers from the killer column, and destroyed it just a few days after its mission.

The death toll from the shock attack is believed to be in the hundreds. No official toll has been published.


The burning wreckage of a Russian plane in a field outside of Volnovakha in the Donetsk region


The burning wreckage of a Russian plane in a field outside of Volnovakha in the Donetsk regionPhoto credit: Reuters

One of the biggest surprises of the war is Russia’s failure to gain air superiority over Ukraine.

A mix of untrained pilots, poor communications channels and information, and deadly Western surface-to-air missile batteries ensured that Russian plans were blown out of the sky on a daily basis.

In March, pictures showed the burning wreckage of Russian planes and the terrified faces of Putin’s pilots as they were detained by soldiers and civilians after disembarking from their planes.

Footage shared online showed the airmen with their hands tied behind their backs – some bloodied after their desperate escape.

According to the Kyiv Independent, Russia has lost a total of 226 fighter jets and 234 military helicopters and a shocking 62,000 soldiers in Ukraine.

Russia’s lack of air superiority was exposed in a series of online clips showing planes shot down.

In April, incredible footage was captured of a Russian fighter jet appearing to tumble to the ground in a death spiral after being hit by a Ukrainian missile.

In the same month, a similar Russian fighter jet, the Su-35S Flanker-E, was shot down in a field in the Kharkiv region near the town of Izyum.

And in one case, Russia was accused of shooting down one of its $36 million warplanes on the anniversary of the MH-17 downing, in a blow to Putin.


Putin lost his 50th colonel in Ukraine in June


Putin lost his 50th colonel in Ukraine in June

Meanwhile, in September, a senior Russian general was captured by Ukrainian forces, with dramatic footage showing Colonel-General Andrei Sychevoi handcuffed and on his knees next to several weary Russian troops.

The stone military chief was reportedly trapped by Ukrainian militants during a counter-offensive in the Kharkiv region.

Just days earlier, one of the president’s top colonels had been killed in a suspected car bomb in Ukraine.

Bard Artem Igorevich, who was hired by the Kremlin to patrol the Ukrainian city of Berdyansk, was reportedly killed in the blast that sent smoke billowing into the sky.

In June, Putin lost his 50th colonel in Ukraine – just a day after two of his generals were wiped out in the same ambush.

The Ukrainian resistance movement has eliminated a string of officials in recent weeks, with top Russian operatives being blown up, poisoned and shot dead as the net closes on Putin.

It comes as Ukrainian and Russian assassins seek to take out Putin before he escalates his unwinnable war.

Putin is facing a “one-two punch” of threats from his inner circle which are believed to be secretly asking for his head, experts claim.

https://www.the-sun.com/news/6397193/seven-times-putin-humiliated-moskva-crimean-bridge-explosion/ Putin has been humiliated seven times in Ukraine, from the sinking of the Russian flagship to the Crimean bridge explosion


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