Pro tips for playing like Noelle

The wonderful world of The Genshin effect There are a variety of colorful characters. Its resident knight in training is no exception to that rule. Noelle is a character with a lot to offer. While many players often choose to focus almost exclusively on DPS, Noelle is a great choice for those who are looking to add a bit of survivability to their party.

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What makes Noelle interesting is that she’s a very good healer, but unlike a lot of other support units in the game, she’s the opposite of squishy. She is the iron wall that heals. Oh, and if you don’t care about her durability, she’s not a bad choice as a DPS either.

Defend, Defend, Defend!

Genshin Impact Noelle

Noelle’s Elemental Skill Bra has a healing effect that is directly tied to her defense. So when you are taking artifacts, that is the attribute you should emphasize. In the end, you’ll have access to all the artifacts that come with scary (usually) defense stats.

Defense is what determines Noelle’s healing power, and it is also what determines her attack power when using Elemental Burst. If you get her sixth constellation, Must Be Spotless, her defense becomes even more important.

Noelle is beginner-friendly

Noelle Claymore

Noelle has a simple yet effective set of moves. Her Elemental Burst helps her extend the range of her sword considerably, so there aren’t any real tricks to using it. She also doesn’t bruise easily, due to her high defense. And on top of that, Noelle was healed. This makes her a really reliable character for new players to use.

If you’re a new player and you drag Noelle, she’ll give you a very stable character who can make your team significantly more solid. If you’re looking for some early game artifacts, you should probably focus on the Guardian’s Flower set, as it provides a good defense boost.

She’s A Shield Buster

Abyss Mage

Hey, everyone hates those dull shields. Of course, every Claymore user is great at breaking shields. Noelle, however, has a huge advantage in her Elemental Burst. It extends her attack by a significant amount, meaning her range allows her to basically mark all enemies within a reasonable distance.

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Pair that with her charged attack that causes her to spin around clocking everything in her range and you have a character that will crush shields with the greatest of ease. Of course, when dealing with the shields of the Abyss Mage, it was better to use the opposite element, but Noelle was still able to destroy these shields without breaking a sweat. So she’s good at pinching, or if you just want an almighty shield destroyer. A quick word of warning, though, those Fatui shields are incredibly tough, so your mileage may vary with them.

Noelle is great for the Squishy team

The problem with building teams around a critical stat is that they can sometimes come off a bit underpowered. However, Noelle not only has the ability to heal your team (this is always useful when your team is destroyed by a strong wind), but she also provides a defensive power to the members. There is little blood left in the group.

That’s right, even if Noelle is inactive, she will greatly assist your team’s survivability. When a character reaches the emergency level, they will receive a barrier. This can be a literal lifesaver.

Patchwork Knight

Genshin Impact's Artifact Warehouse

One of the best aspects of Noelle putting so much emphasis on defense is that the gear she uses will be built on a stat that is considered useless against most characters in the game. . Normally, any player would whine when they level up an artifact just to gain a defensive sub-stat. And you can simply throw away your main defense bonus items.

So you might end up with a lot of things that are perfect for Noelle. If you are still earlier in the game and trying to build a second squad for the abyss, there is a really durable character that can heal, which you threw along with the debris, definitely not must be a bad thing.

Spin to win

Noelle from Genshin Impact uses her spin attack to destroy training dummies.

If you’ve built Noelle into a healer, she can bring the party from the brink of death until fully recovered with a charged attack or standard attack combo while slicing. Her chest stickers are active. That’s how Noelle was able to become a healer. Better yet, the chest patch also supports her defenses, so she should be able to spin through most attacks.

Now her healing effect will depend on the artifact and her constellation level, but even a Noelle thrown together will usually be a pretty powerful healer capable of holding Let your team survive.

Dear Maiden

Genshin Impact's Noelle is smiling while the entire Beloved Maiden suit hovers beside her

Again, if you’re looking for high survivability, the Maiden Beloved artifact will give you an extra boost in healing. Better yet, you can get the Maiden Beloved set while grinding to get the Viridescent Veneer set for User Anemo.

Usually, you probably won’t build a character around the Maiden set, which means you could end up with a bunch of these. This isn’t an artifact set for people who want that massive amount of damage, but for those who just want to be tanky, it’s a great choice, especially if you have a bunch of shards that are just surrounding rocks.

She can also DPS

Genshin Impact's Noelle deals a considerable amount of damage

While Noelle has always been able to play a DPS role with the Gladiator artifact, with the release of the Husk Of Op Acid Dreams artifact she now even has the ability to be a pretty strong DPS character.

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Of course, this will cause her to lose her healing a bit, but even so, her wound will still pack a good punch due to the Husk Of Op Acid’s defensive boost. Dreams, and she will still be able to shoot better. more than anyone else. Add a character like Bennett who can increase her damage, and you’ll see some numbers that make no sense to her.

Noelle is significantly better in the sixth constellation

Genshin Impact's Noelle Constellation

So here is the rub. While you don’t need Noelle in the sixth constellation for her to work, when she’s there, she gets a huge Elemental Burst attack bonus. Furthermore, she can keep her explosion for an extra second for each enemy she kills while the blast is active (up to ten seconds).

The good news is that her reliance on constellation is mainly for those who want to go the DPS route and hit those huge numbers. So if you just want to strengthen your team and add a highly survivable support unit, it’s not the end of the world.

Blinded by white

Whiteblind Genshin Impact

Of course, if you’re willing to spend Primogems, you should probably buy one of the powerful five-star weapons – more specifically, the Redhorn Stonethresher. However, Noelle players can take a different, less expensive route: they can choose Whiteblind. This sword is a godsend for Genshin players on a budget. One of Noelle’s best weapons is this four-star greatsword that you can build yourself.

Of course, you still have to get those precious weapon casts to get it, so there’s an element of luck to the full upgrade (and some grinding), but anyway, here’s the weapon. you can get without having to rely on your precious Primogems. The sword itself felt like it was almost designed to go with Noelle, as it increased defense on successful hit. While it’s not her best weapon in the game at this point, the Whiteblind definitely works well for her and is easy to obtain for the typical free-player.

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